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The Pakistan floods should be an awakener for the entire world, but will it? Or will the population just ignore what happening in front of their eyes?

Will the Pakistan Flood be the final straw that wakes people up?

Pakistan Flood - situation report august Pakistan
monsoon flood situation update provincewide

The Pakistan flood situation is ‘a monsoon on steroids’, warns UN chief. But will the images coming out from the Pakistan flood be enough to convince people that climate change is real and that we all need to reduce carbon emissions, or will most just shrug it off and say, “That Sucks.” and continue to be the problem?

The Pakistan flood situation update province-wide is that over 1000 people have died in the flooding so far and those numbers are expected to rise while the destruction is still ongoing. Although they usually expect it to flood during monsoon season, this was more than people expected.

More than 1/3 of country land is under water.

One-third of Pakistan has been completely submerged by historic flooding, its climate minister says.

Devastating flash floods have washed away roads, homes, and crops – leaving a trail of deadly havoc across Pakistan.

“It’s all one big ocean, there’s no dry land to pump the water out,” Sherry Rehman said, calling it a “crisis of unimaginable proportions.”

At least 1,136 people have died since the monsoon season began in June, according to officials.

The summer rain is the heaviest recorded in a decade and is blamed by the government on climate change.

“Literally, one-third of Pakistan is underwater right now, which has exceeded every boundary, every norm we’ve seen in the past,”

Ms. Rehman

Before and After Image

Pakistan Flood

The world is in crisis!

pakistan flood
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I’ve mentioned this climate crisis before because it’s affecting everyone even if they don’t realize it. The Pakistan flood situation is painting a clear picture for everyone to see. The heatwaves in Asia have drastically melted the glaciers there which is one of the main causes of the Pakistan flood that is in progress.

It’s the cause of declining bee populations, and drought causing the farming industry to collapse. It’s these things that are one of many reasons why food costs are going up and people are having a hard time feeding themselves.

Thankfully several countries are providing Pakistan flood relief, but pretty soon all countries will be struggling to help their own people the way things are going at this pace. The United Nations and Pakistan are set to appeal Tuesday for $160 million in emergency funding for nearly a half million displaced victims of the record-breaking Pakistan floods that have killed more than 1,150 people since mid-June, officials said.

Can you see what’s happening?

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion
Pakistan Flood

This is what your quiet little town will be looking like soon if people and governments don’t act now. All you have to do is open any weather network’s website and see the weather-related tragedies taking place around the globe. You can’t ignore all these signs. If you do, then you are the main part of the problem and should be ashamed of yourself and need to wake the f*ck up!

How to fight climate change at home.

  • Speak up! – Talk to your friends and family, and make sure your representatives are making good decisions.
  • Power your home with renewable energy. – Choose a utility company that generates at least half its power from wind or solar.
  • Buy better lightbulbs. – LED light bulbs use one-sixth the amount of energy to deliver the same amount of light as conventional incandescent and last at least 10 times longer.
  • Reduce water waste. – Saving water reduces carbon pollution, too. That’s because it takes a lot of energy to pump, heat, and treat your water.
  • Weatherize. – Building heating and cooling are among the biggest uses of energy. Heating and air-conditioning account for almost half of home energy use.
  • Invest in Energy-efficient Appliances. – Since they were first implemented nationally in 1987, efficiency standards for dozens of appliances and products have kept 2.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide out of the air.
  • Eat what you buy, and compost what you can’t eat. – Approximately 10 percent of energy use goes into growing, processing, packaging, and shipping food—about 40 percent of which winds up in the landfill.
  • Drive a fuel-efficient vehicle. – Gas-smart cars, such as hybrids and fully electric vehicles, save fuel and money.
  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle. – The average person generates 4.5 pounds of trash every day.



I know my little rant and factual information that I just posted here isn’t going to change some people’s minds about how they make their carbon footprint on this dying planet. Because they just simply don’t care. It’s up to everyone who is awake to drill these facts into their heads. Hopefully, some will get through their thick skulls. And maybe then and only then the process can strengthen and spread until we all fix what we have broken.

I honestly don’t think the children who are born in this decade will survive their 30th birthday if things don’t change for the better. I have witnessed climate change firsthand simply just by observing the severe weather changes this past decade or so. To see temperatures above 40’C for weeks on end here on the east coast of Canada is not normal.

I hope this rant doesn’t just end up falling on deaf ears. I really hope that it shows people that climate change is a real thing and not just some crazy conspiracy made up by space aliens. People need to stop listening to the Facebook Keyboard warriors who spent a maximum of 10 seconds studying incorrect facts and start listening to the Scientists that study this stuff for years and years on end and actually know what they’re talking about.

Silence the conspiracy nut jobs and support the facts presented by the people who actually know a thing or two about climate change. It’s real, all you have to do is simply open your eyes and look around you. Look at what just happened, and is still happening in Asia. Look at the Pakistan flood. It won’t be long until what we see happening over there is going to eventually happen here in our own backyard. It’s not a question of if, it’s a matter of when it will happen, and that is going to be sooner than later.

Are you doing your part to help slow down climate change? Do you actually believe climate change is a real thing? Do you even care that climate change is a real thing? Do you have any stories that you would like to share in the comments below of an experience as a result of climate change?

Well, I think that’s just about all I can rant about for now. It’s a topic that gets people butting heads over. Let’s hope the Pakistan Flood situation gets resolved soon, and the world we leave the children isn’t as bleak as I imagine it will be.

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