July 12, 2024
Canada's Immigration Crises
Canada is plunging into chaos due to unchecked immigration, weakening its culture and economy. Government incompetence and excessive immigration rates are eroding Canadian values, and it's time for drastic changes.

Immigration Overhaul: A Call for Balanced Discussion in Canada

Immigration in Canada is spiralling out of control, transforming this once great nation into a shadow of its former self. There’s no mistaking which group is orchestrating this takeover—just walk into any Tim Hortons and you’ll see exactly who I’m talking about.

The problem is that diversity is a fantasy when you try to shove two or more wildly different cultures together. It’s even worse when one group tries to bulldoze their customs onto the hosts who graciously welcomed them. That’s just not how things work. When you legally immigrate to any country, you’re supposed to blend into that country’s culture and obey its laws.

And then we have a government that blatantly ignores the problem, labelling any dissent as a hate crime. Huma’s supporters run rampant in the streets, sowing chaos while law enforcement stands idly by. They’re occupying public spaces and campuses without a shred of consequence, yet the moment someone speaks out, it’s automatically branded as a hate crime.

Isn’t it blatantly clear how they’re steamrolling over Canada and its values, reshaping it into their own personal version of their homeland? The other day we went to Walmart, and stepping into the place was like being transported to a different world, maybe India or Iran. Went to get a coffee at Tim Hortons, and surprise, surprise, it was a monoculture behind the counter. KFC? More like Anywhere-But-Kentucky Fried Chicken. It’s like the moment an immigrant gets a management position, the place turns into a family reunion.

They took er’ jobs!

South Park may have been spot-on when they aired the episode “They Took Our Jobs!” You know they aren’t referring to actual future people, right?

Employers who take part in Canada’s Foreign Credential Recognition Program get a sweet deal with a 70% wage subsidy up to $15,000 to hire immigrants. So, when your kid graduates high school and looks for that first job, guess who’s left out in the cold? Little Timmy, who has no experience and a full wage cost, or an immigrant with no experience whose paycheck is 70% covered by the government? It’s not hard to see who wins that battle, and it’s definitely not your kid.

And spare me the nonsense about no Canadian-born folks wanting to do the job. That’s complete and utter garbage!

There just isn’t any more room

Anyone still clutching the fantasy of a thriving Canadian economy is utterly out of touch. Canadians are drowning in debt, leading the world in personal indebtedness. The younger generation stands no chance at home ownership, effectively robbing them of the wealth-building opportunities their parents enjoyed. And let’s not overlook how soaring immigration rates are driving wages into the ground.

Canadians have witnessed an influx of millions of newcomers, yet there has been no significant boost in infrastructure. This negligence has fueled a staggering surge in homelessness, as housing availability plummets and rent and mortgage costs soar to astronomical levels. The average rent now exceeds what many can earn in a month, leaving countless Canadians grappling with a sinister housing crisis.

Canadians are being suffocated by excessive taxes and stifling regulations. Businesses are fleeing Canada in droves, stripping the country of valuable investments. In a staggering exodus, U.S. companies alone have ripped $500 billion out of the Canadian economy since 2015.

Canadians are being crushed under the disastrous and clueless leadership of Justin Trudeau.

Tent encampment
Homeless Tent encampment

The Trudeau government arrogantly aims to cram 1.2 million new arrivals per year into a country where only 200,000 homes are being built. Clearly, this guy must have spent more time perfecting his dramatic flair in acting classes than grappling with basic math skills.

It’s time to switch from the fire hose to the garden hose.

I’m not saying stop immigration entirely, but it’s high time we put an end to Trudeau’s reckless flood of immigrants into Canada. Instead of this absurd fire hose, we need a controlled trickle that only allows in those with valuable skills. Our focus should be on immigrants who contribute to our society, not on those who come empty-handed and bring along a dozen family members to leech off our economy, strain our healthcare system, and drain our tax dollars.

There are so many immigrants coming into Canada that they aren’t being vetted properly. Criminals are being allowed in and they are committing crimes. It’s so bad with the crime now that law enforcement and the legal system don’t want to touch them. Trudeau’s catch-and-release program gives them a sense of invincibility. Because they just get away with it.

Move over Trudeau it’s time we had somebody with some common sense.

Pierre Poilievre provocatively proclaims in a French-language interview that he will drastically slash immigration levels, especially targeting temporary immigration, and boldly asserts that Canada has “no room” to accommodate the influx of “1.2 million new people every year.”

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre declared that if he seizes the role of Prime Minister, he would slash immigration numbers dramatically, challenging the Liberal Government’s unprecedented and, according to him, excessive figures.

For the first time, Poilievre caved and admitted he’d slash immigration, a move painfully overdue, as Canadians, bombarded with government incompetence, have been screaming for tighter immigration controls.

“It’s going to be drastically lower, particularly for temporary immigration,” Poilievre boldly declared during an interview with TVA Nouvelles, originally in French.

“It’s absurd to think we can invite 1.2 million new people to Canada each year while only building 200,000 homes. Absolutely insane. There’s no room for such madness. Quebec is already at its breaking point,” he added.

When questioned about his immigration plan, Poilievre slyly linked it to housing, hinting at reducing the numbers yet craftily avoided saying it outright.

Quebec Premier François Legault has brazenly demanded that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau slash the number of asylum seekers and temporary immigrants by a staggering 50%, claiming that Quebec is drowning and utterly overwhelmed, with resources completely drained.

Legault demanded the feds do their job and “distribute asylum seekers more evenly across the rest of the country.”

“Asylum seekers are struggling to find a place to live, intensifying the already dire housing crisis,” the letter declared. “Many are forced into overcrowded homeless shelters, exacerbating the chaos.”

Liberals are set on pushing their agenda to flood the country with even more immigrants! The federal Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, boldly declared last November that his party won’t stop until immigration numbers skyrocket.

“Canada has audaciously set its sights on an ambitious goal of welcoming a staggering 485,000 new permanent residents in 2024 and an even bolder target of 500,000 in 2025,” he declared.

In 2022, Canada brazenly smashed its own immigration record by welcoming a staggering 431,645 new permanent residents. As if that wasn’t enough, the year before they had the audacity to let in 401,000 newcomers, setting the stage for this unprecedented influx.

And let’s not overlook the 5,000+ individuals the government aims to rescue from Gaza, handing out Temporary Visas like candy. I bet they’ll all be young men ready for combat. But that’s a can of worms for another post.

I could go on and on with this rant, but it’s time I wrap this up.

In Conclusion

Canada's Immigration Crises

As Canadians, it is crucial that we actively participate in the dialogue around immigration and its impact on our country. Whether you agree with the current policies or believe a different approach is needed, your voice matters. By sharing our perspectives, we can contribute to a more informed and balanced discussion, ultimately shaping our nation’s future together.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you think the immigration policy needs an overhaul, or do you support the current approach? Share your views in the comments below—let’s engage in a respectful and constructive conversation about the way forward for Canada.

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