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 What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is simply having somebody tell your story for you. In this case, you are the storyteller. Brands need people like you to write awesome reviews and testimonials about their products for your family, friends, and other social media followers so they are willing to send you free products (or cash) to do so. 

Are you an influencer?

 Do you have more than 1 follower on any of your social media profiles? If so, you are an influencer and you are a perfect candidate to join Intellifluence as an influencer! Brands rely on people like you to share your thoughts about their products and services with your family and friends. You don’t have to be Kim Kardashian to be an Influencer, just eager to try out awesome products and services in exchange for your reviews.
I have completed some reviews already and so far I’ve made over $500 and got to keep some really great products like Free Dog Beds, LED Lights, Free Social Networking Application Access, and RC Toys. And that was all done with only a couple of reviews. I don’t do a lot of reviews at the moment because of time restraints, but that’s what’s great about Intellifluence, you can review WHAT you want WHEN you want!

😃You’ll love Intellifluence😃

I’m inviting you to join Intellifluence with me and get paid to do influencer reviews.
It’s free to join, so if you’re interested in making some side money simply SIGN UP HERE.

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