Alternates To Trick or Treating When The Kiddos Can't Go Out
Fretting because the kids can't go trick or treating? No fear, we lay out some hysterically fun Alternates To Trick or Treating! From turning homes into haunted houses, hosting dance-offs, watching a spooky movie marathon, to arranging candy hunts and virtual costume contests, there're loads of giggles guaranteed this Halloween!

These Epic Alternates To Trick or Treating will keep the kiddos grinning from ear to ear! 😄

Are you feeling spooky but the kiddos can’t go out for trick or treating? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some hilarious Alternates To Trick or Treating that will make Halloween a blast for everyone! Get ready to have a ghoulishly good time with these five alternative ways to celebrate the spookiest night of the year!

Here are 5 spooktacular ideas that will make your Halloween frightfully fun! Prepare to be haunted by these ghoulishly great Alternates To Trick or Treating suggestions! 👻💀🎃

  1. Haunted House at Home: Turn your home into a spine-chilling haunted house! Dress up each room with creepy decorations, play eerie soundtracks, and set up spooky surprises around every corner. Don’t forget the spider webs and a dash of slime! Your little ones will have a screamingly good time as they explore their very own house of horrors.
  2. Monster Mash Dance Party: Who said Halloween is just about collecting candy? Crank up the music and throw a Monster Mash Dance Party in your living room! Encourage the kids to come up with their very own ghoulish dance moves and have a blast busting them out. Dress up in your most hilarious and creative costumes and let loose. The only rule is to dance like nobody’s watching (except for the invisible ghosts, of course)!
  3. Spooky Movie Marathon: Turn off the lights, grab some popcorn, and snuggle up on the couch for a frightful movie marathon. Make a list of age-appropriate scary movies, from classics like “Ghostbusters” to animated favourites like “Hotel Transylvania.” Get ready for non-stop laughter and screams as you journey through these hilarious and spooky cinematic adventures together. And who knows, maybe you’ll even catch a glimpse of a real ghost… or a giggling child under the blanket!
  4. Candy Hunt Extravaganza: Get creative and set up a candy hunt within your home or backyard. Hide candies in every nook and cranny, creating a treasure trove of sugary delights for your little ones to discover. Provide them with clues and riddles that will lead them from one sweet surprise to another. It’s a thrilling hunt that guarantees laughter, excitement, and a sugar rush like no other!
  5. Virtual Costume Contest: Embrace the digital age and organize a virtual costume contest with your friends and family. Dress up in your spookiest, wackiest, or most outrageous costumes and host a video call to showcase your creations. Everyone can take turns flaunting their outfits and strike hilarious poses. Don’t forget to award prizes for the most creative, funniest, or scariest costumes. It’s a great way to stay connected while adding a splash of monstrous merriment to your Halloween celebrations!

Remember to make Halloween a memorable experience by capturing plenty of photos and videos of all the fun. These alternatives to trick or treating will ensure that your little ones have a howling good time, even if they can’t go out for traditional door-to-door candy collecting. So, unleash your creativity, embrace the spooky spirit, and let the laughter and joy fill your home on this ghostly night!

If you don’t have kids but have pets, we got you covered with our 3 part Halloween Pet Costume Ideas posts.


Alternates To Trick or Treating

Halloween may look a little different this year but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a riotous affair! With these five alternatives to trick or treating, you can create memories that will have your kids giggling with delight for years to come. So, grab your broomsticks, put on your silliest costumes, and get ready for a spooktacular celebration! We would love to hear about your Halloween adventures and any other hilarious ideas you have to share. Leave a comment below and let the laughter continue in our hauntingly fun comment section.

Happy Halloween! 🎃👻

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