Facebook Marketplace Buyers Suck
Is Facebook Marketplace a haven for the rudest of humanity? Sellers endure ghosting, bargain-hunters, and no-show nightmares, all while demanding decent, respectful trading. Is a change overdue?

Is it just me or is Facebook Marketplace full of rude people?

It seems selling on Facebook Marketplace is a magnet for the world’s most irksome individuals. I mean, where do these people come from? Operating under the basic human principle of decency, I treat interactions like real-life face-to-face engagements. I’m prompt, polite, and always see a conversation through to the end—an apparent anomaly on this platform.

But then, you have the audacity of some users. They drop the perennial “Is this still available?” like bait. I, ever the quick and courteous seller, respond, “Yes, it is. Are you interested?” And what happens? Radio silence. They vanish without a trace. It’s a Marketplace mystery: the case of the perpetual window-shoppers. Why bother asking if you’re just going to disappear?

Then you have those folks who brazenly inquire, “Where can I pick up?” I shoot them my address, and what do I get? Dead silence. No courteous decline or brisk confirmations—just a rude, echoing nothingness! How infuriating is that?

Oh, let’s talk about the infamous bargain hunters–yes, those relentless penny pinchers who want the world for a dime! I’ve set my prices to make sure I’m not just giving away my time. And then there are the no-shows, the ones who promise the world and deliver nothing but a waiting game. It’s downright disrespectful. Who has time for that? Not me, that’s for sure!

I Charge this amount for a reason!

  • Greenhouse Gardening - Peppers
  • Greenhouse Gardening - Tomatoes
  • Greenhouse Gardening - Tomatoes
  • Greenhouse Gardening - Peppers
  • Greenhouse Gardening - Peppers
  • Greenhouse Gardening - Flowers
  • Greenhouse Gardening - Flowers
  • Greenhouse gardening - Potted tomato plant
  • Greenhouse Gardening - Romain Lettuce and Radishes
  • Greenhouse Gardening - Tomatoes Blackberry Tree and Alove tree
  • Greenhouse Gardening - Flowers
  • Greenhouse gardening - Vevor diesel heater

When I’m peddling plants on Marketplace—those lush garden essentials—I’m not just tossing seeds in the dirt. No, I’m dutifully running grow lights to jumpstart those seedlings, cranking up the heat in my greenhouse, shelling out cash for potting soil and growing pots, and not to mention the seeds themselves. And time? That’s my biggest investment. Yet, there lurks a crowd who dares to balk at parting with a mere $4 for a robust tomato plant. Can you believe that?

Facebook Marketplace alternatives?

I’ve given platforms like Nextdoor and Kijiji a shot, but honestly, they barely scratch the surface of what Marketplace achieves, despite the deadbeat buyers on it. Kijiji feels like it’s practically in its grave, and Nextdoor? It’s so fresh on the scene that it seems invisible.

It looks like we’re doomed to deal with the chaos of Facebook Marketplace for now. Guess we’ll just have to endure the barrage of rude buyers and their abysmal manners.

Facebook Marketplace has a reporting system

When dealing with deadbeat buyers who ghost me, I relish in reporting their profiles. If you leave me high and dry, you better believe you’re getting flagged as a no-show. Stop responding mid-conversation? Enjoy being reported for ghosting. Play games, and face the consequences.

  • STEP 1 – Click on more options.
  • STEP 2 – Click on Report Buyer
  • STEP 3 – click on the issue and then submit.

And there you have it, plain and simple. Now, whether this has any real impact remains to be seen. However, if it does work, perhaps it will finally usher in an era of mutual respect where buyers and sellers treat each other with the decency they deserve. We, the sellers on Marketplace, have our own lives too and are utterly tired of our time being squandered by no-shows or those who ghost us on Messenger. Enough is enough!



In light of everything discussed, it’s clear that navigating Facebook Marketplace can often feel like wading through a swamp of discourtesy and frustration. Isn’t it time we demand a marketplace that facilitates not just transactions, but respect and reliability as well?

Now, I turn the floor over to you! Do you share these grumbles or have your own unique beef with Facebook Marketplace? Drop your stories, rants, and perspectives in the comments below. Let’s air out these grievances together and maybe, just maybe, we can ignite a change for the better.

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