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Last night's Survivor 44 Episode 9 was lame for the most part. Here's my recap of the show. Who got voted out? And Who broke their word?
Survivor 44 Episode 9
Survivor 44 Episode 9
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Survivor 44 Episode 9 - Who Got Voted Out Of 'Under the Wing of a Dragon' - Scouts Honor You're Safe 1

Survivor 44 Episode 9 – Scouts Honor Vs. Three Stooges

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Survivor 44 Episode 9

Last night’s Survivor 44 Episode 9 was really kinda uneventful up until the immunity challenge. Unlike last week, last night’s episode lacked any content. Whatever happened to all of the arguments and yelling at each other? It’s starting to seem like a bunch of Kumbaya hippies are producing the show this season. Scared to have any type of content that may offend some bubble-wrapped viewer.

As usual, up until the immunity challenge, not much happened in the first half of the show. After Danny’s idol was used, a search was launched the next day to locate the idol that is usually put back into the field. Since Danny is still one of the most prominent players in the game, Kane concentrated on preventing him from obtaining the idol during the search through the forest.

Danny was concerned about being the one to find the idol because he knew that by making a big move, he would have a target on his back. Despite everyone looking, it was Heidi who found the desired package and secretly claimed the idol.

After the idol search was over the group spent the rest of the day playing the “get to know me better game.” It was at this point I realized that this episode is going to be lame. Again. Thankfully things picked up at the immunity challenge.

Survivor 44 Episode 9 Immunity Challenge

Survivor 44 episode 9 immunity challenge
Survivor 44 episode 9 immunity challenge

The castaways found out in Tree Mail that the next immunity challenge would involve a choice between playing or sacrificing immunity in order to win rice for the tribe. No one felt comfortable sitting out the challenge, despite how hungry they all were, and instead wanted to see it first.

At the challenge as rain poured down, Jeff explained that they’d stand on a block while balancing a ball against a piece of wood above them with the last person standing earning immunity. The catch was that in exchange for rice for the tribe, he wanted at least four people to withdraw from the challenge.

Lauren and Carson spoke up immediately to sit out, but everyone else wanted to play. Kane admitted to Jeff that if the previous Tribal Council had gone the way he had hoped, he might have been more willing to sit out, but now he feels exposed. Danny responded by saying he “won’t vote for the sit-outs” and Carson and Carolyn responded that neither will they. Kane and Heidi joined Lauren and Carson on the bench to get the rice for the tribe.

Shortly after the challenge began, Jaime and Carolyn both lost their balance and were forced to quit. Yam Yam was then eliminated after pushing too hard, causing his ball to pop out of its spot leaving Frannie vs. Danny for the win. The individual immunity challenge between Danny and Frannie was their second time going head-to-head, and just like the first time, Frannie was able to persevere and win the necklace!

Who ended up on the chopping block for Survivor 44 episode 9? – Who would you vote for – Poll

So many names were mentioned for the chopping block. There didn’t seem to be any plan by any of the players on who they really wanted to vote out. It looked to me like nobody wanted to make a move. Everyone seems to be playing it safe and just saying, “I’m with you for whoever you want to vote for.”

The first name to come up was Kane, and then it was followed by Danny, and so on. At the end of all of the confusion, it was Kane, Danny, Heidi, Yam Yam, Carolyn, and Jaime whose names were thrown out onto the chopping block.

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Who Got Voted Out of Survivor 44 Episode 9?

Kane Fritzler - Survivor 44 Episode 9
Kane FritzlerSurvivor 44 Episode 9

Kane Fritzler – Survivor 44 Episode 9

Hometown: Moose Jaw, Canada
Residence: Saskatoon, Canada
Occupation: Law Student
Three Words to Describe You: Inclusive, loud, competitive
What has prepared them for the game? I feel like I have the effortless charisma of a younger and more handsome Tyson. But I’d like to play a Zeke game with a few tweaks to bring home gold.

Survivor is the BEST game you can get your hands on! I am a gamer through and through. I have watched since I was a wee lad and make no mistake, I am here to play.

Kane Fritzler

I was convinced they would have voted out Danny over Kane. I still don’t get why they voted him out already. He didn’t come off as a threat to the game, at least I didn’t see how he could have been considered a threat anyway. He sucked at all of the challenges, he would have been an easy member to go against in the final three. Like Carolyn said in the closing credits, “They’re all stupid!”

Cast members voted out Survivor 44 so far:

Do you have any thoughts on last night’s episode? Post them in the comments below.


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