Survivor 43 episode 13 - finale
‘Survivor 43 Episode 13’ finale recap: Did Cassidy, Gabler, Jesse, Karla, or Owen win the $1 million prize? #Survivor #Survivor43
Survivor 43 Episode 13
Survivor 43 episode 13 - finale
Survivor 43 Episode 13 – Snap Some Necks and Cash Some Checks


Survivor 43 Episode 13 – The Finale

Survivor 43 Episode 13
Survivor 43 episode 13

Last week’s Survivor 43 episode 12 ended up with Cody being sent to the jury and the poll that the readers here voted on also said they would have voted him out also, myself included and I think it was a good move in my opinion.

The next morning after tribal and at their new camp, the remaining five reflect on their journey to this point. Gabler, still referring to his position as “hiding in plain sight,” believes he has a good chance at winning because no one has their eyes on getting him out. LOL!

Secret Advantage

On Day 24, they receive Tree Mail which had an envelope for each of them. Inside it was a notice of a final secret advantage. But in order to search for it they would have to individually unscramble a word puzzle that tells them where to look. Karla ended up being the first player to solve the puzzle, but her ankle injury gave her a disadvantage in being able to move quickly. Owen is the second to finish and at full speed catches up to Karla on the far beach.

Owen remembers the part about the “Knots” in the message and figures out that it must be referring to a tree with knots. Karla sees him bolting off towards a tree with knots and swoops in and grabs the Advantage when Owen was a mere couple of inches away from grabbing it for himself. I know how Owen felt too. When you do all the work and somebody else just swoops in and steals it from you.

Survivor 43 episode 13 Immunity Challenge number one

On last night’s Survivor 43 episode 13 they had two immunity challenges. In the first one, Karla got to use her advantage where they’ll be maneuvering a buoy through obstacles in the water and then carrying balanced letter blocks to a puzzle board with the first person to solve the puzzle earning both immunity and a “protein burst” reward of a steak lunch at the Survivor Sanctuary. Karla earned herself the right to have 1/3 of her puzzle blocks already at her table, requiring fewer trips balancing them over a see-saw beam because of her advantage.

Despite her having that advantage Owen ended up winning the immunity idol and with that win Owen added to his win total, becoming a three-time immunity challenge winner. As part of his reward win, he got to pick one other player to join him for lunch and he selected Cassidy. Owen probably felt vindicated after Karla snatched that Advantage from him earlier.

The scattering begins

At the Survivor 43 episode 13 reward lunch, Owen and Cassidy discussed their options of going after Jesse or Karla for the chopping block at the next vote. They agreed that both of them are the biggest threats to all of them. While back at camp, Karla and Jesse knew that they were the targets for the vote. Karla told Jesse that they should try and unite with Gabler to take out Cassidy, but in reality, she wanted to talk to the others about going for Jesse.

At the first Survivor 43 episode 13 tribal council of the night

Jesse ended up coming clean by announcing that he was as safe as Owen in this vote because he’s been hanging on to an idol since Dwight went home. When he ended up pulling it out and showing the yellow bracelet, we see Jeanine’s jaw hit the floor and her head fall into her hands in bewilderment and absolute disappointment. LOL! That’s what triggered the remaining 3 to scramble and try to make deals with one another.

So who was voted out first?

After casting votes, Jesse did play the idol for himself. Jeff read the votes: Jesse, Karla, Karla, Karla. On her way out she admitted to casting the vote for Jesse and said, “I wasn’t gonna let you have a perfect game.”
Karla was voted out of Survivor 43 episode 13.

Karla Cruz Godoy voted out survivor 43 episode 13
Karla Cruz Godoy was voted out in survivor 43 episode 13

Growing up poor, Karla has “had to survive in real life.”

“Sometimes I had to steal to get by,” she said in her video intro shared by CBS.

Karla feels her difficult childhood makes her a survival expert, given her scrappy ability to learn a lot about other people while keeping her cards close to her chest. Karla’s not afraid to lie or be nosy in the game.

“I want to know everything about you, but I’m not gonna tell you everything about me,” she said.

To be honest, I would have gone for Cassidy. Karla was broken and you’d easily beat her in the challenges. This would end up being a mistake in the end as you’ll read later on. She was a badass though, and I commend her for sticking with it even after all her injuries.

And now it’s time to vote on the first Survivor 43 episode 13 tribal council.

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Survivor 43 episode 13 Immunity challenge number two

The next day the final four players gathered for their final immunity challenge, it was a test of balance, precision, and endurance having them carry bowls in a long fork through a structure sitting on a spring and then stack 15 of the bowls balanced on top of the structure. The winner will earn immunity and the decision to take one of the others to the final three with them, leaving the other two to build a fire in front of the jury for the third spot.

Gabler ended up being the one who held on to an early single bowl lead, but in the race to add his 13th bowl his whole stack of 12 fell at the same time that both Owen and Cassidy were placing their 12th bowl on their stacks. Owen snuck into the lead on the 13th bowl, but he dropped his bowl from his fork taking up his 14th bowl, and then on his second attempt his entire stack dropped. In a fit of rage, he throws his fork and the whole thing breaks, LOL!

Cassidy ends up winning the immunity challenge which is why I said earlier that I bet they’ll regret voting out Karla. I have been saying through the latter part of the season that Cassidy is a player and should’ve been voted out a long time ago.

Back at camp again before Cassidy makes her decision

After the challenge, Owen, Gabler, and Jesse were greeted by the fire-making tools to practice with back at camp. They all their practicing scenes of each player trying to practice making fire. Jesse obviously knows he will suck at the challenge so he goes into this Academy-worthy story at which point I thought he was going to say, “And my dog, step on a bee. *sob* *sob*” I don’t get why the network tries to play the heartstrings of the viewers like this. It doesn’t work for me, especially when he had no issues stabbing Cody in the back last week.

Survivor 43 episode 13 fire making challenge

Cassidy decided to bring Owen with her to the final three, pitting Jesse and Gabler against each other in the fire build. Gabler and Jessie sat down at their stations, Gabler looked really determined in his objective while Jesse just kept his head down in silence with a look of dread and gloom across his face, knowing he’ll fail. The fasted fire ever made was on season 38 and it took five minutes. Gabler sparked a flame first and broke that record in just over 3 minutes, or was it 4? Anyway, Gabler won the fire challenge and Jesse was sent to the jury, but not before the waterworks kicked in. (My eyes rolling)

Jesse Lopez loses Survivor 43 episode 13 fire challenge
Jesse Lopes sent loss survivor 43 episode 13 fire challenge

Jesse joined a gang as a teenager, making him learn how to think on his toes and read a room. He got his GED in juvenile hall, and then transformed his life, going on to study at U.C. Berkeley and Duke University, earning himself a Ph.D. in political science.

“Basically, I’ve spent six years studying how people vote, so this show is sort of like everything I’ve studied and researched,” he said. He knows how to handle his self-doubt and is ready to capitalize on any lucky breaks he gets during the game.

This guy played all the big moves and the others knew that was a huge thing on the Survivor resume and that ended being his demise. He played too many big moves in too short of a time and the others feared that the jury would see that and vote for him as the Survivor 43 season winner.

So who ended up the sole survivor on the Survivor episode 13 finale?

After the jury got to probe their question to Gabler, Cassidy, and Owen, Jeff revealed the votes to the finalists there on the spot: Cassidy, Gabler, Gabler, Gabler, Gabler, Gabler. The official vote count was 7 for Gabler, 1 for Cassidy, and 0 for Owen. That makes Gabler the undisputed champion of “Survivor 43” and the million-dollar winner!

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I would have voted for Gabler also because he played a better game than the other two. Cassidy rode in on the coattails during the first half of the season and Owen was just a pawn to be used by everyone else.

Gabler giving 100% of the winnings to the Veterans is a great gesture, but will there be a scandal in the news in the coming weeks about that promise not being fulfilled? And can you imagine sitting next to him after you lost while he’s making that announcement when you really needed that money for yourself and your family and he’s just gonna give it away? A Survivor 43 episode 13 finale for the history books.

Survivor 43 episode 13 finale winner
Survivor 43 episode 13 finale winner

Who would you have voted to be the winner on the Survivor 43 episode 13 finale?

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Well this being the Survivor 43 episode 13 finale means no more Survivor posts for a few months as the next season starts in March, which looks really good! I hope you still come back for my other posts though. Cheers!

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