Minecraft Bedrock Duplication Glitch
Minecraft Bedrock Duplication Glitch using the End Portal method
Minecraft Bedrock Duplication Glitch
Minecraft Bedrock Duplication Glitch

This is a Remastered Minecraft Bedrock Duplication Glitch using the End Portal method – 1.20

This is a repost to confirm that this glitch still works on the “Trails and Tails” 1.20 update. I may recreate the video when time allows.

*** Still working as of February 17, 2024 ***

The video post I created way back in August wasn’t sitting well with me because I made the mistake of saying the old Version of Minecraft in the video and not thinking that this glitch would have lasted for so long, it just made it sound like an old glitch on an old version of Minecraft. I thought it might have confused some Minecraft viewers.

So I remade the video again and left out any sponsors and never mentioned any versions of Minecraft so if this Minecraft Bedrock Duplication Glitch lasts for as long as it already has, it won’t be confusing to anyone.


Watch The Video Below and Follow The Instructions

Follow These Instructions And You’ll Have No Problems

  1. First and foremost is to create a backup of your saved world. This Minecraft Duplication Glitch hasn’t caused me trouble, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Fill your inventory with any item that you wish to duplicate. I recommend putting them all into a shulker box because you can duplicate more items that way and save time. Also, Bring a double chest with you
  3. Create a Nether Portal and then walk through it.
  4. Once you are through the portal place a double chest directly in front of the Portal about one or two blocks away
  5. Place all the items that you want to duplicate in your active inventory bar.
  6. Save and quit your game, from the game menu
  7. Open your world once again
  8. Place all items/filled shulker boxes that you want to duplicate into the double chest from your toolbar
  9. Step Backward into the Nether Portal and wait for it to start shimmering.
  10. Wait about 3-4 seconds but no longer than it causes the overworld to open.
  11. After waiting about 3-4 seconds Force Quit the game. This is done by accessing the console menu and closing the game that way, not the in-game menu save quit.
  12. Open the game once again and load your world up.
  13. Once you have the game loaded again, open your chest and access all of your Booty! You’ll notice that the items in your toolbar are still there as also the items you placed into the chest.



This Minecraft Bedrock Duplication Glitch is still the best one In my opinion, it is still the one I use in my current survival world. I actually prefer this one over the duplication glitch that uses the boat.

Minecraft Duplication Glitches should only be used when you need a lot of a certain item, but just don’t have the time to mine for them. If you abuse this glitch you are only going to end up cheating yourself out of the fun that Minecraft is intended to be about. LOL! Who am I trying to kid here right? I use these things all the time. Especially when I’m short on rare items and don’t want to bother going through the hassle of getting more.

Yeah, I’m lazy that way I guess.

Post any comments below if you have any questions or are experiencing any problems. Minecraft Bedrock Duplication Glitch works only if you follow these instructions. Do you have any other duplication glitched that you would like to share with me or want me to make into a video? Let me know in the comments below, I would really appreciate it.

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Happy Minecrafting!

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