Tattoo ideas
Check out these crazy tattoo ideas that look awesome! #TattooIdeas
Tattoo Ideas
These tattoo ideas are fantastic!

Some of these tattoo ideas are pretty neat, but also weird


Tattoos have always piqued my interest, especially those that are extremely colorful and intricate. But I’d never actually get one. This is similar to appreciating art in a gallery but not wanting it in your home.

This gallery of tattoo inspiration is one example that I thought I would share with the blog’s readers. Some would probably even go as far as to say they are gross. Some are pretty awesome, a few are just plain weird, and a few are just plain awful.

1. Belly Buddha

Belly Buddha

Sorry to just come out of the gate and flash this one in your eyeball immediately. Poor Buddha. Now I’m going to have to try and get this image out of my mind.

2. Breakfast Head

Breakfast head
Breakfast head

This is your Brain, This is your brain on Drugs…. Any questions?

YES! My question is, “Why would you do this?” What’s the reason for wanting a plate of food tattoos on your head? Does he really like having breakfast that bad because it’s his favorite meal of the day?

So, so many questions.

3. Dumbo Ears


Way to go there Dumb-Oh.

These facial tattoos arent all that bad in my opinion, but Wow! Those piercings right!?

Putting on a t-shirt must be very difficult with those loopy earlobes not to mention the spike in the lower lip.

4. Gangster


Sooooo, Are you in a Gang? LOL, what a tool. All I can see are regrets in his eyes from this picture.

To me, this is nothing but a mess. It’s almost like a wall full of graffiti begging to get painted over.

Going to cost a lot of money to try and reverse that decision.

5. She’s Horney

She's Horney
She’s Horney

Wow! She looks so Horny! I can’t imagine any Guy willing (or able) to use their hammer on that.

I honestly believe that there must be some sort of mental disorder that made them think that this would be a good thing to do to their body. If they were going for the Freak Look, then they hit the nail on the head I guess.

Pun, what pun?

6. Muscle Arm

Muscle Arm
Muscle arm

Wanna see my Muscles?

I know that guys sometimes like to show off their muscles, but this is ridiculous!

It is strange a way to ‘Meat’ new lady friends.

7. Wolf Tattoo

wolf tattoo
Wolf tattoo

Not only can I see her Wolf, but I can almost see her kitty!

These types of tattoos are erotic don’t you think? Oh, what am I thinking… you’re probably still up there gawking at that picture.

Probably lost a few readers at this point because they’re stuck on this one.

8. Billy (Saw Movie)


This is a cute version of Billy from the movie Saw. Not quite as scary as the real one from the movie is it?

Maybe this was Billy before he starred in the Saw Movie, LOL!

This person is obviously a fan of the Saw Movies I’m willing to bet.

9. Pennywise


Pennywise from the Movie IT. They all float.

This looks pretty cool, but I wouldn’t want it permanently attached to me. The tattoo artist did a really awesome job on it though.

Probably one of the better tattoo ideas I’ve seen.

10. Chucky


Chucky from the movie Child’s Play and one of my favorite TV shows, “Chucky.”

The artist did an awesome job on this one. If I was willing to get a tattoo, I’d get something like this one I think.



Those are just a small fraction of really great tattoo ideas that I found interesting. There are a lot of artistic tattoo artists out there who do really great work. If you’d like to see some more you can check out the site, “Ink Mag.” They list a lot of ink provided by different tattoo lovers.

Are you like me and like tattoos, but don’t have/want any? Do you like tattoos and have a lot of them? Do you find them disgusting and think people are crazy to get them? Post your answers below in the comments to let us know.


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