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I'm done with Reddit mods and found two Reddit Alternatives. Deleting my Reddit Account.
Reddit Alternatives
A Couple of Reddit Alternatives

I’ve had it with those annoying Reddit Mods and need Reddit alternatives.

Reddit Alternatives Reddit Mods

Well, I deleted my Reddit account after more than 11 years because the Reddit Mods there are all on power trips. They can now pretty much say and do anything and get away with it because the situation has gotten so bad. They will either ban you or delete your content if they don’t agree with your viewpoint. There is a blatant abuse of power there.

On the r/internet subreddit, I shared a post last week about Bill-C11 and how it will ruin the internet for many people, especially content creators. In the first few hours after it was posted, there were 500 or more comments on it. It sparked an excellent conversation.

As a result, the post was apparently deleted by one of the moderators who disagreed with it. I responded and questioned why to which they replied that it was spam and that the topic had nothing to do with r/internet. I countered that it wasn’t spam because there was genuine interest in the subject because there were active participants and that it was about the internet because Bill C-11 is a bill intended to disrupt how we use the internet.

In any case, they completely blocked me and, presumably after reporting me to Reddit administrators, had my account permanently suspended. Another admin moderator obviously abusing their position.

I attempted to contest the ruling, but the form didn’t really let you write very much. I believe there was just enough room for the basic question “why?”. They responded back stating the suspension will remain in place.

So I deleted my Reddit Account

Delete Reddit account

I’m finished dealing with the idiot Reddit Mods. I’m not going to beg for my account to be restored. I won’t give in to their power-tripping fetishes. The Reddit Mods being dicks all the time has ruined the entire platform. Reddit is only for people who don’t have anything to say or are just too much of a coward to say anything out of fear of being a victim of the Reddit Mods. So I’m moving on.

I’ll use these 2 Reddit Alternatives instead

Reddit is a great place to share content, but lately, it’s become just too difficult to comply with the moderator’s rules. There are also way too many trolls. It used to be a fantastic place to share your content, but ever since they let any troll who lives in a basement become a moderator, it’s gone down the tubes.

So here are two Reddit Alternatives I think you’ll find useful if you’re also finished with the bullsh*t of Reddit.

1. Quora

Quora is a great alternative to Reddit
I Found 2 Great Reddit Alternatives Because Of Annoying Power Tripping Reddit Mods 1

You can think of Quora as a Reddit alternative. It is another public discussion forum. Quora has a reputable following and has recently experienced tremendous growth in popularity. In a more traditional Q&A forum, users can post questions on a range of subjects and receive answers from users all over the world. You can conduct a relevant topic search before submitting a new question in the hopes that the vast database of questions and answers will contain the answer to your question.

You can sign up for a Quora account and receive their regular, helpful newsletter after doing so. You have the excellent choice to offer your opinion or advice in a related category if you are already an expert in one of your own fields or want to gain more expertise.

Quore is a great Reddit alternative

2. Digg (No longer accepting post links)

Digg is a great Reddit Alternative

Digg is the platform to choose if you’re looking for a website with a simpler user interface that is similar to Reddit. Finding the content that is most appropriate for you is simple thanks to the well-organized articles and categories and simple navigation. On the homepage, the articles with the most Diggs or votes are highlighted. Digg, in contrast to other websites, only promotes high-quality content, so you can rest assured there won’t be any pointless or filler material on Digg.

Digg’s content selection is excellent, offering articles in every genre. You can join Digg as a reader or as a contributor by posting some interesting and worthwhile articles on this platform.

Digg screenshot



I see, Reddit. You are on the right track if your plan was to set your ship on fire, then screw over the users who make the website what it is by giving power-tripping moderators control of the platform.

Reddit will undoubtedly continue to exist for a very long time. But this post is for those who are simply fed up with how Reddit has changed thanks to the way the moderators now run the site. These alternatives to Reddit are provided in the hopes that they will be useful. There are undoubtedly many more, but these two are a great place to start.

Do you have any nightmare stories about Reddit? Are you fed up also? Post your answers in the comments below. We’d love to see them.


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