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Ditch frustrating copyright strikes and craft unique, royalty-free music effortlessly with SOUNDRAW's AI-powered tools. Customize your tracks, monetize without stress, and revolutionize your content creation. Try SOUNDRAW now!
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Copyright strikes suck, right?

Have you ever uploaded a video to YouTube and ended up getting one of those copyright violations or warnings because there was a piece of music that you either added yourself or was just picked up in the background? So annoying right!? You spend hours editing your video, perfecting every frame, and then once you upload it, bam! A notification pops up telling you that your video has been flagged.

Sometimes it’s a song playing softly in the background from a nearby café or a melody that’s part of a public event where you were filming. Other times, it could be a track you thought was royalty-free but turned out to be protected by copyright. The process of disputing these claims can be frustrating and time-consuming, detracting from the joy and creativity of sharing your content. Moreover, if you rely on monetization, these claims can directly impact your revenue, putting a damper on your efforts to produce high-quality videos.

Create AI-generated music with SOUNDRAW

I would like to share something that I find would be beneficial to any YouTube creator or a video creator on the various other social platforms that are a pain in the butt when it comes to copyright material. I present to you, SOUNDRAW. Edit and personalize your tracks easily with the AI-assisted utility.

Why stick to boring intros and repetitive choruses? Rip your song structure with their revolutionary AI-powered tools. Embrace seamless song customization and make your tracks stand out.

Music at your fingertips

Make Unlimited Music with AI! Craft unique songs effortlessly with just a few clicks. Generate endless royalty-free music for all your songs, projects, and videos. Share your music everywhere and enjoy earning royalties indefinitely!

Music for your video, podcast, app or game

SOUNDRAW has got you covered with their genuine royalty-free music. They own all the music, so when they say “royalty-free,” it’s the real deal. You’ll never have to worry about paying any royalties, whether you’re creating a TikTok video or a TV ad. Enjoy freedom and peace of mind with SOUNDRAW’s music solutions!

The license lasts indefinitely! You can continue enjoying the music you’ve downloaded for both old and new projects, even if you decide to cancel your subscription.

Worry-free from copyright strikes. SOUNDRAW went to great lengths to ensure you don’t get copyright strikes on any platform, including YouTube, TikTok or Instagram. You can monetize your videos or other content without having to pay them any royalties.

Use SOUNDRAW’s beats to create your next hit. It’s incredibly easy with just a simple license. Generate a beat with SOUNDRAW, then add your vocals or instruments. Distribute the final song however you want and without any limitations: unlimited audio streams, music videos, and broadcasting rights. Unleash your creativity and dominate the music scene!

Monetize your songs!

Share your music freely and without restrictions. Enjoy 100% of the recording royalties from all your streams, forever!

I made a short song in under a minute!


In this video demo, you’ll witness me giving it a whirl for the first time ever, in real-time. All I did was click a few buttons and presto! The magic happened. I was presented with a smorgasbord of options to try, and then a buffet of results to choose from. I purposely whipped up a short song for this demo, but don’t worry, you can create musical masterpieces that are much longer.

Sorry for the glitchy sound in that video. Ever since that pesky Windows 11 update, the screen recorder has been a total disaster, making the audio snap and crackle like it’s possessed. Who knew an update could completely ruin functionality?

Mac Himself

As you can see in my video, creating a song using SOUNDRAW’s AI music generator is incredibly easy and quick. Considering this was my first attempt, just think about what amazing results one could achieve with a bit more time spent experimenting with this AI application!


SOUNDRAW anti copyright ai platform

So, there you have it! No more headaches over copyright strikes or hours spent searching for the perfect royalty-free track. With SOUNDRAW, you can effortlessly create unique, high-quality music tailored to your exact needs in just a few clicks. Why not give it a spin and see how easy (and fun) it can be to let AI help you compose your next audio masterpiece?

Ready to unleash your inner Mozart? Try SOUNDRAW for free and revolutionize your content creation process today!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on using AI to create royalty-free music! Leave a comment below and let me know how SOUNDRAW has inspired your creativity.

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