Automatic Pet Feeder
Our two cats just love this Automatic Pet Feeder. Check it out in the video posted here. #Pets
Automatic Pet Feeder
Automatic Pet Feeder

This automatic pet feeder made me the super dad

Automatic Pet Feeder

If you have been following this blog you’ll already know that we spoil our fur babies. Our pets will always receive lavish care. We bought this fantastic automatic pet feeder for our two cats, Cloie and Missy, to put in their room for that reason. If we didn’t put it in their room, the dogs would just eat the cat treats, also known as Nom Noms.

They may appear uninterested in the pet feeder in the video below, but that’s only because they were full from all the testing we did before we had a chance to record the video. They actually run to their room where the pet food dispenser is as soon as they hear the treats hit the metal dish, followed by my voice calling them to come and get their Nom Noms.

It’s so funny when they hear it, considering just how quiet it is, how they just stop in their tracks and then bolt to the room. It’s the best thing since kitty litter to them. They just love it.

We’re also very happy with this purchase also because of how durable and quiet the unit is. This isn’t made out of cheap material that you come to expect to break quickly. It’s designed for the most convenience, from filling it up to cleaning it out.

Get it on Amazon

We got ours on Amazon and had it delivered in two days.

It is currently on sale, and a coupon offer will further reduce the price. If you like what you see, you might want to purchase it while it is still on the market. The Pettliant Automatic Cat Feeders can be used manually, on a schedule, or with APP Control. As the video demonstrates, the app is simple to use.

Automatic pet feeder
Automatic Pet Feeder

The 2.4G WiFi Automatic Pet Feeder includes a stainless steel bowl and a 30-second voice recorder. The Pet Feeder can be programmed to feed 1–9 meals per day, consisting of 1–20 servings of roughly 10 grams each.

Up to 30 seconds of voice recordings can be made, and they will automatically play when the pet feeder has finished dispensing food. The food bin base has patented food-grade silicone rotor blades and a lid with a LID-lock Latch Design to stop pets from sneakily obtaining extra food. Food remains fresh and crunchy with the automatic cat feeder’s built-in desiccant bag. Your pets’ meals are served in a food-grade stainless steel bowl, which is hygienic and prevents chin acne.

Two years of warranty are included with the automatic pet feeder. These automatic pet feeders come with a 24-month warranty and customer service.

We hope you enjoyed the video and the extra little snippet after the automatic pet feeder demonstration with the kitty cats doing part of the guitar solo of Hotel California. If you didn’t, then scroll back to the top of this post and watch it again. LOL! Trust me it will be worth it. It’s so cute!


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