Cut The Cable TV Cord
I cut the cable and dropped cable tv years ago and still watch TV shows without it. Find out ways you can too.
Cut The Cable TV Cord

Cut the cable and still watch TV

cut the cable tv cord

It’s been about fifteen years or more since I went ahead and cut the cord to my Cable TV service. Even at that time, the Cable TV Bill was very high, and that was even without the add-ons and extra fees for equipment back then.

I think it was around 2017 (You can Google it to confirm) that the CRTC implemented a bill that would require cable companies to provide affordable Cable TV options to their customers. I think it was supposed to be around $25/month for basic services.

I thought that was actually a good deal because I normally just watch basic TV shows anyway. So I remember getting the cable hooked back up after being without it for several years and after the fees for equipment that you needed to access their service and the fees for this and the fees for that, the bill ended up being over $100 again. So I paid my bill and told them to go F*ck Themselves, again.

Never again

Never again will I ever give another cent to a cable TV provider. They are nothing but a complete ripoff. Their price quotes are bullsh*t and their promises are just as bad. Their programming is garbage, their packages are garbage, and the whole premise of having Cable TV is garbage. So that’s why I cut the cable TV off and will never go back to them again.

You end up with a ton of garbage channels just to be able to watch one channel for one particular TV show. How does that make sense?

You can watch HD TV for Free!

There is Free TV to watch all around us. It’s probably just floating around you right now. “What is this sorcery I speak of?” you may ask. Well, it’s called using a TV Antenna. And yes, you can watch the Digital TV signals floating through the air simply by using a TV antenna like this one here.

This HD TV antenna simply screws onto your TV’s Cable input, and there’s a USB line that goes into the USB port on your TV (or wherever you can plug it in to give it power) as you can see, I just stick it into my window and I get crisp clear TV signals to watch Free TV. I took a short video of my TV running off from the Antenna here.

Actual playback from HD TV Antenna

My geolocation only airs on two local TV stations CBC TV and Global TV which just happen to be my most-watched tv stations anyway. But this HD TV Antenna can pick up all of the digital TV Signals in your location. I’ve read reviews from other customers who get over 80+ TV Stations on their HD Antenna.

Need more ways to view Free TV?

Amazon Prime
Get Amazon Prime

You can always get a subscription to a Streaming service like Amazon Prime. Heck! They’re coming up with some really awesome content in my opinion and well worth the $9 price. Better than $100+ for a bunch of channels you won’t watch on a cable TV subscription.


I use this ROKU service and it is awesome! You can stream thousands of free TV channels all through this awesome device. It also allows you to connect with other streaming platforms you might already have so you can access them all through the remote. ROKU is available on many devices that I think you might want to check out here.

We opted for the 55″ ROKU TV after our older TV died last week. This is an amazing piece of technology! I can connect everything to it. From my laptop computer, a USB drive containing all my movies, my HD TV Antenna, and my PS5. And I still have room to connect a surround sound speaker system.

I would highly recommend that your next TV purchase be a ROKU-type TV. These things make TV setups and viewing so gosh darn easy!



If you are still paying, no, getting ripped off by your cable tv provider, then stop right now. You don’t need to make them any richer while you get poorer. Everything I mentioned above is 100% legal and what Cable Companies are doing should be illegal.

There are also ways to stream Live TV through IPTV but that will be another post if I think people want to know more about it. Comment below if you would like me to post on that topic. But for now, I’ll leave it here for you to decide on either forking over hard-earned cash to cable companies or opting for a free TV service or a much more affordable way to entertain yourselves with streaming services.

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