Survivor 43 episode 8
In Survivor 43 Episode 8 we see the Proposterous Magnificent 7 group form, or does it?
Survivor 43 episode 8
Survivor 43 episode 8


Survivor 43 Episode 8 – The Proposterous Magnificent 7

Survivor 43 Episode 8
Survivor 43 Episode 8

I posted a comment in last week’s post that I thought was pretty funny, but either nobody saw it or they didn’t think it was as funny as I did. So in case, it wasn’t seen, I’ll ask again, “Anyone else think that James has this whole Forest Whitaker thing going on? LOL!

Also, remember that I thought that Dwight went home with Jeanine’s idol when he got voted out? Well, apparently I wasn’t paying close enough attention and as it happens, Dwight gave Jeanine’s Idol to Jesse to hold.

Jesse played that opportunity really well by not telling anyone that he has Jeanine’s Idol, and he also still has Cody’s Idol too! He says that Cody hasn’t asked for it back after last week’s tribal council, but maybe I missed the part where he gave it back again. Maybe Cody’s testing Jesse to see if he will willingly give it back without having to ask him.

That part where they were talking about having vivid dreams about food, MAN, I would have had to walk away. Imagine starving and then on top of that having people describing their food fetishes to you. Why would you torture yourself like that by making starving harder by describing food in a very detailed manner? Maybe starving makes you do stupid things, I can’t say, I’m not in their shoes.

You would have to admit though, that Survivor is a great diet plan if you want to lose a lot of weight right?

So before the Survivor Immunity challenge, Owens’s name got thrown onto the chopping block. James was the first to mention him and he pretty much got everyone on board with him, that’s where I think the Magnificent 7 became a thing, but that’ll change after the immunity challenge.

For the immunity challenge, the players had to balance a ball on a pole that they’d have to extend higher every five minutes — the last one with a ball on their pole without dropping would win. But before beginning, Jeff gave the group the option of earning a bag of rice if five of them agree to sit out the challenge.

Unlike in previous seasons, Jeff was not willing to bargain with them at all and stressed that this is the only time that he’ll ask for five players and that on future days he’ll ask for more of them to sit out. Sami was the first to speak up that he’d be willing to sit out, he was followed quickly by Karla, James, and Jesse. James attempted to coerce Owen into sitting out by telling him he was safe, but Owen didn’t go for it. Just as Noelle was about to step forward, Cassidy did instead and so she became the fifth to sit out.

Of the players left to compete, Jeanine was the first to drop out while attempting to add her second extension. Noelle dropped her ball shortly after Jeanine, leaving only Owen, Gabler, Cody, and Ryan in action. Gabler dropped next on the third extension, followed by Ryan who had employed a strategy of resting his pole on his forehead which I thought was cheating, but apparently, Jeff didn’t think so, even though the rules stated you can’t touch anywhere above the connecting section of the last pole.

Survivor 43 episode 8 Ryan cheating
Survivor 43 episode 8 immunity challenge – Ryan cheating?

In the end, Cody dropped his ball next, which left Owen as the undisputed Survivor Episode 8 immunity winner, spoiling James and his alliance’s hopes of getting him out this week.

The chopping block nominees.

So since the Magnificent 7’s plans to vote Owen out went out the window after Owen won immunity, the names that eventually got put out there were Ryan and Jeanine’s. Not a whole lot in this Survivor episode. But wow! Cassidy rears her mighty voice, Finally! And states how she wants Ryan gone. But eventually, Jeanine’s name gets thrown out there also, and Cassidy explains how she’s not happy with the girls being voted out while physically strong players are still in the game. A valid point in my opinion.

So, who got voted out on survivor 43 Episode 8?

“Trust is a crock of crap”

Survivor 43 episode 8 Jeanine voted out
In survivor 43 episode 8 Jeanine was voted out

Jeanine feels being a first-generation immigrant will help her in the game because she has “the grit that my dad had when he came to the States with $50 in his pocket, not knowing anyone.”

“That’s kind of like what Survivor‘s gonna be,” she said in her video intro. “I’m gonna have to start from the bottom and work my way up.” She warns her not to typecast her as “that stereotypical Asian.”

“I’m a UX designer, I’m not a mathematician,” she said, adding she wants to “lean in” to the creative side of her personality on the show.

Well, she ended up staying on the bottom and never even tried to work her way up it seems, at least to me anyway. I think she knew she was done for. If only Dwight let her know about her Idole, it would have saved her.

No one played an advantage or idol this time around, so Jeff read the votes: Jeanine, Ryan, Ryan, Jeanine, Jeanine, Jeanine, Jeanine, Jeanine. In the end, Ryan’s votes came at the hands of Jeanine and Cassidy, so it was mostly a unanimous decision from the entire tribe.

Did anyone else feel that this episode went by really fast? It was over before you knew it right?

And now it’s time to vote. Survivor 43 Episode 8 Poll

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