Minecraft Duplication Glitch
This is simply the easiest Minecraft Duplication glitch that is still working in Version 1.19.41. Easy to follow instructions.

This duplication glitch has been updated in another post HERE.

Duplicate Any Item With This Minecraft Duplication Glitch! Version 1.19.41

Minecraft Duplication Glitch

Easy Minecraft Bedrock Duplication glitch that will duplicate any item you can put into a chest. Currently working as of 1.19.41 on the PS5. Commenters confirmed that it works on XBOX and PE. The gameplay was recorded on the PlayStation 5. I posted this glitch in a previous post, but in this one, I’ve added a few more details for you to follow along with.

Why Use this Minecraft Duplication Glitch? Well, if I need a bunch of shards, I don’t have the time to wait around for them all to grow. If there’s one thing I hate the most, is waiting!

I still do the mining of materials, because Minecraft would get pretty boring if I just duplicated everything. Or if I’m low on a block and I just don’t feel like or have the time to go search for it, I’ll save myself several hours and use this Minecraft Duplication Glitch. Yes, it’s still considered cheating, but I like to think of it as constructive cheating because it’s both constructive and a time saver. At least that is what I tell myself anyway, LOL!

*** PLEASE Backup your saved games before trying any glitches.***

Watch The Video Below and Follow The Instructions

Ignore the part where I say the version in the video. This clearly still works as of 1.19.41. I recorded this video on the 1.18.12 version, I didn’t actually think it would still be working up to this point.

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Follow These Instructions And You’ll Have No Problems

  1. The first and foremost is to create a backup of your saved world. This Minecraft Duplication Glitch hasn’t caused me trouble, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Fill your inventory with any item that you wish to duplicate. I recommend putting them all into a shulker box because you can duplicate more items that way and save time. Also, Bring a double chest with you
  3. Create a Nether Portal and then walk through it.
  4. Once you are through the portal place a double chest directly in front of the Portal about one or two blocks away
  5. Place all the items that you want to duplicate in your active inventory bar.
  6. Save and quit your game, from the game menu
  7. Open your world once again
  8. Place all items/filled shulker boxes that you want to duplicate into the double chest from your toolbar
  9. Step Backwards into the Nether Portal and wait for it to start shimmering.
  10. Wait about 3-4 seconds but no longer than it causes the overworld to open.
  11. After waiting about 3-4 seconds Force Quit the game. This is done by accessing the console menu and closing the game that way, not the in-game menu save quit.
  12. Open the game once again and load your world up.
  13. Once you have the game loaded again, open your chest and access all of your Booty! You’ll notice that the items in your toolbar are still there as also the items you placed into the chest.


This Minecraft Duplication Glitch is the best one In my opinion that you are entitled to. Minecraft Duplication Glitches should only be used when you need a lot of a certain item, but just don’t have the time to mine for them. If you abuse this glitch you are only going to end up cheating yourself out of the fun that Minecraft is intended to be about.

Post any comments below if you have any questions or are experiencing any problems. This Minecraft Duplication Glitch works only if you follow these instructions.

Happy Minecrafting!

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