affordable hobbies
10 affordable hobbies that cost next to nothing to get into. #Hobbies #Reviews
affordable hobbies
Affordable Hobbies

10 more affordable hobbies to get you started for 2023

Affordable Hobbies

As promised yesterday, here is the third installment of this 3 part list of hobbies that pretty much everyone can actually afford. Yesterday’s post surpassed last week’s post for total views and again, thanks go out to all of you who used our affiliate links to all of those amazing Amazon products!

It’s clear that people are looking for new things to get into in order to make 2023 productive in their lives. These lists of hobbies can help you stay active and fit and some can even become profitable avenues for you to take. One thing for sure is that there will undoubtedly be some kind of hobby for everyone to try out on these lists.

1. Start a Blog

Start a Blog
Start a Blog
earn money blogging

Hey there, encouragement seeker!
There is so much to explore and share when it comes to writing about topics that interest you. It’s a great way to connect with others who share your interests, and it’s a great creative outlet. You might share your poetry, chronicle your family history, or share your adventures training your new pup. The choice is yours.
So go ahead and explore the possibilities! You’ll be so glad you did start a blog.

Did you also know that if you start a blog you also have the potential to earn money blogging also? Yes, you can! You can earn using Adsense ads and you can also write product reviews for Brands looking to have you share their products and services for them and get paid very well in the end. Simply join Intellifluence and get paid to do influencer reviews and if you’re good at it, it could potentially become a living.

2. Hiking


Take a break from your work and enjoy a scenic hike while getting some exercise. Even better, hiking is a free hobby that can be enjoyed by all. Bonus: Hiking can be a great way to decompress and get some mindfulness into your day.

Hiking is something I’ve always enjoyed. I used to live beside a nature park that had trails going all over the place that went up a mountainous slope that would get the cardio going really well. I miss just being able to go out my back door and take an afternoon hiking trip.

If you’d think this is something up your alley, don’t forget to grab a pair of hiking poles to help you with your balance while trekking over rough terrain.

3. Golfing


There’s always something to do when you have friends around! A great way to stay active and social is to make a golf course plan with your friends. Not only is this a cost-effective way to enjoy the outdoors, but you may be able to get a deal on a new set of clubs by shopping garage sales.

Look, I’ll be honest. I tried golfing once, ONCE! Yup, I sucked at it and I never tried it again. However, my brother got into the hobby and he can’t get enough of it and can’t wait to get out on the golf course on his days off. If you or somebody you know is an avid golfer, then this golfers gift might be something both of you will appreciate.


4. Upcycling Clothing

Upcycling Clothing
Upcycling Clothing

You can turn old clothes into something new and stylish with a little bit of sewing and imagination. Upcycling is part of the reuse, recycle, and repurpose movement, and it can help you save money while adding a bit of color and style to your wardrobe. Give your old clothes a new lease on life by using them to create something new and stylish!

I have a good friend who does this a lot. She will take old tattered clothing and redesign them into new garments that she will then sell in Marketplace. She is always wearing her new duds whenever we see her. She was able to quit her office job a few years ago and she is now doing this full time, and by full time, I mean whenever she feels like it.

5. Play Board Games

Play Board Games
Play Board Games

There are many great board games available for adults that can be enjoyed with friends or family. Board game nights at your local pub can be a great way to socialize and have fun. Who knows, you might even become a trivia champion!

We used to play Risk all the time at my friend’s place the game would last for hours and we always had a blast. Although, tempers would rise when somebody felt like everyone else was ganging up on them, sorta like how arguments start when playing Monopoly. That’s why I prefer the good ol’ Classic Board games because tension stays low with these ones.

But there’s always that one person who can be a sore loser, but there’s nothing worse than a bad winner right?

6. Running


One of the best things you can do for your health is to start running. Running is a great way to get fresh air and exercise and can help you feel better overall. There are plenty of digital ways to help motivate you, like the “Couch to 5K” program for beginners. Start running today and see how much better you feel!

I get a lot of walking in during the warmer months, but up here in Canada winter can cause you to become a shut-in, and luckily we have a treadmill to keep us active during the winter months.

Running has got to be one of the cheapest hobbies for anyone looking to get in shape, especially with all the lockdowns because of the C-Word over the past couple of years forcing people to stay in their homes for long periods of time. Now is a good time to get back in shape.

7. Learn Photography

Learn Photography
Learn Photography

After getting good at smartphone photography, consider taking an online photography course or community college course to improve your skills. You can often find cameras at a fraction of the price online like on eBay or at local second-hand stores.

I poked at this topic in one of the previous posts about camera work. Amazon has a ton of books on how to Learn Photography you can choose from on this topic if you are not comfortable with taking a course in a room full of people or in a Zoom call with others watching you. We get it, it’s OK to be anti-people these days because people can really be crappy and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to avoid them.

Get really good at Wildlife photography and you might even be able to make a few bucks doing it.

8. Flying Kites

Flying Kites
Flying Kites

Anyone can have a great time kite flying. It’s a great way for the whole family to have a fun activity that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Mastering the art of kite flying can be a lot of fun, and there’s no need to be a skilled athlete to enjoy it. Simply put a kite up in a good breeze and watch it fly.

When I first took a shot at flying a kite I was just a small kid and I went over to the school’s field and let my regular triangle-shaped kite fly. I had a large roll of string and I let the whole roll unwind. That was a huge mistake because I wasn’t strong enough to wind it all the way back down. Luckily there was a teenager there who saw me struggling and he helped me rewind the string back enough so I could be able to bring it in on my own.

Kites have sure evolved these days from your plain old triangle-shaped ones to these elaborate dragon kites that are HUGE!

9. Teaching Your Pet Tricks

Teaching Pets Tricks
Teaching Your Pet Tricks

Do you have a pet that you love spending time with? If so, you might be interested in learning some new tricks for them! Pet birds and other animals can learn new skills, like how to do a “shake” and “roll over” maneuver, which can be really entertaining for both you and your pet!

We love teaching our little fur babies dog tricks. Teaching them Dog Tricks is not only entertaining for us, but we can tell they enjoy them just as much as we do. It’s not only our dogs that learn them because pet tricks aren’t just for dogs our cat Cloe loves to play fetch with her toy plushies, it’s so cute when she brings them right to our feet and drops them there to say, “Again!”.

10. Geocaching


There’s nothing like the excitement of finding a hidden treasure; it’s an outdoor pursuit that can be enjoyed by everyone. With an app or GPS, you explore the outdoors and search for caches. Some of these are in parks and nature preserves, and you can also hide your own caches. It is a fun way to get in shape, meet new people, and have some extra fun

Before I even knew what this was there was a time when I found this box filled with an assortment of objects. Things like a mini Rubik’s cube, wristbands, and other random objects. I thought it might have fallen out of a hiker’s backpack. I took it to the lost and found in the park where I found it and they didn’t know what it was either otherwise they probably would have told me to put it back. Sorry to whoever put it there, I didn’t know. Oops!



Well, that wraps up this three-part series of Hobbies you can afford, and don’t really have any excuses not to try at least one out this year.

It seems that these lists we put together and post are popular with the readers here and we’ll try and keep them coming in the future. They’re time-consuming, but the rewards are the people who find them useful and help us out through our affiliate links.

If you know of any hobbies to add to these lists, please mention them in the comments below.


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