Top Christmas Gift Ideas 2022 feature
This Christmas Gift Ideas list will help you shop for that person who’s impossible to shop for. Part 2 of 3
Top Christmas Gift Ideas 2022 feature
Top Christmas gift ideas for 2022

More spectacular Christmas gift ideas that’ll have everyone feeling very festive.

Christmas Gift Ideas
Top Christmas gift ideas for 2022

Last week we had only enough time to post 22 of the top Christmas gift ideas for 2022 as rated by their reviews. Today we’ll slam out another 22 great gift ideas for you to get that special friend or loved one in your life.

These lists should help you find something for that person (or pet) who is impossible to shop for. All these items are rated by their reviews and our personal opinions.

So sit back and scroll through the top Christmas gift ideas all in the comfort of your home and shop online while avoiding the crowds and the madness that takes place in the shopping malls.

60+ Christmas gift ideas that’ll have anyone feeling festive. (Pt. 2 of 3)




Android TV Box

The latest Android TV Box 11.0, Android Box 4GB RAM 32GB ROM with Wireless Keyboard, RK3318 Dual-WiFi 2.4/5GHz BT 4.2, USB 3.0 Ultra 3D/6K/4K HDR TV Box. Supports Hulu, Google player, Netflix, YouTube, and Browser. So cut that expensive TV Cable and get streaming for a lot less.

Dream Jersey Crew Neck Lounge Set
Dream Jersey Crew Neck Lounge Set



Dream Jersey Crew Neck Lounge Set

There isn’t anything better than curling up in cozy loungewear on a cool Canadian day right? This super soft jogger and crew neck lounge set are made of über soft material that feels like a nice cozy hug once you put it on. It’s even chic enough to wear out of the house, which is always a plus.

Friendship Lamp
Friendship Lamp – Great Christmas Gift



Long Distance Friendship Lamp

If you are separated by distance from a loved one or friend, gifting a set of two light-up friendship lamps will help both parties feel closer, no matter the circumstance.

The way that it works is that whenever you think of your recipient, simply reach out and touch your lamp to send love their way. Their corresponding unit will instantly light up, emitting a soul-warming ambient glow that’ll make them feel all fuzzy inside.

Bar necklace
Personalized Bar Necklace – Great Christmas Gift



Personalized Bar Necklace

This trendy personalized bar necklace is delicate enough to wear every day, but it’s the personalization that makes this stylish and modern bar necklace unique.

Choose a meaningful date, like a birthday or anniversary, for a tangible memento from those memories that they can keep close to her heart. You can even add a Spotify Code to share your tastes in music. Spotify Codes offer a brand new way for users to share and discover the amazing content on Spotify. It’s as easy as taking a picture.

Dog Treat Cookie Cutter Set
Dog Treat Cookie Cutter Set – Great Christmas Gift



Dog Treat Cookie Cutter Set

Make your pet pooch delicious homemade dog treats or delight a dog lover in the family. Make your own healthy dog treats for your fur babies and save on expensive unhealthy store-bought treats.

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters 5-Piece Dog Bone and Biscuit Dog Treat Cookie Cutter Set with Recipe Booklet, 2″, 3 1/8″, 3 1/2″, 4″, 5″

Truffle-Infused Hot Sauce
Truffle-Infused Hot Sauce – Great Christmas Gift



Truffle-Infused Hot Sauce

This best-selling hot sauce is literally the best thing you can gift a foodie who has a penchant for dabbling in all things spicy — and the moderators of the site can’t get enough of it. The heat of red chiles blended with the savory mouthfeel of black truffle takes this designer sauce to the next level.

Dual Wireless Charging Station
Essentials Catch:2 Dual Wireless Charging Station – Great Christmas Gift



Dual Wireless Charging Station

We are all guilty of just throwing our keys, change, and phones down onto the first surface we encounter when we enter our homes, but what if that surface could corral your items and charge your phone and Ear Pods?
Courant has created this chic linen catch-all wireless charger, making sure your phone is juiced up before you grab your keys and walk out the door.

Deluxe Emergency Survival Kit
Deluxe Emergency Survival Kit – Great Christmas Gift



Deluxe Emergency Survival Kit

You never know what can happen from day to day, but with this all-inclusive emergency kit, you can at least be prepared. Heavy Duty 72-Hour Bug Out Bag Survival Kit for Earthquake, Hurricane, Tsunami, Winter, and Blackout – Includes Emergency First Aid Kit, NOAA Weather Radio, Water, food, and more.

Temperature Control Smart Mug 2
Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 – Great Christmas Gift



Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Keeping coffee, tea, or hot cocoa warm has never been this easy with Ember’s genius smart mug. It can be controlled with your smartphone and has a long-lasting battery. It’ll maintain your preferred sipping temperatures, so they don’t have to keep running back and forth to the microwave to heat up lukewarm liquids.

Custom Photo Woven Throw Blanket
Custom Photo Woven Throw Blanket – Great Christmas Gift



Custom Photo Woven Throw Blanket

If you live far away from friends and family, this blanket can help them feel like you’re wrapping them up in a hug, no matter where you are. Choose your favorite photo, upload it, and you’ll soon have your own woven blanket to give to loved ones this Christmas.

Ultrasonic Diffuser & Humidifier
Ultrasonic Diffuser & Humidifier – Great Christmas Gift



Ultrasonic Diffuser & Humidifier

This smart diffuser is an upgrade from the traditional scented candle gift. Your recipient will appreciate the ability to control this diffuser from anywhere with the app. Connect to Alexa and Google Home for voice command operation or use the Geeni App for versatile control.

Kicking Horse Coffee
Kicking Horse Coffee – Great Christmas Gift



Kicking Horse Coffee

Looking to gift a guarantee for good mornings this Christmas? DARK ROAST, WHOLE BEAN: Rich, dark chocolate, decadent. From the heart of the mountains, a strong spirit roars. The most magical hand mother nature can deal you. A cup of this coffee will make you want to actually get up in the morning.

Bluetooth Headphone Adapter
Bluetooth Headphone Adapter – Great Christmas Gift



Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

If you’re looking for a gift for the one who’s always catching flights, look no further than this TikTok famous gadget.

It has a battery life of over 16 hours and can wirelessly connect up to two wireless headphones via Bluetooth, so they can enjoy all the in-flight entertainment without ever dropping a penny on those airline headsets.

Self Cleaning Water Bottle
Self-Cleaning Water Bottle – Great Christmas Gift



Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Frequent travelers know that keeping a water bottle on hand is always a wise move, but finding a good spot to fill up with filtered water while in transit can be difficult.
This USB-rechargeable water bottle from LARQ is not only insulated, but it uses an internal UV-C LED light that activates every 2 hours to purify the water and eliminate up to 99.99% of contaminants.

Sunny The Bright Light Chameleon
Sunny The Bright Light Chameleon- Great Christmas Gift



Sunny The Bright Light Chameleon

This colorful toy is one of the best Christmas gifts for little kids. Just like a real chameleon, Sunny The Bright Light Chameleon changes color according to its mood. This interactive toy chameleon also responds to petting, feeding, the sound of your voice, and music. Plus, it’s designed for endless play to keep the little ones entertained for days on end.

HUES and CUES Vibrant Color Guessing Game
HUES and CUES Vibrant Color Guessing Game – Great Christmas Gift



HUES and CUES Vibrant Color Guessing Game

Get ready for a very colorful game night with your friends and family! This truly eye-catching board game will test everyone’s knowledge and guessing capabilities. Players take turns trying to guess a specific hue from the 480 color squares on the board. The player with the most points on the grayscale scoring track wins the game.

Bluetooth Beanie
Bluetooth Beanie – Great Christmas Gift



Bluetooth Beanie

If they already own a great pair of wireless earbuds, this beanie will easily take their place during the winter months. This Bluetooth speaker-and-beanie combo makes it possible for your recipient to listen to all their favorite music, skip back and forth through their playlists, and even take phone calls, all while keeping their head and hands cozy. BONUS: Gloves you can wear and still use your touch screen!

Customized Picture Wooden Puzzle
Customized Picture Wooden Puzzle – Great Christmas Gift



Customized Picture Wooden Puzzle

Personalized Photo Puzzle – Customized Picture Wooden Puzzle for Adults and Kids – Custom Yourself Photographs Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle – From 35-piece sets all the way up to 1,000-piece sets. Cozy on up to that special someone on Christmas morning and enjoy a hot cup of Coco while putting this awesome puzzle together, together.

Scented Candle
Scented Candle – Great Christmas Gifts



Scented Candle

These scented candles will help you relax whenever they’re lit. Pine Scented Candle | Soy Candles Scented, Pine Scented Candles for Home, Candles Gifts for Women Aromatherapy Candle, Men Candles, Soy Candle, Scented Candles for Men, your pick!

Apple iPad Air
Apple iPad Air – Great Christmas Gifts



Apple iPad Air (5th Generation)

Tablets make one of the best Christmas gifts even for the not-so-tech-savvy. The latest splurge-worthy iPad Air features fingerprint authentication, a Retina display with True Tone tech, and the new 12MP Ultra Wide FaceTime camera for better video calls with loved ones near and far. This generation comes with an upgraded rear-facing camera and M1 chip that can handle even the busiest of users.

Laptop Backpack
Laptop Backpack – Great Christmas Gifts



Laptop Backpack

Whether they’re heading into the office or running off to class, backpacks make for a practical Christmas gift. This sleek laptop backpack will have them commuting in total style.

High-Quality Material: The laptop backpack is made of good environment-friendly poly fabric with a new function of water-repellent, which is quite durable.

iRobot Roomba
iRobot Roomba – Great Christmas Gifts



iRobot Roomba

Give them (and their backs) a much-needed break from cleaning with this Christmas gift. The iRobot Roomba i3 EVO tops the list of best robot vacuums — and for good reason. With dirt-detection technology, multisurface rubber brushes, and imprint smart mapping, they’ll enjoy clean floors without breaking a sweat.

Plus, they can control it via the iRobot Home app and voice control through Alexa and Google Assistant.



Well, that’s part 2 of 3 in the Top Christmas Gift Ideas for 2022.

Part three is still in the works and should be posted tomorrow.

I hope this list helps will all of your hard-to-buy-for friends and family members. Please help the site out by sharing these posts with anyone who you think needs to see it, it will not only help them out but the website also.

If all goes as planned, part 3 will be posted tomorrow. Have a great day Christmas shopping!

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