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Reddit Moderators are destroying the platform for everyone. Who picks these idiots?
Reddit Moderators
Training Room For The Reddit Moderators

Reddit Moderators are killing the platform

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When you spend a few hours working on a post creating an excellent graphic for a featured image and writing up a bunch of paragraphs to convey your message or point, and then you go to share it across all your social media hangouts and one fat-headed moderator deletes your link to your post. “ARGH!” – pisses me off!

Where are they getting these ass-hats? And what kind of training do they get, if any? Is it in some guy’s bedroom in the basement of his mom’s house? What are the qualifications, is it an attitude, a fat head, and a mouse button? Whatever the answers are, they are not working and are killing a once great place to share your stuff.

What was Reddit created for?

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, content rating, and discussion website. Registered users submit content to the site such as links, text posts, images, and videos, which are then voted up or down by other members.

Reddit was founded in 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, a couple of college roommates at the University of Virginia. It was a simple, bulletin board-based system where registered users could create individual spaces known as “subreddits” to share their hobbies and interests.
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The Reddit Moderators need to look that sh*t up because you can’t share your hobbies, interests, links, posts, images, and videos unless they like them. If they don’t like what you posted even though your post gets over 1K upvotes, they will delete it, and sometimes even ban you from posting in a subreddit!

Their job as Reddit Moderators is to keep Reddit posts free from hate speech, adult content in inappropriate subreddits, personal attacks on Redditors, and so on. Not to get a fat head and power trip over a post they disagree with or just to flex their authority. They need to be unbiased and transparent. By the way, when the hell did Reddit remove their transparency? There was a time when you could actually review the Reddit Moderators’ actions and see how many banns they executed. They didn’t get to hide behind their keyboards and recklessly abuse their positions.

I’ve been on Reddit for about 10 years now and these past few years I have seen the platform get really bad with abusive mods on Reddit. The Mods are being jerks for stupid sh*t and they need to be removed from their positions.

I posted a link to one of my Survivor posts to a SubReddit and it was deleted and I was banned for supposedly spamming the subreddit with unrelated and repetitive content. I was like, “WTF? It’s a post about Survivor on a Survivor SubReddit! How is that not related and how can you post anything Survivor related without mentioning Survivor to make it repetitive in a Survivor SubReddit???!!!” The Mod just muted me so I couldn’t even dispute the reason. F**king power-tripping idiots on there I tell ya’!

Whenever I have to confront one of these idiots, all I can think about is that I’m butting heads with some fat ass at their computer desk sucking back power drinks in his Mom’s Basement, and wearing a food-stained t-shirt with his finger on the mouse button clicking the ‘banned’ button just to satisfy his perverted obsession of feeling important, when in reality they are just a sad lonely slob without a life outside their bedroom door.

Reddit Moderators
Reddit Moderators Flexing to prove their role in the world

If they don’t like a post, they can just downvote it. Which is what all the users are supposed to do. That’s the whole purpose of the platform. The more upvotes the higher on the content list you go on the Front Page! The more downvotes you get further down the list you go and eventually the post gets buried. The Reddit Moderators need to let the Reddit system do what it was created to do. The Redditors decide what is good and what isn’t, not the mods!

I get that not all Reddit Moderators are jerks, but there are more jerks than decent ones, that’s for sure. The Admins of the SubReddits need to re-educate their mods to be user-friendly and not act like little children with a button.

Reddit Moderators aren’t the only plague of Reddit either

Alongside the Mods being jerks, there are also Redditors who are just as bad. You know the ones who will post an abusive and disrespectful comment and immediately delete it so as to not get a downvote, but you still see it on your iPhone notification? They run and hide so you can’t respond to their childish comment. These idiots really annoy me too. They’re Little immature garbage people who shout something out and then run away so you can’t catch them. I think it’s sad really. Being scared of confrontation.

Reddit needs to implement more transparency. If you downvote or upvote a comment or post the OP of that comment or post can see who exactly up or downvoted. That way users can’t simply hide behind their keyboards and mouse clicks. And they need to make it so that you cannot delete a comment after a specific amount of time. Commenters need to own up to what they say and not run away and hide trying to avoid the downvote.

If I see a comment that’s disrespectful I downvote it. If I see a comment that I like, I upvote it. But if I see a comment that I don’t agree with but it is still relevant, I don’t do anything because it’s just somebody’s opinion and I’m not going to demote an opinion. I however might actually reply instead with my own opinion. Which is the whole point of the platform I believe.



Reddit Moderators need to take their chill pills and let Reddit do its job by itself and not spend all their time being anal over something that might be a little bit off-topic, or something they don’t agree with. Get outside more. You’re Reddit Moderators, not the gosh darn lord of the internet.

This has been a rant, and thank you for reading this far. Have I hit some cords with you? Post your comments below about your experiences with Reddit as of late.

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