People Being Stupid

People Being Idiots – Funny Compilation

This is a compilation video of people being idiots

People Being Idiots

A compilation video of people being idiots and why we need to remove all warning labels from everything.

Removing all warning labels from everything would solve a LOT of world problems because nature would take over by bleaching out the gene pool. Society has become a mod podge of inbreeding and educational failure. The warning labels are giving Idiots a one-up over Natural Selection.

The proof is in the video.

Click here to watch on YouTube

This video is proof that humanity is doomed. The stupidity all around us is disturbing. We are literally signing our own death certificate with warning labels and signs. “Do not drink” on Bleach bottles, “Do not Enter,” in Tiger Zoo enclosures, and the worst yet because some idiot was allowed to live at birth, “Caution – HOT!” on a coffee cup.

What’s your take on the world’s lack of normalcy? Comment below!

88 / 100

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