Survivor 43 feature
Wow, Survivor 43 is so lame so far. What a snore-fest! Will this be my last season watching?

Survivor 43 is off to a bad start.

Survivor 43

“I’m very successful and everyone in my family is happy and healthy. We’re all blessed with fantastic luck and we wouldn’t change a thing because everything is perfect in our lives,” this is something you’ll never hear on Survivor 43 so far in this first episode.

Seriously, do they only choose people with depressing backstories for this show now? I was so depressed by the first 10 minutes of watching this episode that I wanted to hang myself.

I’ve also noticed that they got a good mix of race and ethnicity, and a good ratio of old and young, and let’s not forget to include the LGBTQ people. The show seems more focused on getting all the boxes checked lately than actually choosing players who have character. I don’t care if the players are black or purple, straight or gay, or human or alien, I want to be entertained If a player has character and happens to be any of those great, but it doesn’t matter, but unfortunately it seems to matter to the network.

After watching this crew perform and if I were on that show, I’d be looking forward to exile island if they have that this Survivor 43 season.

Spoiler Alert

Moral Winning?

Morriah Young
Morriah Young – Survivor 43

Morriah believes her job as a performing arts teacher for middle schoolers will serve her well in the game because she’s an expert at getting people to open up. This, she said, will strengthen her social game. Clad in rainbow stripes with rainbow braids, Morriah feels her superpower is “kicking people with color and punching people with joy.”

Was it just me or did anyone else know it was going to be her to go first within the first 15 minutes of the show? My suspicion was reinforced when she started talking about moral winning. I lol’d when Sami called her out on that also. And look at her Bio, “Kicking people with color and punching people with joy.” Yeah, that’ll get you through a game of backstabbing and cutthroat lies.

When will people learn that whenever you’re all kumbaya and full of morals, you are gonna be voted out sooner than later? Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!



If this is the way Survivor 43 is going to go, then this may just be my last season watching, if I make it through this season that is. I really hope this season gets back to the backstabbing and snitching. The first episode of this season was a letdown. Even the look on Jeff Probst’s face reads like he’s bored of it already.

What did you think of the first episode? Were you let down and bored also? Post your comments below.


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