The YouTube Insane Requirements Are Impossible For Small Channels Now and it's been two years since I was de-monetized

The YouTube Insane Requirements Are Impossible For Small Channels Now

YouTube Insane Requirements

It’s now been over two years since YouTube de-monetized me and I have yet to reach their unattainable goal of 4,000 hours of video view time. This is not something a small channel like mine can reach. I don’t have the time to stand in front of a camera making duck faces at viewers just to try and generate views to reach that insane 4,000-hour mark.

I get that you need to keep content up to date in order to keep subscribers on your channel and to make a nice lump of cash, but I never expected or planned on making YouTube a place to make a living, but I would still like to be compensated for the videos that people are actually still watching. Even if it ends up only being enough for a case of beer. Heck! I’ll take a free case of beer for uploading a video every other day or week.

YouTube de-monetized
YouTube Insane Requirements
YouTube Insane Requirements
YouTube Insane Requirements

I hit all the other goals in order to get monetized, but I just can’t seem to get that 4,000-hour one. It’s also kinda weird that before I was de-monetized, I was getting a lot of views. I was actually getting around 5,000+ hours and my uploading schedule is still the same today as it was back then. Something changed on YouTube’s end. I’m betting it’s because they are more focused on featuring huge budgeted videos on those 10 Million subscriber channels instead of the little channels like mine.

Ever since YouTube de-monetized me I just can’t get back the hours that I once had. I would really like to have my monetization on YouTube back just to make uploading worthwhile again, but if they don’t change that ridiculous 4,000 goal, I’ll never see it again I don’t think.

Going to use AdBlockers On YouTube Out Of Spite Now

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion

Like me, I believe a lot of people in the same boat as I will end up using uBlock Origin and other ad-blocking programs, and now that YouTube has kicked out all sorts of smaller content creators, people will just use Adblockers just be spiteful of the “big shot” channels because YouTube has made it harder for channels like mine to become partnered with these insane requirements.

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion

Sorry to the big shot channels, but I can’t in good faith support what YouTube is doing in order to make you even richer by taking away any chance of making a few bucks from us smaller channels. And if you don’t like that, you actually have the power to try and convince YouTube to change their policies for us, little people. You have the audience to make a change. If you choose not to support that idea, I can’t support you either. Maybe we all should boycott YouTube this way. Let’s all put our adblockers on and show them, right!?

YouTube Twitter Lies

Way back when YouTube started making changes, they tweeted, “Channels currently monetized in the Partner Program are not affected.” That was a lie. An outright LIE! They even resorted to making false claims about copyright claims on videos I made myself from scratch. No, not claims somebody else made claiming I stole their content, but just a random claim by YouTube directly.

They also made a claim that I was reusing content. Since their claims are so vague, I didn’t know what content they were referring to. So I thought it might be the videos that I made using the JibJab service where you can put your face on silly animations. I had a few of those that I actually paid for, and figured those might be the re-used ones maybe. So I remove them and the claim is still there on my channel about reused content even though it’s ALL original, and/or under fair use.

YouTube no longer cares for the little people.

Those YouTube Insane Requirements are the death of all the small creators. YouTube doesn’t want them on their platform anymore. They just want those big revenue-generating channels like Mr. Beast and those Logan idiots.

Although all of us small creators didn’t earn a lot of money, we could still have used that money to help grow our channel, whether it was buying newer, better equipment or buying products to review for our channel, unboxing videos, or buying beer, what little income we made helped us do that. But YouTube took all of that away.

The YouTube Insane Requirements killed my motivation to even create anymore. I don’t know if I’ll ever reach that stupid 4,000-hour mark because of YouTube’s broken algorithm/system that promotes new content.

Were you affected by the YouTube Insane Requirements they made us all jump through?


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