words that should be banned
When was the last time you declared someone to be the GOAT, proclaimed an "inflection point," or responded "absolutely" to a yes-or-no question? Here are the top 10 words that should be banned in 2023.
Words that should be banned
Words that should be banned

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Words That Should Be Banned

When was the last time you declared someone to be the GOAT, proclaimed an “inflection point,” or responded “absolutely” to a yes-or-no question?

A list of words that should be “banned” from our vocabularies due to “misuse, overuse, and uselessness” is released every year by Lake Superior State University, a college in Michigan, according to its faculty.

“Our nominators insisted, and our Arts and Letters faculty judges concurred, that to decree the Banished Words List 2023 as the GOAT is tantamount to gaslighting. Does that make sense?” said Rodney S. Hanley, the university’s president, in a very profound statement announcing the new list.

“Irregardless, moving forward, it is what it is: an absolutely amazing inflection point of purposeless and ineptitude that overtakes so many mouths and fingers,” Hanley added.

From more than 1,500 nominations submitted by citizens of the U.S. and as far as New Zealand and Namibia — The judges named “GOAT,” which stands for “greatest of all time,” as the top offender this year.

Here’s the full list of phrases and words that should be banned for this year:


The acronym for Greatest of All Time gets the goat of petitioners and judges for overuse, misuse, and uselessness.

2. Inflection point

A mathematical term that entered everyday parlance and lost its original meaning. This year’s version of “pivot,” was banished in 2021.

3. Quiet quitting

Trendy but inaccurate. Not an employee who inconspicuously resigns. Instead, an employee who completes the minimum requirements for a position.

4. Gaslighting

Nominators are not crazy in arguing that overuse disconnects the term from the real concern it has identified in the past: dangerous psychological manipulation that causes victims to distrust their thoughts, feelings, memories, or perception of reality.

5. Moving forward

Misuse, overuse, and uselessness. “Where else would we go?” wondered a sage—since we can’t, in fact, travel backward in time.

6. Amazing

“Not everything is amazing; and when you think about it, very little is,” a dissenter explained. “This glorious word should be reserved for that which is dazzling, moving, or awe-inspiring,” to paraphrase another, “like the divine face of a newborn.”

7. Does that make sense?

In this call for reassurance or act of false modesty, enquirers warp respondents into “co-conspirators,” deduced another. Needy, scheming, and/or cynical.

8. Irregardless

Sleuth’s confession: “It makes my hair hurt.” As well it should—because it’s not a word. At most, it’s a nonstandard word, per some dictionaries.

9. Absolutely

Banished in 1996, but deserves a repeat nope given its overuse. Usurped the simple “yes,” laments a contributor.

10. It is what it is

Banished in 2008 for overuse, misuse, and uselessness: “pointless,” “cop-out,” Its resurgence prompted these insights: “Well, duh.” “No kidding.” “Of course, it is what it is! What else would it be?


Words That Should Be Banned

The Words That Should Be Banned from this list that I agree with are “It is what it is.” That one really gets me when I hear somebody utter that phrase. Whenever I hear it I just think that the person saying it is just giving up or just copping out of a situation.

Another phrase that should be on the list is, ” I identify as they/them.” I just roll my eyes when I hear somebody say that. They’re the reason why we need to remove all warning labels from everything, not just Words That Should Be Banned.

What are the Words That Should Be Banned or phrases that get under your skin? Post them in the comments below.


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