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I'm in need of a new desktop computer, but I'm overwhelmed by all these specs these things have these days.

Shopping for a new Desktop Computer is confusing these days.

desktop computer shopping

It is time to throw out say goodbye to this old laptop. It has been crapping itself whenever I try to do even the simplest tasks. Like something as simple as saving a file takes at least 20 seconds when it should be, and it used to only take a split second.

It nearly craps itself when I try to open and play a 1080p video. Forget trying to scrub a video, it will just hang for up to half a minute before it proceeds to the next frame. It becomes completely useless when it comes to trying to Edit Video in Adobe Premier Pro. I have an older laptop that is 10 years old that can do what this newer one can’t. I’d just use the old one but the keys are screwed up and I only use it for downloading stuff now.

nerd desktop computer

Things have gotten so technical.

There was a time that I was such a nerd/geek when it came to knowing how good a desktop computer was just by knowing the specs. It was simple in those days. Back when 486 wasn’t as good as a Pentium. And ram was just ram. Your Hard drive was just an HDD and the amount of storage. Your modem was either a 2800baud rate or 14K. Or if your Optical disk drive was 3X and RW or not. LOL! Yeah, I guess I just showed off my age, didn’t I?

But nowadays when buying a desktop computer it requires you to know all these new specs. GPU’s, Dual Core, SSD, blah, blah, blaaaah! There aren’t any standards anymore. Why can’t it be like an iPhone, where it just keeps its numerical version every time it upgrades? Like Pentium 14, 15, 16, and so on. LOL! Sounds silly, I know. But what the heck is the difference between an AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 8-Core Processor 3.80 GHz and an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Hexa Core Processor 3.60GHz? Like if it was as simple as one being a Pentium 14 and the other a Pentium 15, then I could understand.

What Desktop Computer name brands are the best?

desktop computer brands

Back in the day, after Commodore that is, you had very few brands to choose from. Like Packard Bell, Dell, HP, and later on Gateway. They were all great brands in their day, but nowadays there are hundreds and some are shady and some are not, but trying to sort threw them can be overwhelming, for me at least.

I bought my first Packard Bell desktop computer for around $2,000. I think it was a 486 if I can recall. That was a powerhouse machine with a whopping 10 MB hard drive and something like 1MB memory. It wasn’t long before it became obsolete and I got my first Pentium for around the same price a couple of years later. Then computers started to become obsolete in a matter of months back then. I got swindled into going through MDG. That was a bad decision. A $1,000 computer that ended up costing over $2500 after final payment.

Anyway, as I was saying. Shopping for a good and reasonably priced desktop computer can be so confusing. I have heard great things about Alienware, but they are just so gosh darn expensive! There are reasonably priced ones listed on Amazon, but I’ve never heard of the brand HAJAAN Breeze they have a lower price one that seems to be something I could use.

But then you have Acer, I have had a desktop one before and it was actually pretty good, but this laptop is also an Acer and it isn’t. Are they only good at Desktops? The Old laptop I use for only downloads is an Asus and I am actually impressed even after 10 years how well it performs, but that’s a laptop, are they any good at Desktop computers?



I just wish I could give somebody a wad of cash and trust them to get me the best desktop computer for my money. Something that I can use to edit and render video seamlessly. I would also probably want to play a few AAA title games on it too. But I mainly need processing power in both Graphics and rendering CPU power. If that makes any sense at all.

I would like to have something that’s not going to crap itself a year down the road because Windows upgraded again.

I have so many questions. Especially when you plan on investing a good chunk of money on something you want to last and perform flawlessly for a very long time. Do you have any good suggestions? Any brands you think I should stay away from? Warnings? Anything to help me make a good decision?

Maybe a brand can send me a free desktop computer and I can do a review in return, OK?

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