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A couple of months ago YouTube demonetized my entire channel. They claimed that I was reusing content to which I was confused about because I never even had a single duplicated video on my channel. It didn’t make any sense, so I went through all my uploaded videos trying to see what it was they might be referring to. I couldn’t find anything related to what they are talking about. Their canned responses are so cryptic, right?

Let’s go back a few months before they did this unfair act.
I started to get copyright claims on my videos, videos that I made myself. I disputed claim after claim and because the asshole making the claim has thirty days to reply to my dispute my video would go unmonetized that the whole time.
And every single time, the asshole making the false claim never bothered because they knew they were making the false claim. So my video would get re-monetized, but I’d be out 30 days worth of revenue. Although YouTube claims they will reimburse the 30 days (Bullshit).

Those false claims would start to pick up and started to become a regular occurrence and was really getting annoying. So I started to just delete them, the ones that didn’t create a lot of traffic anyway, but the ones that did, I held my ground. But after a while, my disputes were overthrown and the troll would and up cashing in on MY videos. There is no way I’m going to let some Troll cash out on my videos so I ended up deleting those too. Yeah, YouTube will take the side of those damn media group partners that have hundreds of channels under their umbrella over your honest dispute. Even when the content was owned and created by me, some partner group has the power to claim your work. How fucked up is that right?

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion

Now a couple months ago, I see that blue bar across my Channel screen saying my channel has been demonized for duplicate content and that I can re-apply after 30 days. So I did. But got declined again because of duplicate content.
The only thing that I could think of being duplicate content would be the type of videos that kept getting copyright claims on them. These were Animated cartoons that I made and they would get false claims on them several times, so I just removed them all. All 140 of them I think? Even the ones going back to when I started the channel back in 2006.

So now, all my videos are of my dogs, cat, and a couple Minecraft videos and other games. And I resubmitted my request for re-monetization (after ANOTHER 30-day wait) and it’s been way over thirty days since I’ve done that.

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion

Now since I’ve done all the deleting, my “Watch Hours” have gone down a LOT! I’ve lost a bunch of Subscribers also. And I’m STILL waiting for them to review my claim again. I wonder how long a Month or so is? It’s almost been two.

I am not going to add any more animated content if I don’t have Monetization. What’s the point? There’s no incentive to put in all that hard work with no revenue to pay for the time and effort. My channel was always Monetized since 2006 and somehow all of a sudden it’s being de-monetized. Look at the statuses, they’re all perfect and in good standings. I’m still waiting for that e-mail YouTube!

I believe the real problem is how YouTube went from your average day bloke who would make their own video and post it to share with the rest of us average day blokes, to being these major companies making these expensive productions pretty much making it impossible for the smaller channels to even make it out there. Have you even looked at the crap that’s trending these days? It’s all high production garbage. T-Series for example, what is that garbage? Yet it’s almost surpassing Pewdi Pie in subscribers. Pewdi Pie made his channel from scratch and started off as a regular guy. He earned his sub base, as with T-Series, they are nothing but a Commercial Bully that’s just there to cash in rather than create actual good content.

I believe, no, I hope another platform comes out that will be like YouTube, but be there for the Creators, not the corporations.

What are your thoughts on this?
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