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Here is a list of medical professionals on social media. These are the people I have gotten my information from. They are who I trust.
Maybe they are all “Psy-Op” agents trying to reduce your civil liberties and paid off by a sinister force to lie to the public.
Or maybe they know more than you, are trustworthy, and are who we should listen to during this pandemic.
If you think this isn’t serious or a conspiracy or… whatever… then your point of view should be able to withstand intense scrutiny. So if you are not a coward and have the courage of your convictions, then you will spend a little time looking at these feeds and deciding whether you think these people are competent and trustworthy. 
I believe my sources can stand up to scrutiny. Do you?
Here we go…
Dr. Cleavon Gillman – Former army doctor and Iraq vet. 
Army veteran? Could be a government plant, amirite? CONSPIRACY CONFIRMED!
He now works in an Arizona ER–one of the areas overwhelmed with COVID patients right now. He is keeping a list of the thousands of young people who have died from COVID-19. 
Are you young? Did you know this could kill you? 

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Doctor Mike – A YouTuber and primary care doctor. 
He is just a regular doctor. He treats patients. Some with COVID. I’ve heard some people think he is handsome. Handsome people are exactly the kind the NSA uses to trick people into compliance. He usually makes fun YouTube videos about being a doctor. But because people don’t believe in science he has also had to gather all of the best research to debunk false info about COVID-19. I’m sure he’d rather be reacting to another episode of Scrubs instead of doing this.

Dr. Prakriti Gaba – She is a cardiologist who volunteered to be on the frontline when New York was going through the worst of it. 
This is a thread of her experiences. This is what doctors in Florida and Texas are going through now. I mean, if you believe those phony fudged statistics of ICU capacities. And, ya know, the actual doctors and nurses saying they are running out of beds and medicine. 
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Dr. Caitlin Rivers – Epidemiologist specializing in outbreak science and health security. Faculty at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.
Dr. Rivers just testified before congress and relates her experience in the thread below. She says our complacency and not taking this seriously could lead to 2000 preventable deaths per day. Meaning these people would live if everyone did what was asked of them. That’s a 9/11 every day. 4 plane crashes. 2000 people injecting themselves with bleach.
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
C-SPAN Video of her testimony. (Starts at 17:55)

Dr. David Zodda – ER doctor treating COVID.
This is a thread where he talks about having to stick a tube down his coworker’s throat because they got sick with COVID-19. ALLEGEDLY. 
Why did they get sick with COVID? Because they were exposed when treating patients. These are the healthcare workers who you are risking the lives of if you get sick because you didn’t stay home or social distance or wear a mask at all times. 
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Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Dr. Anna Podolanczuk – Pulmonologist. 
She is working in New York and shares just a few stories of a typical day treating this. HOWEVER… “bronched” sounds like a made-up word. I’m skeptical.
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Mary Macdonald – She’s just a regular ER nurse. 
She posted a video about how scary treating this illness is and begs people to stay home whenever possible. I’m sure she is a plant by the CIA.  

Another video from a secret agent an ICU nurse. She talks about her first day treating COVID. She compared it to working in a war zone. If this is “just like the flu” why hasn’t she experienced anything like this before during flu season? 
Dr. Gregg Gonsalves – Yale Professor of Epidemiology and Infectious Disease. 
Those Yale professors are all idiots though, right? I think that is one of those party schools. 
He organized 3,500 public health experts to sign a letter in support of Dr. Fauci. Did you know Dr. Fauci created treatments for three fatal illnesses? And that he helped create treatments for HIV that made it no longer an automatic death sentence? And that he has worked for both Democratic and Republican administrations and was even given awards by Republicans? 
Dr. Angela Rasmussen – Virologist at Columbia. 
She also likes pugs and football. What a sneaky cover to hide the truth about all the fake COVID deaths.
Here she is refuting Elon Musk and his erroneous views on testing and “false positives.”
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Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
👉👉[FDA Link]👈👈
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
A few weeks after this exchange, Dr. Rasmussen was proven very correct.
It’s almost as if she is psychic. (Or has immense experience and understands how to interpret data.)
Weirdly, this is not the wrongest Elon has been about predicting how this pandemic will pan out. 
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Dr. Anne Rimoin – Epidemiologist, Virus Hunter, Professor and Director of the UCLA Center for Global & Immigrant Health. 
She is skeptical that we are prepared to reopen schools. But it’s not like she has studied this her entire adult life or anything. 
In this video, she talks about how vaccine hesitancy may be a global health crisis in the future. This is a future hurdle I fear quite a bit. Anti-vaxxers might screw us again. 
Suze Q Knits – She’s just a nurse in Augusta, Georgia. Who likes to knit. 
One of my favorites. She’s not a fancy doctor or professor. But she is on the frontline treating COVID patients. She is working 16-hour shifts. Often getting 10 minutes to eat lunch. Sometimes she’s lucky if she gets 3 hours of sleep. She is the person who will risk her life to treat you if you get sick. She is worried there are not enough beds or medicine to treat everyone who comes in. 
But that could all be a lie. I bet George Soros is paying for her expensive knitting hobby in exchange for pretending this is a crisis like she’s never seen.
Here is a sampling of what she is facing on the frontline.
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Dr. Natalie Dean – She is a biostatistician. 
She analyzes all of the data for infectious disease. I bet she is the one padding the COVID death numbers to scare everyone. What if only 120,000 are dead instead of 140,000? We might have stayed inside for nothing! 
Here is her thread analyzing why the median age of COVID infections is starting to skew younger.
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Dr. Julia Marcus – Epidemiologist at Harvard. 
I know Harvard is prestigious, but she has purple hair. You can’t trust people with purple hair. Not even sure why I’m linking to her.  
Here is her article talking about quarantine fatigue and how we can help people continue to follow the recommended guidelines during this pandemic. 
Dr. Ellie Murray – Professor of Epidemiology at Boston University. 
She thinks you should wear a mask. Probably paid off by Big Mask to say that. 
Here is her article full of infographics on how to live in the age of COVID-19. 
👉👉[COVID-19 Infographics]👈👈
Feel free to share your favs to your friends and loved ones! Here’s my favorite!
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
She also created versions of her infographics in many languages. You can find the entire collection on GitHub.
Jacinda Ardern – Prime Minister of New Zealand. 
She trusted experts, heeded their advice, and convinced her country to follow all the guidelines recommended. Her country is now reopening because they haven’t had any new infections in quite some time. Isn’t that what you want? To reopen and get things back to normal? 
Well, a new normal. 
But New Zealand is full of Hobbits and they are probably immune to COVID-19 or something.
 Dr. David Gorski – He is a medical doctor who specializes in debunking medical conspiracy theories. 
You can see a collection of his writings here. 
Careful though, all of you conspiracy-lovers, I wouldn’t want you to see anything with actual sources, peer-reviewed data, and evidence. It might pop that bubble of nonsense you like to live in.
Dr. Nicole Baldwin – Pediatrician and vaccine advocate. 
She’s more proud of being a mom than anything else. But when she isn’t tangling with her kid, she is promoting all of the evidence about how wonderful, safe, and effective vaccines are. Vaccines have saved literally millions of lives after all. And when there is a COVID vaccine you all are going to get it, right? RIGHT?
Here is the TikTok video she made about vaccines that caused her to get a barrage of death threats. Because dancing and telling people vaccines don’t cause autism is something worthy of death. Apparently.
You are free to not click on any of these links. You are free to keep seeking out conspiracies and quacks to justify you not taking this as seriously as you should. You can keep telling people this isn’t what it seems, sowing doubt in their minds, and maybe causing them to not protect themselves and then infecting others. You can keep complaining about being cooped up and how your freedom is being temporarily curtailed. But these people above are working their asses off to get us through this crisis. Some have gone to the best schools and have spent their lives learning about viruses. Some are just regular doctors and nurses trying to keep people alive.
I ask that you look at their Twitter, read their words, watch their videos. See them as real living, breathing humans. They are parents. They are dog people. They are sportsball people. They like movies and music. They have hopes and dreams. They aren’t actually “in on it.” They just care about you and your grandma and they are really frickin’ smart. 
Then give consideration that this pandemic is as serious as they claim and that we need to follow the recommended advice of experts. AT ALL TIMES. Not just when you are forced to. Yes, even when you make a quick run to the gas station and potentially expose a minimum wage cashier because you couldn’t be bothered to wear a mask. They could have a sick father at home who would die if they got infected.
Again, if you truly feel that your arguments and conspiracies are solid, then they should stand up to scrutiny.
You might accuse me of being in my own bubble, but I have spent hours looking at the evidence of the anti-COVID skeptics. I’ve watched Ron Paul’s videos. I watched the exosomes videos. I watched chiropractors who think they are medical doctors talk about 12-year-old studies on how masks don’t work. I’ve watched as much of Plandemic as I could before rolling my eyes into the back of my head. I’ve even read about 5G and Bill Gates microchipping everyone.
I have looked at all the opposing views. Trust me.
And I’m sorry, but I do not think they come even close to refuting what actual experts are saying. Experts have evidence and consensuses. Peer-reviewed research. They have fancy charts and graphs. They say big words. And when you google those big words, you’ll find they used them correctly! Everything in my gut tells me they are the ones who know what they are talking about. 
This guy who is prone to conspiracy theories posted this video about exosomes on Facebook. It was created by the prestigious scientific organization called *checks notes* “hipeGALAXY.” He finds it more credible than Dr. Fauci.
Notice the video has no sources. No peer-reviewed research. No credible experts supporting it. This COVID-19 exosome nonsense was started by Dr. Andrew Kaufman–who is a world-renowned virologist.
Whoops, my bad, he’s a goddamn psychiatrist with no published research to speak of. 
How many psychiatrists have you gone to for a hacking cough? If you get pneumonia, would you declare “SOMEONE GET ME A SHRINK! STAT! I’m very depressed about my lungs right now!”
In the video, the “hipeGALAXY” narrator says the inventor of PCR tests does not believe in their efficacy when testing for viruses. He also made sure to mention he was a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry. Impressive to be sure. They don’t hand those out to just anybody. 
But what the hipeGALAXY dude failed to disclose was that chemist was later ostracized from the scientific community. 
After winning the Nobel, Kary Mullis expressed disagreement with the scientific evidence supporting climate change and ozone depletion, the evidence that HIV causes AIDS, and asserted his belief in astrology. Mullis also reported an encounter with a “standard extraterrestrial raccoon” at his cabin in the woods of northern California. 
Artists’ rendering of that encounter.
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Some people have some serious medical issues. If they get this, they die. 100% dead. Can you try to imagine what that must be like? Imagine someone you love who is that much at risk? Imagine looking down at them in a coffin. Imagine your life without them.
Seriously, picture that in your mind right now.
Then imagine seeing people going to bars without masks. Seeing people doubting the very things that will help keep your loved ones from dying. Seeing people prioritizing haircuts and 2-day shipping over the life of your loved ones. Seeing people promote conspiracies and not trusting experts.
I am not an angry person. But I have been so angry lately. The experts said to do a few manageable things to get through this. It’s hard. It’s lonely. And for many, making ends meet has been difficult. It’s been hard for my family too. But this country has made sacrifices for the greater good in the past.
During World War II, while the soldiers were storming beaches, people back home were also making immense sacrifices. Women worked grueling hours in metal factories. They built bombs and bullets and planes and everything soldiers needed to fight fascism. They rationed food and many were hungry every second of every day. Kids went around with wagons collecting scrap metal.
We are being asked to stay inside. To put a piece of cloth over our face. To wash our hands. We can handle it. We can save lives.
The countries that did all of the things… that made the sacrifices… that trusted the experts… they are so much safer. But in the US they have tens of thousands of new cases each day. Hundreds in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec each day. They have clear evidence the experts were right. That these precautions work. But so many people in the US and in Canada are ignoring all of it.


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