Survivor 43 Episode 9
Following last week’s elimination of Jeanine Zheng from “Survivor 43,” only 10 players remained in the running to win the $1 million grand prize on Survivor 43 Episode 9.
Survivor 43 Episode 9
Survivor 43 Episode 9
Survivor 43 Episode 9


Survivor 43 Episode 9 – What About The Big Girls?

Survivor 43 Episode 9
Survivor 43 Episode 9

Following last week’s elimination of Jeanine Zheng from “Survivor 43 episode 8,” there are now only 10 players remaining in the running to win the $1 million grand prize, minus taxes that is.

Last night’s Survivor episode ended with a dramatic double elimination, so which two castaways do you think ended up having their torches snuffed by old man Jeff Probst?

He’s not the f***en Godfather!

Jeanine’s elimination was yet another instance of Owen being left out and on the wrong side of the vote. This time seems as if he was directly misled by James, triggering further antagonism between the two of them.

Boy oh boy, was Owen ever pissed at James. He wouldn’t say anything to him when James came up to him to have a word, but then Owen eventually opened up and ripped into James letting him know how he felt about being left out of the vote again even though Owen wrote Jame’s name down twice in the past.

He’s not the f***en Godfather,” Owen kept saying about James. LOL! And speaking of James, why does he still sound like a Robot when he speaks?

The immunity challenge

At the site of the Survivor 43 Episode 9 immunity challenge, Jeff announced that the remaining 10 players would be randomly divided into two separate groups in which they’d compete for two immunity necklaces and have to participate in two five-person tribal councils to vote out two players.

In the challenge, they had to hold on to a handle that was also holding up a mechanism with a ball in a ramp — loosening your grip meant the ramp, and subsequently, the ball, would end up dropping to the ground and marking your elimination.

Within the two groups, the last one standing for each team would earn individual immunity and the last single person standing at the end of the challenge would earn their group a PB&J lunch and the spot as the second tribal council who would get to see who got voted out by the first group.

The groups were split into Red (Cassidy, Jesse, Gabler, Ryan, and Cody) and Blue (Owen, Sami, Noelle, Karla, and James) teams. Jessie was the first to drop her ball, then Cassidy and more players followed, ending up with Karla winning immunity on the blue Team first. In the end, it was down to the last two red team players Cody and Ryan. Ryan’s ball slipped a few times while Cody’s ball remained in place. Ryan’s ball ended up on the ground leaving Cody the final Immunity winner and winning the red team the PB&J reward.

The chopping block nominees for Survivor 43 Episode 9

Ryan and Gabler both made a plan to vote against Cassidy. Ryan wanted to make his ultimate mark in the game by taking out one of the original Coco members to show that he didn’t just simply rest on his laurels of riding on the coattails of the old Coco tribe. So here we go with Ryan conjuring up his devious plan to try and vote out Cassidy.

RYAN:You can say (to Cassidy) it’s me or Cody”

GABLER:Well, it can’t be Cody ’cause Cody’s got the ahh…

RYAN: (Lightbulb goes off) “Oh yeah, Cody has immunity.

LOL! I had a good laugh at that part. It’s as if Ryan is playing another game on a different TV network on a different island that’s on another planet.

The names that eventually came up as being on the chopping block after all the scattering around were Cassidy, Ryan, Owen, and James.

So, who got voted out on survivor 43 Episode 9?

“A double whammy”

James Survivor 43 Episode 9
In Survivor 43 Episode 9 James Jones was voted out

James grew up as a competitive chess player competing across the United States. He didn’t see many other kids who looked like him throughout these competitions, which he thinks gives him a strategic edge in the game.

“I feel like being a fish out of water in a bunch of different environments … will bode well in this game,” he said in his intro. “With chess, there’s not one way to actually win … The more information I get, the more stuff going on, the more variables, the more chaos, the better for me.”

Apparently, he didn’t get the memo that contained all the information on how everyone saw just how strategic he actually was, which ended up with the rest of the pawns taking out the King. Or the Godfather?

Survivor 43 episode 9 Ryan voted out
In Survivor 43 episode 9 Ryan is also voted out

Being born three months early with mild cerebral palsy, Ryan has overcome hefty obstacles. Doctors said he wouldn’t be able to walk, but four years of therapy helped him defy the odds, learning how to walk and how to converse with people.

“But it made my thinking a bit slow,” he added. “Learning people and their facial expressions really helps me to anticipate what’s gonna happen next, so that I’m not lost in the dust in the conversation.” Ryan believes this skill will help him read people really well and tell when they’re lying.

“I’m gonna leave it all out there,” he declared.

Oh, I’ll miss Ryan and the devious plans that he always tried to come up with. He actually made me laugh. May he have a safe journey back to whatever planet he’s from.

Wow! A double tribal on last night’s Survivor 43 episode 9! Kinda made the episode feel like it ran short, didn’t it?

And now it’s time to vote. Survivor 43 Episode 9 Poll

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