Flashback Fridays
Weekly posts on Fridays called "Flashback Fridays" take a look back at the first 20 years of blogging. Flashback Fridays Chapter 11
Flashback Fridays Chapter 11
Flashback Fridays Chapter 11

Flashback Fridays Chapter 11

Flashback Fridays Chapter 11
Flashback Fridays Chapter 11

Well here is Flashback Fridays Chapter 11, a weekly series of entertaining and fun flashbacks of blog posts I’ve written over the past 20 years of blogging. It’s surreal to consider that I’ve been blogging for 20 years.

Using the Wayback Machine to select a few old posts that we believe would be both interesting and humorous and to post them each week in this Flashback Fridays series. So, let’s take a look at what was going through my mind all those years ago.

When I was younger, I was such a nerd. Please use your discretion when reading these posts because I apparently used profanity a lot.

Let’s get to Flashback Fridays Chapter 11!

Flashback Fridays Chapter11

This is Nucken Futs! – Flashback Fridays Chapter 11

January 25th, 2005 by MacBros

Apparently, the folks at work have been putting their heads together. Things seem to be a little smoother today. They had a good idea to hold this gold piece of paper with the name of the Client we’re working for on it. What this did was tell the people that came up from the US that the question I have needs a professional to help out. So in other words, no offence, but sorry EPS person, you’re wasting both mine and your time if you try to help me, I need a professional.

As far as screwing up calls, I’m confident that I did a good job at that! I managed to learn some more stuff, important stuff too. They are on the right path in figuring out what points need to be coached on too. What they did yesterday was mark this paper with various scenarios, and whatever problem had more issues, they pulled a few people at a time and gave them a coaching session. Again, I learned some more useful stuff.

I’m still having trouble getting the main problems out of the way smoothly so I can transition into a sale opportunity. If I didn’t take so f**cen long getting the initial problem taken care of without having to place the customer on hold 50 dozen times, it would be a cinch to do. It’s hard to do this smoothly when you’re jumping from program to program trying to complete a change order or make an adjustment in another, or a credit in another one.

And while you’re listening to them you’re trying to fill out 3 program notes.
I was trying to transition into a sale by asking them if they wouldn’t mind reviewing the account to see if it’s all up to date, half the time was No, or they had everything already. Oh well, I tried.

I’m feeling a little more comfortable doing this, but I feel comfortable that I’m screwing up too.
The calls were a little bit slower coming in for a bit. There was only one point when I had three calls come in back to back giving me no f**cen time to complete the screens that I needed to fill out. I hate the f**cen notes screen, especially the application they call Silver Fox, what a waste of f**cen time.

We’ll see what day three does. maybe I’ll get some half-decent calls to come my way. Pffft, my luck says, “FAT CHANCE JOHN!”
outta here!

PS: Don’t forget to click an ad on your way out!

I’m not really comfortable bringing up these memories of that sh*tty job. This Flashback Fridays Chapter 11 post is giving me anxiety. I can remember how terrible that job ended up getting which ended up with me having to take some stress leave from the job because of the abuse that employer put us through.

That company lied to everyone who applied for the job. They stressed that it was %100 customer service orientated and it was focused on tech support only. They said that it was not a sales-driven campaign and you wouldn’t be penalized for not trying to upsell customers sh*t they didn’t need.

That’s not to say you couldn’t offer something that you saw a customer would benefit from. Like an upgrade from a 10mbps account to a 50mbps because they were either getting frequent overages or had too many devices on one network.

Anyway, that job stressed me out so bad I had to get medical leave from it. I was so glad when another employment opportunity came up and I could tell that company to “Take This Job And Shove It!”

LOL! I remember asking people to click on the ads before I knew you can’t do that. I got a warning because of that. AdSense has changed a lot since then, but don’t be clicking ads because of that, only if something piques your interest.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 11

To Anti-Explorer Users

January 25th, 2005 by MacBros

OK, I removed the redirect page and replaced it with a copy of the Explorer entrance page, but with a note on it saying, if it doesn’t look right, you’re using the wrong browser.

Now get over it.

Thank you, please come again.
Now click on an ad, please!

If anyone designed and coded a website back then, they will know how difficult it was to design something that would work and look right on multiple browsers. Internet Explorer would always be the one that would break the themes. So what I did was have a browser detection script in the header that would detect browsers, and if it was an IE Browser a splash screen would open saying, “I this site looks broken, it’s your browser’s fault.” Or something along those lines.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 11 is proving to be one of these posts that get you triggered and start bringing out the rage. I remember how infuriating it was to get a theme created and it all looks awesome on all the other browsers but when you test it on IE, it’s all broken and looks like garbage.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 11

Hump Day

January 26th, 2005 by MacBros

Well, round three seemed a little bit better. But I still don’t know what the f**c I’m doing though. All I know is I’m doing a good job bullsh*tting my way through a call. I had one smooth call that went almost perfectly. Solved the problem, sold a feature to keep the problem from reoccurring and then I crashed and burned on the wireless pitch.

I don’t know anything about cell phones. They plan on having a coaching class on that topic, so I hope I get into that one. These little classes are helping. This client has itself organized. They took a group of us into the cafeteria just before quittin’ time and let us know that we can take our time and f**cing up is OK. They want us to be as comfortable as possible and expect us to use the Busy button so we don’t get a call while completing a previous customer’s work. That way we’re ready for the next call.

I must admit that today eliminated a lot of bad thoughts about the company and set my mind a little more at ease. I’m somewhat more comfortable with what I’m doing. And now that I know that the client knows that I don’t know anything and they are there to help us get the proper training when we need it.

It’s all good. Well, today also marks it as the official ‘Hump Day‘, just two more days of work and it’s BEER DRINKING’ NIGHT! I’m going to stay home this time and relax. If I can manage to stay a good boy. Naah! Who are we kiddin’ We’ll see what happens.

Going to relax and watch TV.


Boy, they really pulled the wool over our heads with all those lies. F**king up is OK and using the busy button quickly changed to No F**king up and NEVER use that busy button as soon as the client was done there and went back to corporate. When they did and the management was back in charge, things changed for the worse and I felt things weren’t as they seemed.

It was like they brainwashed us and once we were in they could chain us all up and abuse us. They even had us in a contract stating we had to work for a certain amount of time and couldn’t quit before then and if you did, training expenses would be deducted from your final pay.

I can’t seem to remember the company name, but that’s probably because I’ve blocked that memory out for obvious reasons. I do know that they are no longer in business because when you run a shady company and treat your employees like garbage, word gets around and you can’t hire new people after everybody eventually quits after their contract is up.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 11

The Simple Life: Interns

January 26th, 2005 by MacBros

One question, why the f**c do they give these two f**cen bubbleheads TV time! I’m sure there is better reality shows they can think of than these two f**cen idiots! Paris and Nicole may be hot, but I sure think they both could use pop in the head to shake whatever they have of a brain into place.

I mean come on, really! what the f**c is so entertaining about empty helmets? Sure it would be nice to get them both in the sack, but their stupidity would just get the better of me and I have no patience for stupid people.

TV’s going to sh*t! No really, it is!
Sh*t, I say, SH*T!

Just my 2 cents worth.

I must have seen a preview of the show or something or maybe I watched a part of the show. I can not understand how these types of TV shows even get an audience. A Simple Life, the Kardashians, and other garbage-like shows. It’s scary to think what the mindset of people would have to be in to enjoy sh*t shows like those and the shows keep running season after season telling you just how many empty helmets there are in the world and that they live among you.

I could never stoop as low as that to even give them any airtime. Not even if it was the only show on the TV to watch. There are other things besides TV.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 11

More Useless Banter

January 27th, 2005 by MacBros

OK, I’ve said all I can on how much I’m f**cing up at work. I’m getting better at it though. Still having a hard time getting through a call without having to get floor support.

I’m not going to go on about work today because it’s pretty much the same sh*t as the past few days. I’m sucking at what I’m doing and I’m doing it well. So I’m going to leave it at that. If something new comes up, I’ll get back to this topic again. Now on to more important things. One more sleep night and then it’s BEER DRINKING NIGHT!

I’ll be enjoying a box of beer here all by myself and enjoying the solitude this time. I’m not going to go out anywhere or visit friends this Friday. I just need a time out from the world this time. I’ll stay in contact through the internet, pretty sad ey’? But with all the crap I’ve gone through the past week, I don’t want to talk to another human being for just one night. So I’ll be taking a time out from the world. I’ll play a PS2 game or something and catch a buzz on.

I’m still looking for a kitten to take in. I’m looking for a Tabby, because almost every Tabby cat I’ve had, has had a very kewel personality. They have character, which makes them great friends. I’ve been checking the SPCA Web site but all they have are Adult cats. I want a kitten, so that way it’ll be more ( how can I put this without sounding like a pathetic freak? ), more… like a kid, and see me as the parent.

That sounds weird, I know. But the thing with bringing in an adult cat is that they’ll not look at you as knowing you all their life, or not be comfortable in a strange place. It’s hard to put this into text that can be understood in a sane way, so I’ll stop now…..

I just finished watching, ” Are We There Yet ” with Ice Cube. It was an ok movie for the family I guess. But since TV has gone to sh*t, yes… Sh*t. Sh*t, I say! It was better to watch this movie than the garbage they’re showing on TV. It was funny but very predictable. You could almost say the lines before the actor did because it’s been used so many times in so many other movies.

Guy buys brand new Truck, does beautiful woman a favour, picks up kids, kids hate guy, the new truck gets wrecked, the guy does something kewel for kids, kids like the guy, the guy looks like an incompetent fool, mother freaks, the guy is pushed away, but the guy makes one last try and wins over the woman in last 3 mins of the show. It’s been done to death.

Summing it up, if you want something to watch with the family, get the DVD. Looking for a good movie to watch? Walk past this one at the rental store.

That’s it for me today.
Chat with ya’ll tomorrow.


Glad it wasn’t all about that job again. I get the younger me when I said I needed a break from the world. Having to talk to people all day all week and pretend to be nice the last thing that you want to do is talk to anyone on your day off.

My heart sank when I read the part about wanting a new kitty. That would be around the time I got my first cat and best friend Buddy. Wow! I love that cat. I miss him still to this day whenever I’m reminded of him. He was such a good boy and had the best personality. I miss the nose kisses he would give me when I would get home from work. He would sit in front of me and look up, squinting his eyes and pointing his face up to me so I could bend down and rub my nose on his.

This Flashback Fridays Chapter 11 has been an emotional one for me. Ending this Flashback Fridays Chapter 11 here because I don’t think I can handle any more bad memories of that terrible job. I’m going to end this Flashback Fridays Chapter 11 with some good memories of my boy Buddy.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 11 Conclusion…


Well, this concludes Flashback Fridays Chapter 11. Let me know in the comments if you like this whole idea of Flashback Fridays being posted every week. Or don’t. I don’t have a lot of commenters here anyway, just a lot of readers and lookie-loos.

If you enjoyed this Flashback Fridays Chapter 11 post, be sure to come back next week for Flashback Fridays Chapter 12.

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