New Years Resolutions
New Year Resolutions that I will probably never go through with. #NewYearsResolutions
New Year Resolutions
New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions that I will probably never follow through on

new year resolutions

There was a time that I would make a new years resolution every year at a New Year’s Eve party but they were never followed through on. Although there was one time that I decided to quit smoking and about 30 years later I have never smoked a cigarette again. One of my biggest and proudest accomplishments in my life.

After so many failed resolutions, I decided to make one final New Year resolution and never to make another New Year Resolution again. Ever since I made that one over two decades ago I have yet to break it to this day.

1. Exercise more

This one is something I really should try and do. My fat ass is getting very unhealthy and I need to drop a few pounds. We have a treadmill to use and I think that I should put a few hundred miles on it.

2. Eat healthily

Just like exercising more, eating more healthy foods should also be on a list of priorities. This one will probably never happen because eating healthier also means buying more expensive food and with the cost of food these days just for the cheap no-name brand stuff, buying healthy probably won’t be in any resolutions of mine.

3. Get organized

If you saw the mess of my shed and plant room, you’d think that this would be a priority, but yet again, I have to get the motivation to get started on the first resolution on this list first. Yes, I am lazy.

4. Learn a new skill or hobby

I think this one on the New Year Resolutions list would be a doable one. I’m actually doing it now and that’s this very blog you’re reading right now. I have been doing this for a long time and eventually stopped, but I have started again recently and I am focused on writing reviews and monetizing those reviews. I’ll also be incorporating YouTube videos into this site in the next couple of months or so.

5. Live life to the fullest

I have been doing this all my life. Or should I say that I have been trying to, but it seems there’s always something or someone that will drag you down and put a damper on this wish, right? Last year was a very unpleasant one and we couldn’t do the things we wanted to because of “Those People.

6. Save more money / spend less money

This New Year Resolution should be to make more money. Because right now it’s pretty much impossible to save any money with the cost of everything going up. We already try to spend less, but every time we go through the checkout at the supermarket the total amount for purchases is always way more than we wanted to spend.

7. Quit smoking

This one is for the current smokers out there. I already mentioned above that I quit smoking over 30 years ago. If you are a smoker, you should really stick to this resolution. Yes, it isn’t easy, I know that firsthand. But it will be a very proud decision to you several years down the road when you think about how disgusting that habit is.

8. Spend more time with family and friends

This might be a good resolution for the people-people out there. We aren’t people-people and as far as family goes, let’s just say they’re very dysfunctional, LOL! We both enjoy being introverts sitting at home alone with our pets. It would be even better if the place we are situated was a quiet place like it was way back in the days people respected one another. But unfortunately, we’re surrounded by idiots now.

9. Travel more

This is something I would actually like to do. But with finances the way they are now there’s no future that has us traveling any time soon. Especially with the price of Gas, a road trip would even be out of the question. The better half wouldn’t actually enjoy it anyway, lol!

10. Improve performance on the job

Most people who get back to work after the holidays are usually super motivated, so I guess this resolution would be to try and keep it going for the entire year.
Yeah, riiiiight. LOL! This New Year Resolution will be broken within the first week.



New year resolution-making is not my forte. Like I said before, I made a resolution never to make another New Year Resolution ever again. Even though a few of the ones on this list might be doable, I think that taking a crack at them without making it a resolution will probably be more successful in my opinion.

So for me, it’s not a New Year’s Resolution, it is more of a, “Hmmm. I’m gonna try this.” if I go through with it, that’s my reward and if I don’t I am not going to beat myself up over it either.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Put it in the comments below.


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