spoil your pets
We spoil your pets and still feel guilt-free. #Pets #CutePets #Cats #Dogs
spoil your pets
Our Furbabies

If you spoil your pets you’re not a bad pet owner, are you?

spoil your pets
Spoil your pets

When it comes to our fur babies there isn’t a limit on what we will do for them. We feed them top-brand pet food because it makes them healthy and happy.

We used to buy generic name-brand pet food for our senior dogs and they were in bad shape. We could see how their joints were in pain because they could barely walk up or down the steps to go to the bathroom outside. When we were told to try a different food for them we were surprised at the transformation from barely able to walk to jumping around like they were puppies again.

Ultra Senior dog food

If you have senior dogs and you also see them struggling to walk or even have a hard time going up or down steps, then we recommend Performatrin Ultra dog food which is grain free. We’re confident that you’ll see a huge difference in your dog’s behavior. As I mentioned already, our senior dogs went from limping in pain to jumping like puppies. I’m sure this will also extend their lifespan also. It’s more expensive than the generic brand of dog food out there, but your furbabies are worth it and you should always spoil your pets.

Meet our family of furbabies

This is our kitty cat, Missy. She’s a long-haired bundle of trouble

Spoil your pets - Missy
Spoil your pets – Our kitty cat Missy

Missy is a rescue cat that we rescued at the Oromocto SPCA. We got Missy after my boy Buddy passed away. He was a good boy and I still miss him to this day. I didn’t think I could ever have another cat in my life after Buddy passed away, but my girlfriend said she would like to have another one in the house because she wasn’t allowed to have one before she met me. So when we went to the SPCA, Missy melted my heart when she was running around checking everything out in her little room and trying to escape.

Missy was so full of energy and later on, we would find that that energy would never end because she is so bad now. Always into things and getting into trouble. She needed companionship. Even though she is best friends with my dog Katie. She is proof of how to spoil your pets, and we ended up getting her another friend, Chloie

This is our cat Chloie, a ginger tabby.

spoil your pets - Chloe
Spoil your pets – Our kitty cat Chloie

Our cat Chloie was a rescue cat that we got from the Oromocto SPCA. When we were there looking to get a kitty cat friend for our other kitty cat Missy, Chloie looked at me with that bitch face looking as if to say, “If you think you’re gonna take me home, let me tell you one thing and one thing only. I will be a Mommy’s baby only and you are only going to be needed to feed me and clean my litter box.” and we ended up taking her home with us.

It’s OK to spoil your pet if it makes both you and them happy as far as I’m concerned. And our number one spoiled pet is nonother than;

Katie, our derpy black Chiwawa.

spoil your pets - Katie
Spoil your pets – Katie

Katie is my very first dog to have ever come into my life while living on my own. She was given to me from a litter that nobody would take home with them, and lucky for me she ended up coming home with me instead. And I believe everyone missed out on such a loving little girl. She has such a sense of humor with her derpy antics. Always making us laugh and happy. She loves her squeaky toys and those yummy treats. She is best buds with Missy and they both like playing in the hallway every morning. She’s giving us a happy life instead of us giving her a happy life.

Our girl Princess, a Shih Tzu bundle of love.

spoil your pets - Princess
Spoil your pets – Princess

Princess was my Mom and Dad’s furbaby but when they both passed away one of my brothers took her in, unfortunately, he couldn’t put in the effort that is required to take care of a pet. So I basically puppy-napped her one day and took her into our home. She was underweight and full of fleas. Poor baby was miserable, but now she’s as happy as a puppy again. I know Mom and Dad would be happy knowing that somebody is taking very good care of her now.

Princess is a senior doggy that needs special food as I mentioned above. So with the special food and special care she is probably going to be around for a lot longer now that she is healthy and strong again. She is actually in need of a diet just like daddy, but that’s an entirely new post on its’ own, LOL!

Our boy Ash – another Shih Tzu turkey

spoil your pets - Ash
Spoil your pets – Ash

Ash is another senior dog. He’s my girlfriend’s little boy, who loves getting strange haircuts. He’s a HUGE sucky baby but a tiny dog. If it’s windy you have to watch that he doesn’t blow away in the wind, LOL!

Ash is so old that he lost all his teeth and thankfully is getting fed well with the food that we mentioned above, but we wet it down for him because he can’t chew. He also had bad joint pain, but thanks to the advice of changing to better dog food, he’s as limber as a puppy also. This is why you have to spoil your pets.

Spoil your pets with a Pet Portrait

We put pictures of our family on the walls of our homes. Things like family portraits and a mix of family pictures, but our pets are family also aren’t they? So why don’t you spoil your pets with pet portraits also? Don’t they belong up on the wall with the rest of the family? Well, we think they do.

You can get a Beautiful Custom Pet Portrait pretty easily these days so there’s really no reason why you don’t have a pet portrait on your wall at home.

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion

Portfolio Pet was born from a love and connection between pets & their owners. Our artist turns a picture of your pet into a truly breathtaking piece of art. Our most popular products are framed portraits. We also have mugs, iPhone cases, water bottles, hats, and more.

We need to get two of these done, one for our three Dogs and another one for our two cats. The prices for these are actually pretty amazing considering that when we were thinking about getting these done by other companies, they were charging over $500, but Portfolio Pet is way more practical and affordable.

I’m actually thinking about getting an extra one for my late boys Buddy and Brain. I know it may sound cheesy to you, but those two boys were my first pets and they made a mark in my heart. I’ll never stop thinking about them. Most pet owners will relate, I believe.



Spoil your pets all the time and anytime. Feed them with the right food and don’t penny-pinch and get the cheap no-name brand stuff that’s full of bad fillers if you want your furbabies to live a long healthy life. Goto PetValue and get the good stuff there. Yes it’s more expensive, but you wouldn’t cheap out on your human child and buy unhealthy food, so why would you feed your furbabies garbage?

PetValue’s staff will show you exactly what you’re furbabies need and what you need to get them to spoil your pets the right way.

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion

And while you spoil your pets with healthy food, you may as well add them to the human family portraits on the wall with these beautiful pet portraits by Portfolio Pets. They deserve to be a part of the family the right way. What an awesome way to immortalize their memories for you to enjoy for as long as you have space on your walls to add more.

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion
Missy and Chloie
The raincoat gang
Katie in the movie IT

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