Canada Snow Bomb
Well, it was inevitable, a winter snow bomb is on the way.
Canada Snow Bomb - winter is coming
Winter is coming – A snowstorm is on the way

No avoiding the winter snow this year it seems

winter snow on tongue

Well, I have to say that we have been very very lucky so far this year right up until now with avoiding winter. The weather report is calling for a snowfall warning with up to 20-30 cm to fall tomorrow. So I guess Winter is Coming.

As much as I hate to admit it, having a lot of snow helps insulate a lot of things around the home. Snow up against the house will trap any heat in the crawlspace and keep the draft out. The garden plants and flowers will be a lot happier so the frost doesn’t get at their roots.

Also, when there is snow falling it means the outdoor temperature won’t be as cold believe it or not. Snow falling means it isn’t going to be -30⁰C out and you won’t be freezing your gonads off, and that’s because moisture in the air only happens when it is warm.

In past years we’ve had a few feet of snow by now and usually have snow right up until April. But today looking out the window there are still flowers growing and green grass.

Canada snow-weather bomb on the way
The weather report calls for a snow mountain here tomorrow.

The Canada snow report could be wrong right? Right?

Let’s hope that the weather report for tomorrow is wrong, as they usually do. It seems like every time they call for a severe weather event and I get all ready for it by getting the generator ready or getting out the snowblower, and just getting ready for the worst in general, nothing happens. They screw up getting the forecasts wrong than they do getting them right. Now you watch, now that I wrote that down and said it out loud, it’ll be worse than what they are forecasting for tomorrow.

I think I just jinxed myself.

Fly like a Snow Bird

I wish we could afford to be Snow Birds and go south for the winter. To just pack up and leave the snow behind and spend our time on a resort with warm sandy beaches. And away from our nasty neighbors also. LOL! Yeah, that would be awesome. I’ve often wondered what people do to be able to do that. Obviously the rich can, but I hear a lot of retirees do that also. They must be rich also because any working peon like us couldn’t do that and hold a full-time job at the same time. Oh, to win the lottery.

Some people enjoy going to snow parks and snow resorts during this season, maybe if I were 30 years younger I might also enjoy something like that too, I actually loved the winter when I was a kid, Mom would have such a hard time trying to get me inside while I was playing in the snowbanks building snow forts and snow tunnels. That’s not me now though, probably because I have to ‘Adult’ now and pay heating bills, and keep the snowblower gassed up, especially now with gas prices for premium gas costing you an arm and leg.

list to do

Time to get things off the list

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Well, I better finish this post up because I have a long list of things to do. I have to get the snowblower out of storage and make sure it still runs before tomorrow, I have some Christmas decorations that need to be set up outside still, and also make sure I have the snow shovels inside the porch so I can shovel myself out in case we get snowed in.

Yeah, that’s Canada for ya folks.

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