Minecraft Duplication Glitch-Boat Method

Simple And Easy 1.19 Minecraft Duplication Glitch-Boat Method

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Simple And Easy 1.19 Minecraft Duplication Glitch-Boat Method 1

Duplicate Anything With This Minecraft Duplication Glitch! Version 1.19

*** Still working as of May 29, 2023 ***

This duplication glitch was brought to my attention by Reddit user u/Zmaceeu who saw my previous Minecraft duplication glitch using the Nether portal. So a big shoutout to them for giving me the info to put this video together. I didn’t get it to work the first time I tried, but I later found out that was because I was moving items from my large inventory into the chest when it only works from your active inventory (hud) bar.

Also, the older duplication glitch using the portal I posted in the past still works as of writing this post. However, I have created a new updated video that I will try and upload tomorrow maybe. It’s the same technique, but it’s a better-updated version in my opinion. So come back to see if it still works for you. I’m doing this because of the Ad that is in it and I mention the old Minecraft version in it which is outdated now. Besides, newer is always better.


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Please backup your game saves before attempting any Minecraft glitches. It hasn’t happened to me yet personally, but there is a chance your data can become corrupted and you may lose your saved game progress if you don’t backup first. You have been warned.

Watch The Video Below and Follow The Instructions

Minecraft Duplication Glitch

Follow these steps and you should have no problems duplicating anything you want.

  1. The first and foremost is to create a backup of your saved world. This Minecraft Duplication Glitch hasn’t caused me trouble, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Fill your inventory with any item that you wish to duplicate. I recommend putting them all into a shulker box because you can duplicate more items that way and save time. Also, Bring a double chest with you
  3. Place down a boat with a chest
  4. Place all the items that you want to duplicate in your active inventory bar.
  5. Save and quit your game, from the game menu
  6. Open your world once again
  7. Get into your boat and place all items/filled shulker boxes that you want to duplicate into the chest from your toolbar
  8. While still inside your boat, move about 9-10 blocks and Force Quit the game. This is done by accessing the console menu and closing the game that way, not the in-game menu save quit.
  9. Open the game once again and load your world up.
  10. Once you have the game loaded again, open your chest and access all of your Booty! You’ll notice that the items in your toolbar are still there as also the items you placed into the chest.



This type of Minecraft Duplication Glitch is one of the best ones In my opinion. You can pretty much duplicate anything you want with this one. Minecraft Duplication Glitches should only be used when you need a lot of a certain item, but just don’t have the time to mine for them, like Redstone for that massive item sorter you’re going to need after you master this awesome duplication glitch. If you abuse this glitch you are only going to end up cheating yourself out of the fun that Minecraft is intended to be about, ahh, who am I kidding, glitch away Minecrafters! LOL!

Post any comments below if you have any questions or are experiencing any problems. Or if you have another glitch you would like me to try and put into another video. This Minecraft Duplication Glitch works only if you follow these instructions.

Happy Minecrafting!

90 / 100

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  1. Avatar of adawda adawda says:

    Didn’t work

    • You must be doing something wrong because it does work and there are over 20,000 gamers who’ve used it without any issues.
      The timing is important but doesn’t have to be precise. If you follow the steps exactly as posted here you should have it woking fine.

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