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OK, so we're still dealing with our psycho neighbors problem and other things, but something needs to be posted to pay the bills.

The Psycho Neighbors Trilogy Continues…

psycho neighbors
psycho neighbors

OK, so we’re still dealing with those psycho neighbors and the problems continue, and amongst other things some health issues, but something needs to be posted to pay the bills and moderators of this site.

We went to the authorities just over a week ago to report the psycho neighbors. The constant harassment, uttering of threats, death threats, sexual harassment, trespassing, slander, defamation, and so on have really piled up and it was all documented and submitted to the police.

We went in to initially press charges and have them arrested, but the police officer that we spoke to explained how drawn out that whole process is and the fact that they would still be able to be a threat during the time it would take to get them in front of a judge. It was recommended to get a peace bond which would usually take only a few days to get served by the crown. The officer took all of the documented evidence to copy to their system for documentation and for the judge to review.

The officer who collected the evidence said it was crappy how the law works and after reviewing the videos and text messages, there really shouldn’t be a problem and that we are doing the right thing and to just keep collecting videos. Just try and ignore them and if they continue with their bullsh*t, just keep recording. But to also call 911 if it gets Too Cray Cray.

Well, it’s been just over a week and we haven’t heard anything back as of yet. We called last Thursday to inquire about the progress but the officer on the case wasn’t in and was told he would call us back. It is now Sunday. *sigh* Hopefully he calls Monday to give us an update.

But wait! There’s more!

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Now you watch, as my luck would have it, the officer will end up calling about the psycho neighbors while I’m at the dentist having surgery. Yeah, I have some major dental surgery on Monday morning and having some cavities pulled and some impacted teeth/wisdom teeth removed. It all requires some jaw-bone cutting and all that fun stuff. It’s a mess in there, to say the least.

Over the past month or so I’ve been dealing with a lot of discomfort from the cavities and the teeth under them. So many Tylenol and Advil have passed through my body. But these past couple of weeks have been very bad, coupled with the stress from the psycho neighbors have been making my jaw pain really bad. So pain and suffering will be added to the list.

The better half also just had surgery and the stress from these ass-hats has been so bad it caused her to have to call the doctor for a prescription to help with the anxiety and loss of appetite, both of which are bad things when you’re recovering from surgery. So that’s more pain and suffering added to the list.



If we don’t hear back from the courts by the end of the day on Monday, we might actually go ahead with the charges instead. This process with the law is so slow. It’s nothing like the way it is on the TV or in Movies.

We can’t go outside in our yard out of fear of these crazy people, we’re overcome with anxiety when we’re on our way back home because we’re just sick and tired of the bullsh*t these nutjobs put us through.

Either way, our psycho neighbors Bonnie and Clyde have screwed up enough already and just keep going, and from what we were told already, we will all be able to get back to our regular lives. Which won’t come soon enough!

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