July 12, 2024
reoccurring dream
I keep having a wacky reoccurring dream about my chaotic restaurant job from years ago, including unpaid work and uncashed checks. Any dream experts out there? Help me decode this culinary nightmare!
The reoccurring dream saga

My annoying reoccurring dream origin story

My recurring dream takes me back to my days working at a bustling city restaurant—my first job, which I clung to like a life raft in a sea of dirty dishes. I was a strapping 19-year-old when I got hired as a dishwasher. This place was so busy it made a beehive look like a retirement home, and apparently, I was the dish-whisperer. They scheduled me during the peak hours because I was the only one who could keep up, while the other dishwashers were drowning in a sea of plates and cutlery.

I was so organized you’d think I had a PhD in Dish Stacking. My secret? Making sure the busboys and girls stacked the plates on the dishwasher counter like they were playing Tetris—and not just dumping them like a game of Jenga gone wrong. Large plates went here, small plates there, and the silverware? They got their spa treatment in a bucket of cleaning and disinfecting solution before getting their machine massage. Pretty basic stuff, but the other dishwasher looked at me like I was inventing the wheel.

Sadly, my meticulous work behaviour landed me on the graveyard shifts, condemned to deal with the chaos as bars and clubs spewed out their drunken masses. From midnight to 6 AM, I was stuck babysitting these intoxicated zombies. It seems no matter where I work, my competence is rewarded with punishment, while others get away with screwing the pooch. But that’s a different post altogether.

Anyway, there was one prep cook constantly clashing with the line cooks, making a mess of things. But then there was “Cookie,” a cook with a killer name who noticed my flawless organization, laser focus, and my no-complaint attitude. My exceptional work ethic and etiquette blew them away so much that they asked if I’d step up as a prep cook. The moment I said, “You bet!” they booted the troublemaker and put me in her place.

I somehow managed to stay there for over 10 years, climbing the greasy ladder to become the supervisor of the prep kitchen and then the saucier chef. I was juggling schedules, managing my team, and basically becoming a culinary circus ringmaster. But all that came with a side of stress and a buffet of chain smoking—yes, I was puffing away like a chimney, easily knocking back 2 packs a day. The stress eventually cooked me, and I decided it was time to leave the spicy life of the service industry. So, I moved on to greener (and less smoky) pastures.

A few years had passed, and the restaurant owner practically begged me to come back, but only as a line cook during the graveyard shift. Meanwhile, I was crushing it as a freelance web designer and didn’t need the gig. But Dave, the owner, was a genuinely decent guy who had helped me out before, so I felt a sense of obligation.

However, the dimwit they paired me with had all the efficiency of a potato. I ended up doing all the heavy lifting, stocking supplies, and handling all the side work. Honestly, I didn’t need the hassle, so I quit. I wasn’t about to become some lazy worker’s mule. I never looked back and it’s been over 30 years since.

The reoccurring dream

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This reoccurring dream shows up at random, like an uninvited guest at a party, comes in episodes, like a TV series. But no matter what, the whole season always gets aired. It’s like an encore performance that shows up whenever it feels like it! but it’s always the same. It just appears out of thin air with me strolling through the back door of the restaurant—the VIP entrance for employees and deliveries. I waltz in and start juggling random duties. Working the line, prepping vegetables with the flair of a TV chef, making chicken balls like they’re gourmet meatballs, and so on.

The part that seems to always happen is that I get this sense of “What the heck am I doing here?” followed by an overwhelming urge to sprint out of there like I’m in the Olympics. It’s like my brain’s yelling, “Exit, stage left — pronto!”

Then there are other times when I’m apparently doing Dave a favour again and working for free to help him out. For free? Why would I even do that? Why would anyone do that? It’s like my dreams have decided that I’m the world’s most charitable unpaid intern!

While in this dream, I sometimes saunter over to the office to collect old paychecks from one of the ladies. Paychecks that have apparently been lounging around there for years, waiting for my grand arrival. So, maybe I have a treasure trove of uncashed paychecks sitting there? Who knows, the dream world is full of surprises!

One other absurd element in this recurring dream is that I keep forgetting to punch in on the time clock. Instead of asking a manager to fix it, I’m just like, “Meh. Whatever. They know I was here, right?” and then I waltz out like I’ve just finished a Broadway show, only to wake up right at that moment.

When I wake up and remember the reoccurring dream, I feel like I’ve just tangoed with an alien. It’s like a little anxiety cocktail with an extra twist of weirdness. Honestly, I hated that job like a cat hates water, and it’s been more than 30 years since I set foot in that place. Yet here I am, dreaming about going back and working for free! What’s up with that, brain?

Is there a dream expert in the house?

dream experts

You’ve got the back story and the weird, haunting reoccurring dream details. But what does it signify? If you’re some kind of dream expert, enlighten me! I’m desperate for answers. This nightmare is ruining my peace, and I need it to vanish because waking up anxious is driving me insane. I’ve already tackled my sleep apnea problem and I don’t need any more sleeping issues. Post your answers in the comment section if you don’t mind.

Wrapping It Up

reoccurring dreams conclusion
reoccurring dream

So there you have it, my never-ending saga of culinary chaos and nocturnal nonsense. Maybe my brain is just playing an extended game of guilt-tripping charades, or perhaps it’s hinting that I really should’ve cashed those paychecks. Either way, I’m done scratching my head over it—now it’s your turn!

Do you have any theories on what this recurring kitchen nightmare signifies? Or better yet, are you haunted by your own bizarre reoccurring dream episodes? Drop your comments below; I’d love to hear your interpretations and any wacky dreams you can’t seem to shake. Let’s dive into this dreamland together—who knows? We might just find the answers we’re all searching for!

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