Flashback Fridays
Weekly posts on Fridays called "Flashback Fridays" take a look back at the first 20 years of blogging. Flashback Fridays Chapter 8
Flashback Fridays Chapter 8
Flashback Fridays Chapter 8

Flashback Fridays Chapter 8

Flashback Fridays Chapter 8
Flashback Fridays Chapter 8

Well here is Flashback Fridays Chapter 8, a weekly series of entertaining and fun flashbacks of blog posts I’ve written over the past 20 years of blogging. It’s surreal to consider that I’ve been blogging for 20 years.

Using the Wayback Machine to select a few old posts that we believe would be both interesting and humorous and to post them each week in this Flashback Fridays series. So, let’s take a look at what was going through my mind all those years ago.

When I was younger, I was such a nerd. Please use your discretion when reading these posts because I apparently used profanity a lot.

Let’s get to Flashback Fridays Chapter 8!

Flashback Fridays Chapter 8

@ The Movies

December 26th, 2004 by MacBros

Wow! Man, I’ve watched a sh*t load of movies the past few days.

I Saw, Flight of the Phoenix, Lemoney Snickets: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Meet the Fockers, Life Aquatic, and Finding Neverland.

I have to say that all these movies are really good except for Life Aquatic: With Bill Murray. I thought that Bill Murray would have made this movie funny but I was wrong. Life Aquatic was a bore.

Jim Carey’s Lemoney Snicketts was pretty good and had a neat story that was sorta Harry Potter-like. I was surprised that Jim didn’t do his regular Ace Ventura, Cable Cuy, and Me And Irene characters, which are all the same. But in this movie, he did play several characters that were original. Seems Carey’s PR People are telling him to get something new or get no work.

Meet the Fockers, what can I say about that one, just one word, “Funny” If you liked the first one, you’ll like this one as well. Gaylord Focker has the worst luck, just like in the last movie and the laughs are there too.

Flight of the Phoenix was a good flick to watch as well. Good story, with an opening that will fit in the Saving Private Ryan, and Cast Away category of awesome movie openings.

I wish I would have watched Finding Neverland first because it’s a sad movie, and watching it after all these other comedy and action movies was kinda depressing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very good movie. Mind you Johnny Dep’s accent in this one sucked, and just didn’t fit into the movie. But if you want to take your date out to the movies and wanna get some snuggles, this is the one, because she’ll be bawling her eyes out by the end of the movie, guaranteed.

Oh! And I almost forgot, I saw Blade 3 this weekend also, and this movie wasn’t as bad as what I heard. I thought it was good.

Well, that’s it for @ The Movies! Till Next time…….
MacDonald OUT!


Wow, I watched a lot of movies back then. My question is, “Where did I find all that time?” We’d be lucky to get in one movie a week. I must not have had many responsibilities as I do now. Yeah, that’s the answer I’m going to stick to.

Also, holy cow those movies are old and it seems like it was only a little while ago that I can remember watching them. This is an excellent example of how time flies.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 8


December 27th, 2004 by MacBros

Holey Sh*t! A f**cen blizzard struck! Took a look through the webcam and it was the same home too. There’d be no way in hell I would walk to work in that. Nasty windchill along with that blowing snow. I don’t have the clothes to go up against that sh*t. Never thought I would need an Artic Jacket for work.

Don’t have any money for a cab ride, besides, they’re probably not running anyway by the looks of things. I’m stranded out here! Thank god for the internet though! My luck the power will get blown out.

I can’t even see across the street from the wall of snow blowing by.

You should see the size of the snowdrift outside the door, going to have to call the neighbor to come to dig us out!

Well, I got to try and get home….

This is all a blur to me. I don’t remember this day. I suppose though, if you’ve lived through so many blizzards they all just bunch together in your memory. Wouldn’t have been the only time I’ve been stranded because of a blizzard snowing me in wherever I was at that time.

I did have to have a neighbor come and shovel me out of my home because the snow was over the door. As funny as that may sound, it’s quite frightening when you first try to go out your front door and you see nothing but a wall of white.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 8

And You Though You Had It Bad

December 27th, 2004 by MacBros

Sitting here channel surfing and come across the news station (CNN) and saw that this little blizzard is nothing compared to what’s happening over in South-East Asia. A 9.0 Earthquake triggered a Tsunami that pretty much wiped out a lot of India and a handful of Asian islands. The footage they’re showing is horrific.

There are people in vans, buses, and cars, or on top of them floating down the street.
Damn, makes you wonder how safe you are even though you’re not that close to the ocean. Looking at the footage on the news, makes it look like a Tsunami could reach here with no problem!

I remember this event. It was horrible. One of the worst Tsunami events in history happened that day. It was the result of a 9.1 magnitude earthquake off the coast of the country. The ensuing tsunami was 50 m, or 164 feet, tall and reached around five kilometers or three miles inland. A lot of lives were lost that day.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 8

This is a Brain Buster – Case Of The Missing $1

December 27th, 2004 by MacBros

Nothing you can do with math applies after reading this. I think that all structural calculations I have ever done are now invalid because of the flawed system. The world is about to end.

Three guys in a hotel call room service and order two large Pizzas.

The delivery boy brings them up with a bill for exactly $30.00. Each guy gives him a $10.00 bill, and he leaves.

That’s a fact!

When he hands the $30.00 to the cashier, he is told a mistake was made.

The bill was only $25.00, not $30.00. The cashier gives the delivery boy five $1.00 bills and tells him to take it back to the 3 guys who ordered the pizza.

That’s a fact!

On the way back to their room, the delivery boy has a thought. These guys did not give him a tip. He figures that since there is no way to split $5.00 evenly three ways anyhow, he will keep two dollars for himself and give them back three dollars.

OK! So far so good!

He knocks on the door and one fellow answers. He explains about a mix-up in the bill, hands the guy the three dollars, and then departs with his two-dollar tip in his pocket.

Now the fun begins!

$30-$25=$5 Right?

$5-$3=$2 Right?

So what’s the problem? All is well, right? Not quite.

Answer this:
Each of the three guys originally gave $10.00 each.
They each got back $1.00 in change.
That means they paid $9.00 each, which times three is $27.00. The delivery boy kept $2.00 for a tip. $27.00 + $2.00 = $29.00.

Where the heck is the other dollar?

OK, I have just read this thing over again, and even today I still can’t find out where the other $1 went. I’m guessing that I’m overthinking it and there’s a simple answer that I’m just not seeing. Can somebody explain this to me like I’m a 5-year-old down in the comments?

Flashback Fridays Chapter 8

The Aviator

December 28th, 2004 by MacBros

Ok, this movie started off well but ended up taking a nosedive near the end. (pardon the pun) If you’re into aviation history, you may like this one. But if you’re looking for an action-packed movie, you’ll lose interest after the first half is through. I started falling asleep 3/4 of the way through and I’m still yawning while writing this entry.

Don’t waste your money folks, on movie tickets, or time burning to CD, it’s not worth it. If this movie does well at the box office, the promotional crew need a promotion, because they could probably sell ice to an Eskimo.

But what was I expecting from De’ Crappy-o?


LOL @ De’ Crappy-o. I didn’t much care for the guy then, and I still don’t. As a person, I think he’s a dick, but he did have a couple of good movies that came out. Like The Bear, and maybe Inception.

The Aviator must have been bad because I can’t seem to even remember watching the movie. Heck, I don’t even remember what it was actually about except it may have had something to do with airplanes.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 8 Conclusion…


Well, this concludes Flashback Fridays Chapter 8. Let me know in the comments if you like this whole idea of Flashback Fridays being posted every week. Or don’t. I don’t have a lot of commenters here anyway, just a lot of readers and lookie-loos.

If you enjoyed this Flashback Fridays Chapter 8 post, be sure to come back next week for Flashback Fridays Chapter 9.

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