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I'm still surrounded by idiots pt. 2. The saga continues

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We’re still surrounded by idiots

still surrounded by idiots

Is there such a thing as Idiot Repellant? If there is we really could use a large supply of it. I just can’t seem to go a few days without being confronted by raging lunatics.

There must be something in the water because I’m surrounded by idiots. Good thing we drink bottled water.

So they think the roadway is their property.

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion

My neighbor thinks he owns the roadway and that it’s his property. The very roadway everyone needs to drive on in order to get to their homes. I am still surrounded by idiots and I just want to be rid of them and their bullshit!

The traffic circle in the front of our home is not wide enough to make a full turn, so I have to use the whole thing to turn in our SUV. On this day there were kids playing in the street, which by the way is a violation of the Parks Lease Agreement, and I had to drive around them and continued driving the traffic circle.

Well, I was accused of driving two feet from them and almost hitting them and also almost hitting a bike (motorcycle). None of this is true. Watch the video.

Watch the video documented below.

Click here if you can’t view the video

The Breakdown play-by-play.

Yesterday we came home from work and when drove around some kids who aren’t supposed to be playing in the street and we drove around the traffic circle like the rest of the world does, but for some reason when we drive on it to get to our house it’s all of a sudden THEIR Property???
This is why I don’t deal with these people anymore. It’s the landlord’s problem now.
I’m still surrounded by idiots.


  • No, I’m f@ken tired of it, he almost hit you guys, almost hit the f@cken bike, and these guys need to learn how to F*@ken Drive.
  • You mind watching for my sister and my niece?
  • Yer, yer two feet from em’ and you see this driveway (Calling the traffic circle HIS driveway??) don’t Fu@ken turn round in it anymore!
  • ME: That’s a traffic circle. (Basically The Street)
  • See right here? This Fu@ken line right here, that’s, that’s our driveway. (Pointing to a crack along the ground where his Parent’s driveway actually is. Nowhere near where I drove.) Don’t fu@ken come near it!
  • ME: I wasn’t even… *cut me off* I wasn’t even there.
  • You had to be, you almost hit the bike more than once. Don’t come anywhere near our fu@ken driveway.
  • ME: You know you’re lying man. That’s not true.
  • WHAT?
  • ME: I said, “This is not true!”
  • Bullshit! *inaudible* You want me to get the fu@ken video camera?
  • ME: OK! (I knew there was no such camera footage)
  • Stay the fu@k off our property *inaudible* I’m done, I had enough of your fu@ken bullshit.


Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion

I’m still surrounded by idiots! Why am I still surrounded by idiots!!!?? WHY!? We need our own property where we are not still surrounded by idiots anymore!!

We were nowhere near the kids on the street. A place stated in Lease that kids are not to be playing in the first place.

This is a traffic circle, NOT his parent’s property. It’s literally the roadway cars are meant to drive on.

The bike he refers to is so far off the roadway there’s no way I could even
come close to it. Where’s that so-called camera footage?

Starting that Go-FundMe account is really starting to sound like a good idea. Stranger things have been funded in the past and I think this is right up that alley.

Why are we still surrounded by idiots all the time?

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Underage children? Or did you mean just children but you added Underage to make it sound more cynical?
Their privacy, just like anyone and not just children is in a place of an expectation of privacy, and not out playing in the middle of a street where anyone can see them, and is not a place for them to be in the first place.
Is everyone from London Ontario (IP: this stupid that they completely missed the narrative of the video? You are more focused on blurry figures of kids than the actual content of the video?
Being an idiot because they’re concerned about being accused of almost hitting a few kids that are playing in the street when the video proves otherwise? OK, you can stick with your fictional narrative. Instagators are still stuck on a video posted back in early August!! WTF? Getting dragged into the drama? More like inviting yourself.
Anyway, they’ve done nothing wrong but post an edited video showing just how moronic people can be in the world. If people don’t want to be caught on video being an idiot, then don’t be an idiot on video.

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