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I am surrounded by idiots and I want to get away from this nutbar community! Please let me win the lottery so I can move to my own piece of land.

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Apparently, I am The Annoying Person Because I complain Too Much.

Are Effing Kidding Me?

So I have been told that I constantly complain about everyone around our home. Yes, I do, but that’s because I’m surrounded by idiots!

If I have to constantly pick up your trash that ends up on our property, I will have to bring it up and submit a complaint about your trash ending up on our lawn.

But I’m the one in the wrong here for some strange reason. I’m the a**hole because I don’t feel like having to pick up other grown-ass adults’ trash from our lawn.

“Why didn’t you just come and tell us?” is what they always say. I am not your parent. You are a grown-ass adult and should know better than to throw your trash all over the place. I shouldn’t have to be the one to go out of my way and come and tell you to pick up your trash. You should know better.

I’m surrounded by Idiots!

surrounded by idiots

I have neighbours from hell, and I need to move away from here. I am surrounded by idiots that can’t seem to exhibit an ounce of common courtesy or sense.

People can’t even drive around here either. They drive across our lawn. And when I try and keep people from driving across our lawn with an edging fence, they run over that also!

I’m Also A Liar Apparently


Yeah, so I was called a liar when I asked one neighbour to please keep their dogs from running through and destroying our flower gardens.

Although this particular moment was all captured on our security cameras. The footage shows the dogs trampling through our flower garden and destroying the flowers we were trying to grow. But even though it is all on video, I somehow am a liar and I’m making it all up and they go completely bat-sh*t crazy yelling and screaming at me calling me a liar, and threatening me with assault. I am surrounded by idiots.

How Can People Be This Way?


In our back yard, we have this low fence that we’re trying to get our mint plants to grow into for an organic type fence. It’s to separate our property from the other neighbor’s property.

About a week ago this nut-job was mowing their lawn and pulling weeds from their garden. For some idiotic reason, they started ripping out our mint plants from our fence that was on their side.

Good thing I caught them in the act because if I hadn’t they would have pulled the whole thing up. Man did I ever give them sh*t too, I was furious! “What the fu@k are you doing!?!?! That’s my property and you have no right to tear out our plants! You never touch our property, you keep your fu@kn self 3 feet away from that fence, It’s my property!”, and I called them every name in the book. They stood there looking like a deer caught in headlights. Yup, We’re surrounded by idiots.

We’ve Had Enough, We Need To Move

current mood

Back to the raging lunatics that let their dogs trample our flower gardens. I used to be good friends with them if you can believe it. They have been a plague in my life these past few years and this garden incident was the last straw. I had to completely cut them out of my life.

Their toxicity was too much and it was affecting my life in pretty sh*tty ways. I blocked them on all my social media, and anybody associated with them also. And you know what? It felt pretty awesome. It was a weight around my neck and now that it’s gone I feel a lot better.

But we are still surrounded by idiots, and we really need to get our own property with no neighbours around us to piss us off like they are now. We need to win the lottery because we obviously can’t afford to buy land otherwise we’d be gone a long time ago.


Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion

Being surrounded by idiots really sucks and we need to move. When you live in a tight community and your houses are all next to each other really close, you don’t have the luxury of just letting loose and being loud because people live right beside you. You need to consider the other people who live around you. Kinda like living in an apartment complex.

You can’t crank your stereo and play loud music because it’s going to piss off your neighbours. But all the idiots around us just can’t seem to grasp that real simple concept.

Maybe I should start a Go Fund Me account called “Help Us Move Away From Our Idiot Neighbours.” or “We’re surrounded by idiots, Please Help!” Hmmm…

Comment below if you have some stories to tell about your neighbours. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that have some good ones to tell. Are you surrounded by idiots also?

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