Survivor 43 Episode 11 - Hiding in Plain Sight
Survivor 43 Episode 11 - Hiding in Plain Sight - Who was voted out?
Survivor 43 Episode 11 - Hiding in Plain Sight
Survivor 43 Episode 11 – Hiding in Plain Sight


Survivor 43 Episode 11 – He’s going down swinging

Survivor 43 Episode 11
Survivor 43

Last week’s episode ended with Noelle getting voted out and everyone who voted on the poll said they would have voted her out also. It would have been my choice also because she was proving to be a fighter that everyone on the jury would probably vote for if she made it to the end.

Last night’s Survivor 43 Episode 11 didn’t have a reward challenge this time around, or did I black out and miss it? Or was it because they had to use that time slot for Sami’s long drawn-out sob story? It may be just me who thinks this, but I really hate when they try to tug on the viewer’s heartstrings. I wish they would stop doing that and just get to the game.

Then it was game on!

On Day 21, the player’s sunrise moment was broken up by the arrival of boat mail. On the boat was a message that Karla ended up reading to the group: “With only seven left in the game, any advantage is an advantage worth having. There’s one hidden in your jungle. Go.” And with that, everyone scattered in different directions in search of the mysterious advantage.

I found this amusing as pretty much everyone walked right passed it several times, sometimes pretty much looking right at it. All it would have taken was to just look up a little bit and it would have been right in their line of sight. Ultimately Cody ended up actually looking up straight at the advantage on the three. It was actually kinda funny the way the realization that he was looking straight at it came over his face. He played it cool and stealthily took it off the tree without anyone else seeing it.

With the advantage, Cody earned the power to bet on one other player to win the next immunity challenge. If his bet wins immunity then he would also earn immunity at the tribal council. Before writing down his bet he was also told that the challenge would be the classic game of holding their breath underwater while the tide swells over the players. Codey placed his bet on Owen.

Survivor 43 Episode 11 immunity challenge

Survivor 43 episode 11 immunity challenge
Survivor 43 episode 11 immunity challenge

The first to drop out of the challenge was Gabler followed shortly after by Sami. The challenge lasted nearly three hours resulting in the tide coming in and then eventually going back out again. Ending the challenge and resulting in a technicality with the last two players, Karla and Owen both winning immunities. And since Owen won the challenge, that meant that Cody was also safe from being voted out at tribal.

Did anyone else notice the Bitch Face that Cassidy was sporting after Jeff explained that the tide was going back out again? Wow! If looks could kill right!? I think she realized that if she had just hung on a wee bit longer, she would have been safe from tribal also, maybe. Man, was she ever pissed off!

The chopping block nominees for Survivor 43 episode 11 are…

There wasn’t a whole lot of scattering around after the immunity challenge. Everyone seemed to have had their pick to go on the chopping block right away. Since there were three people who were immune at tribal now, that only left four players left to vote out.

Since there were only four options: Sami, Cassidy, Gabler, and Jesse. Owen and Cassidy put out the option to make Sami as the easy vote that everyone could get on board with, but Cassidy was worried that people might go after her in order to take a strike against Karla. Little did Cassidy know that Karla was seriously considering leading the vote against Cassidy in order to eliminate the threat of Cassidy possibly telling everyone about her idol.

So there were really only two names thrown out for possible chopping block victims, Sami and Cassidy.

So, who got voted out on survivor 43 Episode 11?

Sami was voted out on survivor 43 Episode 11?
Sami Layadi Voted Out
Survivor 43 Episode 11

The youngest player this season, Sami is convinced he’ll be the youngest winner in Survivor history.

“I truly believe I have what it takes … because I’ve put myself in a lot of positions where I’ve had to interact with a lot of different kinds of people at such a young age,” he said. His job makes him interact with people on some of their lowest days, which he said has taught him how to keenly read a room.

“Some would say I’m not ready for this experience; the game is older than I am,” he added. “But to those people, I say, ‘Watch me work.’”

Well, we watched him work and his work didn’t pan out for him. To be honest, I would have voted him out a long time ago simply because I found him cocky and naive. But seeing him fail at almost every challenge meant that he wasn’t a really big threat when it came to challenges, and that’s why I would have ended up putting up with him and kept him in my pocket and just picked him off later after the real threats were gone. Like Cassidy.

And now it’s time to vote. Survivor 43 Episode 11 Poll

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