July 13, 2024
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When the Canadian justice system drags out things only to trigger the anxiety two years after.
The Canadian Justice System

It’s been almost two years since we filed Peace Bonds and criminal charges against our deranged neighbours, and the justice system is still dragging its feet while our lives remain a circus thanks to these lunatics. And just the other day, as if we hadn’t suffered enough, we got slapped with a subpoena to show up in court as witnesses to their outrageous crimes, demanding we haul in our evidence.

We handed over all our evidence to the RCMP! We provided our victim impact statements! Why on earth do we have to relive this PTSD nightmare just to force the courts to do what they should have done two years ago? At least this is an indication of the Canadian justice system process getting done, even though it’s a very slow one.

When that RCMP officer stopped by to give us these documents, we immediately got that dreaded feeling of anxiety and that knot you get in your stomach. We have been under the impression that we were done with these lunatics and that the Canadian justice system would do the rest. We’ve managed to get our lives back where we could go out in public feeling a little bit safer. I could go out into my garden without feeling like I was going to be attacked from behind. This subpoena just killed any peace of mind that we managed to get back!

Here are the charges that have taken almost two years to get through our Canadian justice system:

Names have been changed to hide the identity of these criminals (because it’s not finished in court yet) which in our opinion is stupid because these idiots did what they did in public in an open area where they KNEW there were cameras on them. But they chose to break the law anyway.

Ms Crab Apple has been charged that:

on or about September 7, 2022 at or near Lincoln, New Brunswick, did knowingly by words and gestures cause Mac’s Opinion to be fearful that the said Ms Crab Apple, will cause personal injury to him and therefore the informant prays that Ms Crab Apple may be bound over to keep the peace and be of good behaviour toward Mac’s Opinion as authorized by Section 810(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada and amendments thereto.

CC 810(1)

These charges are from when Ms. Crab Apple and her man slave of the week/year harassed us, uttered death threats, and ultimately assaulted me in my own home.

Ms Crab Apple has been charged that:

Count 1: on or about September 25, 2022 at or near Lincoln, New Brunswick, did commit mischief by wilfully damaging without legal justification or excuse and without color of right, property: a surveillance camera, the property of Mac’s Opimion, the value of which did not exceed five thousand dollars, thereby committing a summary conviction offence, contrary to paragraph 430(4)(b) of the Criminal Code and amendments thereto.

CC 430(44)(b)

These charges are from when she destroyed our security camera, a camera that surveilled our front yard. The actual camera captured all of their erratic, threatening, criminal behaviour. Unbeknownst to her, we had a second indoor camera set up that we had because we were in fear of her doing this exact same thing.

Ms Crab Apple has been charged that:

Count 2: on or about September 25, 2022 at or near Lincoln, New Brunswick, did commit an assault on Mac’s Opinion, thereby committing an offence punishable on summary conviction, contrary to and in violation of paragraph 266(b) of the Criminal Code and amendments thereto.

CC 266(b)

Yup, that’s when she forced herself into our home and assaulted me—knocked my prescription glasses off my face when she punched me in the face and then flung them across our patio. I pushed her out of our home and she kept trying to get back in to do whatever it was that she was set out to do.

Stupid just kept being stupid…

Ms Crab Apple was arrested and had to comply with an undertaking that stated that she could not communicate, directly or indirectly, with Mac’s Opinion. Their narcissistic and petty nature was too much for them to harness. This narcissistic nature got them another charge:

Ms Crab Apple has been charged that:

on or about January 12, 2023 at or near Lincoln, New Brunswick, being at large on an undertaking given to Constable XXXX , a peace officer, did fail, without lawful excuse, to comply with a condition of that undertaking, namely: You must not communicate, directly or indirectly, with Mac’s Opinion, thereby committing an offence punishable on summary conviction, contrary to and in violation of paragraph 145(4)(a) of the Criminal Code and amendments thereto.

CC 145(4)(a)

Yes, that even means flipping the bird to your victim while they’re standing in their yard while you are cussing them out! This means you must not communicate, directly or indirectly!

You Want It? We Got It!

So now we have to make more time out of our lives due to these two people because haven’t they tormented us enough? If anything, these people are winning because our legal system sucks so badly!

We are expected to bring all of the evidence that we have against these tyrants. We have them, and so did the RCMP when we filed the charges and complaints. We can only assume that one of them (Mr. Crab Apple) stupidly contested everything. Being the spiteful individual person that she is, it was to be expected. That’s why we saved ALL the videos. Even the stuff that the RCMP/Crown doesn’t have. ALL 2 hours of it!

We’ve got our ducks in a row. It just sucks that we still have to burden ourselves to continue with this tyrant’s obsession with a self-need for attention. Because we all know how hard she makes this whole situation about herself to anyone who will listen to her sob stories.

What started it all?

It’s stupid. We asked them to please keep their dogs from trampling through our newly planted flower beds. That’s all we did! They both went off the rails and threatened us by killing our dogs and us for about a week. Yup, the words, “Can you please try and keep your dogs from running through our property?” Ended up with, “Fu*ck you N**ger! I’m Gonna f*ck you up and then I’m gonna kick your dog into hell, blah, blah, blah, rage, rage, rage!”

It appears that a complaint has been lodged about them causing a disturbance in front of our residence, along with another complaint made to the landlord regarding their loud music. Unfortunately, we were also held responsible for these issues because, for some reason, it is believed that only two people live on this street, leading to the erroneous assumption that we reported them, when there are, in fact, several other families residing in the area.

Back then, I instructed moderators to publish posts on my behalf while I was unavailable. They were to present the incidents in a satirical way that conveyed the chaos we were experiencing so readers would know what we were going through and just how crazy people in the world can be over petty things.

I made it clear that no names or addresses should be included, so they changed the names and presented the stories with a satirical thoughtful approach. One individual read these posts and immediately believed they were about accused and ran to them to tattle. Indeed, the incidents and facts were related to them, but only we would know that since no names were mentioned. However, they still assumed it was specifically about them and went off the rails instead of seeing how ridiculous they were being.

Being a prisoner in our own home.

They harassed us for weeks. We couldn’t step outside into our own yard without the fear of them coming over to either verbally abuse us or physically attack us. Our property remained untended, and our garden was neglected because we couldn’t leave our home due to these individuals’ ongoing verbal and (potentially physical) assaults.

When we went grocery shopping, the anxiety was overwhelming. We constantly watched to see if anyone was following us. We ensured that nobody was around when we parked in the shopping lot. The anxiety intensified as we headed back home. Upon arriving, we found them in front of our property, yelling and screaming threats and profanities. Fortunately, it was all caught on camera.

Enduring these challenges once more in August is inevitable. This entire ordeal has been extremely distressing. The resurgence of anxiety intensifies as we meticulously review our video evidence to ensure thorough documentation of every detail.


The Canadian justice system conclusion
The Canadian Justice System

Enduring this prolonged nightmare with our neighbours has been nothing short of agonizing. The Canadian justice system’s delays have exacerbated our suffering, and the recent subpoena only drags us back into a dark place we’d hoped to leave behind. We’ve shared our story to shed light on the injustices we’ve faced and the resilience we’ve had to muster throughout this ordeal.

We understand that there are others out there who may have faced similar situations. We invite you to share your experiences with troublesome neighbours or any challenges you’ve encountered with the Canadian justice system in the comments below. Your stories and insights could provide much-needed support and solidarity for us and others in similar predicaments.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. It means more to us than you might know.

Please leave your comments and experiences below.

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