Survivor 43 Episode 10
Survivor 43 Episode 10 recap. The remaining eight castaways compete in a reward challenge that earns them a night in the sanctuary and a letter from home; one castaway must build a house of cards high enough to win immunity.
Survivor 43 Episode 10
Survivor 43 Episode 10 – Get that money, Baby!


Survivor 43 episode 10 – Get that money, Baby!

Survivor 43 Episode 10
Survivor 43 episode 10

In last week’s episode, we saw James and Ryan voted out in a surprise Survivor double tribal council. Now the remaining eight castaways had to compete in a reward challenge that would earn them a night in a sanctuary and a letter from home; in the immunity challenge, one castaway must build a house of cards high enough to win the immunity idol and be safe at tribal council.

Survivor 43 episode 10 was pretty much eventless it seems, maybe because of the two challenges in each episode now, or there are more commercials than usual that are sucking up actual show time.

The reward challenge had one player making an incredible comeback

In this reward challenge, the eight players had to compete for reward as individuals to dizzy themselves in a spinning gadget, and then they had to traverse an obstacle course while dizzy to win a pizza and dessert meal with a comfortable overnight stay in a sanctuary.

After dizzying herself, Noelle struggled to get across the balance beam which left her in last place while all of the other players left her behind and got to the final stage. Noelle makes an amazing recovery and finally gets across the balance beam joining the rest of the players where they tossed a bag on top of a high platform and Noelle ended up winning the challenge by getting her bag to land on her platform first. Noelle got to bring three people to join her. She picked Sami first, Jesse second, and Owen third.

While watching this challenge, I was saying to myself, “Whoever wins this challenge better bring Noelle with them because she was at such a disadvantage because of her leg.” Noelle ended up winning anyway, LOL!

At the reward sanctuary

At the reward sanctuary, the players got to read letters from home that served as reminders of what they have left behind to play this game and who they were playing the game for. Sami was the first to bring up strategy, telling the others that he was voting Cassidy out next and that he was not going back on his word. Noelle said she had already clocked Sami as a flip-flopper and this reward was an opportunity to make him feel safe. Owen then raised the idea of splitting the votes between Cassidy and Karla so that they can get a strategic threat out of the game.

While back at camp, Cody was trying to bond with Gabler, Karla, and Cassidy and floated the idea of looking at Owen and Sami as the next targets. Cassidy went and pulled Cody aside later in a move to get him on the side against the growing force that Noelle was building up. Gabler said to Karla and Cassidy that he sees Noelle as a hero within the game and was unwilling to say he’d vote her out clearly.

The immunity challenge

The Survivor 43 episode 10 immunity challenge was the classic balancing the house of cards game. With one hand they had to balance a platform on which they would also have to build a house of cards that had to reach a certain height with their other hand. One challenge that I know I would do so crappy on.

The builds kept topping over and over and the players were getting really frustrated. I can only imagine how many F-Bombs were yelled out during this Survivor 43 Episode 10 Immunity challenge. At one point Jeff hollers out, “Don’t get frustrated.” to which I would have said, “F*ck you Jeff!” if I was in that challenge, LOL! I bet the editing department left a lot of footage on the cutting room floor from editing out all the F-Boms and hand gestures.

Cassity ended up winning this Survivor 43 episode 10 immunity challenge. Which put a wrench in the other player’s plans to vote her out.

The chopping block nominees for Survivor 43 Episode 10

So the plans to go after Cassidy went out the window for most of the players which resulted in names flying about. In the end, it seemed that Sami was still on the radar along with Owen, but Karla and Noelle ended up being included in the list of names that were thrown out to go on the chopping block.

So, who got voted out on survivor 43 Episode 10?

So, who got voted out on survivor 43 Episode 10?
Noelle Lambert Voted Out

Noelle was a Division 1 college lacrosse player before a moped accident caused her to lose her left leg above the knee. A year after the accident, she successfully returned to lacrosse, and then got into track and field. She competed in the Tokyo Paralympic Games, setting a new American record for the 100 meters for her classification group.

“I don’t want people to look at me and see that I’m broken,” she said in her intro video. “I want people to look at me and be inspired and motivated … I’m gonna be the first amputee to ever win the game of Survivor.”

Well, she certainly did inspire that’s for sure, and I think that the others saw that also and they noticed how NOT broken she was. She showed just how strong she was and just how much she can endure which was seen as a threat by the other players and that was what eventually got her voted out.

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