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Happy Lonely Bachelor Day!

Yup, it’s that day that you get to sit on your ass feeling sorry for your pathetic self while scrolling through hundreds of posts by people celebrating the dreaded Valentine’s Day. All those couples posting pics of their unwanted PDA’s that you didn’t ask to see. It’s like they’re just shoving and wiping it in your face. “I’m better than you! Mwaaa HA HA HA!!”, is all I hear in my tiny mind.

So fellow Bachelors, never mind all those self-righteous pricks out there snuggling up with their mates, just sit back and enjoy being free and not tied down by some clingy person you call a partner/mate. Keep all that cash in your own pocket because you don’t have to spend it all on some bull crap just to prove your love to them. Enjoy your freedom!

OH, just thought I’d mention that there’s a special on Jergens Hand Lotion, and Scotts Tissues today at the market!

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