Survivor 43 Episode 12
Survivor 43 Episode 12 had one heck of a tribal and blindside. Who was sent to the jury?
Survivor 43 Episode 12
Survivor 43 Episode 12 – Telenovela


Survivor 43 Episode 12 – He played me good

Survivor 43 Episode 12
Survivor 43 episode 12

Last week’s episode ended with Sami getting voted out and everyone who voted on the poll last week said they would have voted for Cassidy instead. I would have voted out Cassidy also because Sami wasn’t a threat at any of the challenges. He was an annoying young punk but wasn’t a threat as a player in my opinion. Whereas Cassidy is a beast at challenges.

The morning after Sami’s elimination at tribal, the final six players gathered around for another group sunrise moment in Survivor 43 Episode 12 where Owen reflected on the thwarted plan to expose Karla to Cassidy. Owen was still trying to drive a wedge further between them, so he pulled Cassidy aside to plant the seed that Sami told him Karla was thinking about taking a shot at her. It was shocking news to Cassidy and went to investigate directly with Karla, thinking that Owen might not be telling the truth. Karla reacted “calmly” by basically gaslighting Cassidy with an Academy-worthy tearful performance and lied and said that she was the one being loyal and now Cassidy was questioning that.

Karla told Cassidy to go to Jessie and ask him, thinking that Jessie would back up her lie, but he didn’t and that is how Karla’s name was the first to get thrown onto the chopping block.

The Reward Challenge

Last night’s Survivor 43 Episode 12 had a reward challenge this time around, unlike last week. and for this reward challenge, the final 6 players were broken into two separate teams of three, with one player strapped inside a hamster ball who had to guide the other through an obstacle course and a table maze while they were both blindfolded. The teams were Jesse and Gabler with Cassidy strapped in the ball for red and Cody and Karla with Owen strapped in the ball for blue. Owen played it cool which was probably why they eventually won the reward challenge.

At the reward

At their reward, Karla started with her plan to open up about feeling like she has a big target on her back, telling Cody and Owen that she does not have an idol and then pushing out the “telenovela” tears yet again with a story about how hard it is for her to play the game when everyone thinks she has an idol and she doesn’t. But we all know that she really does which makes her performance look pathetic, but Cody and Owen seem to have bought it until Gabler had something to say.

While the reward winners were at their reward, Cassidy told Gabler that Karla had an idol and then Gabler told Cody and Owen when they arrived back at camp. That told Cody that Karla is playing the game really hard and had just straight-up lied to him and Owen about not having an idol. That ended up setting the wheel in motion for Cody to want Karla out immediately, solidifying for the guys that they should work together against the two girls.

Survivor 43 Episode 12 Immunity Challenge

In the Survivor 43 Episode 12 challenge, they’d run a short obstacle course through nets and ropes to the final stage of the course which was a hanging bat puzzle. Karla fell behind in the first stage, still working through the obstacles by the time all the other five had reached the puzzle. Cody was making big advancements on the puzzle, but Cassidy was also closing in. Cassidy eventually called for a check when she thought she had it but was wrong, but had a strong enough lead for her to make the correction and win immunity only a few seconds before Cody finished his.

Time to strategize

Karla and Cody both came clean about their idols to each other, and Cody devised a plan to threaten everyone with them. But the plan was actually a smoke screen to try and convince Karla not to play hers. Cody got everyone on board, but the plan was going so well, it made Jesse question his role in the game.

Cody’s plan is good for him, but taking out Karla — the biggest threat in the game — would absolutely boost his resume,” Jesse said in confessional.

Jesse ultimately decided to betray Cody, trusting Owen, AGAIN, with the plan to use an idol against his friend. The plan would be that at Tribal Council, Jesse would play Cody’s idol (Cody had let Jessie hold it for him) for himself, spooking Karla into playing hers, and getting all the remaining votes onto Cody.

Tonight’s blindside will be the biggest of the season for sure, no doubt about it,” Cody told the cameras. He was right, but for all the wrong reasons.

So, who got voted out on survivor 43 Episode 12?

When the votes began for the Survivor 43 Episode 12 tribal, Karla’s vote for Owen was highlighted. Jesse then played Cody’s idol in favor of Owen, prompting Karla to play hers for herself. The first votes for Owen and Karla didn’t count. But Cody’s name didn’t even need to be read out loud for him to know exactly what was happening. Cody gave Jesse a “WTF?” look as three votes in a row were read for him, making him the 13th person voted out of Survivor 43 Episode 12 — and marking one of the best blindsides in a season that has been full of them.

After an intense, stressful pause, Cody shook Jesse’s hand before he walked out. The shock on all of the Jury’s faces as they whispered “Jesse did that?!” spoke volumes.

Cody was voted out on Survivor 43 episode 12
Cody Assenmacher was voted out on Survivor 43 episode 12

Cody “lives to get radical” and is a self-described adrenaline junkie. He feels that growing up in a small Iowa town and moving to Hawaii where the community is highly valued made him a man of his word because, in those small communities, everyone knows each other.

His strategy is like his hair: “There’s relationship building in the front, and some wily [strategizing] in the back.” He also has “living” tattooed on his butt cheeks.

When Survivor 43 started and I first watched Cody in the first couple of episodes I thought to myself that this guy is going to be the strung-out annoying one, but he eventually turned out to be quite mellow and straightforward and honest. I probably would have been on board with Jessie’s plan to blindside Cody because it was actually a very good plan.

And now it’s time to vote. Survivor 43 Episode 12 Poll

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