July 13, 2024
WordPress Themes
Finding good WordPress Themes is so time-consuming, it's easier to just buy one these days. #WordPress #WordPressThemes
WordPress Themes
WordPress Themes

The internet is oversaturated with WordPress Themes!

WordPress Themes confusion

When I got back into blogging and started up another WordPress Blog I started off with Free WordPress Themes for the template layout of the site. I landed on this Shapebox one and have been Okay with it up until now.

I really like the Featured post feature of the Shape box theme but the fact that I’ve been away from designing WordPress Themes for so long, the coding had gotten quite advanced and I am out of touch when it comes to editing these themes now. I don’t even know what I’m looking at with all the different PHP files that are connected to one another these days. Back in the day, it was just a few PHP files that would make up a WordPress Theme. Now there are dozens and dozens and they are also using JS Files and all sorts of things I’m not familiar with today.

This Shapebox WordPress Theme just isn’t up to par

So I was updating the settings of my RankMATH SEO plugin and on the site inspection feature, it was showing 5 errors that I just couldn’t fix because of the Theme and the way it was created. Since I can’t fix those errors because it’s in the coding of the actual theme I can’t get that 100% score. The headers, CSS, and java scrips are all a complete mess and I can’t minify them because it breaks the theme.

Free WordPress Themes don’t seem to be as good these days

So now I have been spending a ton of time searching for Free WordPress Themes and I noticed that a lot of them are out of date and aren’t completely HTML 5 or compatible with both mobile and desktop at the same time. Some aren’t even mobile-compatible at all which is not good when my website stats indicate that most of my views are on mobile or tablet than they are desktop views. I prefer a desktop still, I’m old school I guess.

Premium WordPress Themes seem to be the better choice

Premium WordPress Themes

Jumping from Theme designer to Theme Designer website is one way to kill off your entire day. It’s the one rabbit hole that I have been falling into all this week trying to find SOMETHING that makes me go, “OH, I like that!”

So far Cyberchimps LLC has my attention because they have a lot of Responsive Themes which is very important. Their themes say that they are also fully customizable. They offer Gutenberg Themes which I have become accustomed to lately. So if you’re looking for Free or Premium WordPress Themes this is a great place to start.

Yes, I’m being picky

I’m looking for a theme that sorta works like the Shapebox theme I’m currently working on. I like the Branding with the banner on top, followed by the Featured post, or the Latest post that is the prominent one showing on the front page, followed by the older posts below that also includes their featured images with small post descriptions.

I was looking at one theme that had a scrolling feature that showed the latest posts followed by the older ones below like the one here with the Shapebox theme. I also want the sidebar that displays the current features I have now. But neater. Everything now here is a mess.

The best theme needs to be 100% SEO compliant and when I view them on their sale pages, I want them to perform the way they do when I make a choice. I already purchased one Theme based on how their Demo worked, but when I got the thing downloaded, it required extra plugins and sh*t that I wasn’t aware of. I won’t mention that website because they aren’t getting any traffic from here.



I’m still scrolling through the choices that Cyberchimps LLC is offering. I really like their selection which is also why it’s taking me a long time to commit to just one. If I’m going to buy a premium theme, I want to make sure it’s the one that I really want and not change my mind about the decision later on down the road.

If you know of any really good WordPress Themes that are current and up to date that will be compatible with the current WordPress versions, AND SEO ready, drop me a comment below. It would also be great if they were RankMATH SEO ready too. RankMath SEO is an awesome SEO plugin if you are looking for that sort of thing for your website also.

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