Toilet Humour in the Time of Tolerance: A Quarantine Art Project Turns Restroom Rules into Viral Satire
Toilet Humour and COVID has me crafting satirical PSA posters, questioning society's toilet sign future while chuckling through quarantine delirium. Laughter's my vaccine!

COVID Toilet Humour

Alright, I’m grappling with this persistent COVID ordeal, and honestly, I’ve had enough of it. I can’t recall ever being knocked down this hard by a sickness before. Trapped within the four walls of my home day in and day out is sending me into a near delirium, yet the irony is, even if I wanted to exert myself, this virus saps every ounce of energy. So here I am, channelling whatever this is into creating what I guess you could call a humorous PSA poster for our current times.

The image in question seems born out of the current turmoil regarding gender identity and access to public facilities. One could argue that it echoes the sentiment of those bewildered by recent shifts in societal norms—where certain demands for inclusivity in regard to restroom and changing area access are being met with a surprising level of acquiescence. This piece of design is likely to ruffle feathers, tapping into the modern-day propensity for public outcry over contentious issues.

Whatever floats your boat, just don’t sink mine

To be completely candid, your personal satisfaction is not my concern. Whether one chooses to emulate a feline, wear clothing traditionally associated with another gender, or maintain an unconventional appearance, that is entirely their prerogative. Enjoyment in one’s personal choices is their right. However, it becomes a matter of concern when one person’s pursuit of happiness adversely affects the well-being of others. Those who support such actions must also reflect on their role in this dynamic.

The masterpiece of Toilet Humour

And without further ado, my Photoshop masterpiece. LOL!

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Toilet Humour

It seems silly right now, but I’m willing to bet that posters like this will eventually be placed in Female Washrooms. You just wait and see. I mean we’re already putting tampons in men’s Washrooms for crying out loud.



In the spirit of taking every twist and turn of life with a grain of humour, my quarantine art project is now complete. As we embark on the journey of navigating the ever-shifting tides of social norms, remember, that a smile is the universal welcome mat. Whether or not washrooms of the future will showcase posters like my oh-so-remarkable toilet humour Photoshop creation, one thing’s for sure: change is the only constant, and sometimes, it comes with complimentary hygiene products in unexpected places.

My Quarantine may have turned my home into a makeshift artist’s studio (with a strong lean towards satire, apparently), but it’s also given us all a chance to pause, reflect, and occasionally chuckle at the absurd. Let’s embrace the eccentric turns of our society with open arms and, perhaps, an open mind.

So, what do you think? Is the future of public facilities a wild west of symbols and signs? Will poster-gazing be the next big thing in the loo? Drop your thoughts, theories, and a laugh or two in the comments below. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine—second only to a robust immune system defeating a certain pesky virus. Join the conversation and let’s keep our sense of humor contagiously alive!

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