Blogging With WordPress
Here are a few lists of why you should be Blogging With WordPress.
Blogging With WordPress
Blogging With WordPress
Blogging With WordPress
Blogging With WordPress

What are my top 10 reasons to be blogging with WordPress?

Since I’ve been blogging with WordPress for more than 20 years, it is the only content management system (CMS) I would suggest to anyone who wants to start a blog. Both professionally and as a hobby.

In this post, we’ll talk about why you should be blogging with WordPress and why having your blog self-hosted, and who I would recommend that you get your WordPress Hosting with.

Here are the top 10 reasons, in my opinion, why I would advise blogging with WordPress. These are only a small portion of the many reasons available.

  1. User-friendly interface: WordPress is easy to use and navigate, even for beginners.
  2. Customizable design: With thousands of themes and plugins available, you can easily customize your blog’s appearance and functionality.
  3. SEO-friendly: WordPress is optimized for search engines, making it easier for your blog to rank higher in search results.
  4. Mobile-responsive: Most WordPress themes are mobile-responsive, ensuring that your blog looks great on any device.
  5. Community support: With a large community of users and developers, you can find answers to any questions or issues you may have with your blog.
  6. Integration with social media: You can easily share your blog posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter using built-in sharing tools.
  7. Built-in analytics: WordPress comes with built-in analytics tools that allow you to track your visitor traffic and engagement on your site.
  8. E-commerce capabilities: If you want to sell products or services through your blog, there are many e-commerce plugins available for WordPress.
  9. Multilingual support: If you want to reach a global audience, WordPress supports multiple languages out of the box or through plugins like WPML (WordPress Multilingual).
  10. Cost-effective solution: Compared to other blogging platforms or building a custom website from scratch, using WordPress is an affordable option that still offers plenty of features and flexibility.

Why do people even blog in the first place?

People blog for a variety of reasons, including:

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Blogging With WordPress
  1. Sharing their knowledge and expertise: Many people start blogs to share their knowledge and experience with others.
  2. Building a personal brand: Blogging can help individuals establish themselves as experts in their field or industry.
  3. Expressing creativity: Some people use blogging as a creative outlet to express themselves through writing, photography, or other forms of media.
  4. Networking and building relationships: Blogging can help individuals connect with like-minded people and build relationships within their industry or community.
  5. Generating income: Some bloggers monetize their blogs through advertising, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, or selling products/services.
  6. Documenting personal experiences: Blogging can be a way to document personal experiences such as travel adventures, parenting journeys, or health challenges.
  7. Advocating for causes: Many bloggers use their platform to raise awareness about social issues they care about and advocate for change.

Overall, blogging provides an opportunity for individuals to share their voices with the world and connect with others who share similar interests or passions.

Why is self-hosting your WordPress blog better than free WordPress?

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Self-hosting your WordPress blog is better than using the free platform for several reasons in my opinion:

  1. More control: With self-hosted WordPress, you have complete control over your website’s design, functionality, and content. You can customize your site with any theme or plugin you want and add any features or functionality that you need.
  2. Custom domain name: When you self-host your WordPress blog, you can use a custom domain name (e.g., instead of a subdomain (e.g., This gives your site a more professional look and makes it easier for people to remember and find. Sure you can get a custom domain over there, but you’ll still have to deal with the restrictions noted below.
  3. Monetization options: Self-hosted WordPress allows you to monetize your blog in various ways such as displaying ads, selling products/services, or accepting donations. On the other hand, free has strict limitations on monetization options.
  4. Better SEO: Self-hosted WordPress provides better SEO capabilities than free because it allows more flexibility in optimizing content for search engines.
  5. More storage space: With self-hosted WordPress, there are no limits on storage space for media files like images and videos compared to the limited storage offered by free plans.
  6. No restrictions on content: Free versions of WordPress may have restrictions on what type of content can be posted due to their terms of service agreement while self-hosting gives full freedom over what kind of content is published.

Overall, self-hosting provides greater flexibility and control over your website compared to using the limited features provided by free versions of WordPress platforms like

The Best Web Hosting Services For Blogging with WordPress

And on the topic of blogging with WordPress and having it self-hosted, I highly recommend SiteGround for WordPress Hosting. They have the best WordPress hosting service that I have EVER had, and I mean EVER! Believe me, I have had several nightmares with other hosts and I hate myself for putting myself through those nightmares and not finding SiteGround before I got trapped into paying for shoddy hosting services in the past.

SiteGround Best Web Hosting Service



These are just a few reasons why you should be blogging with WordPress and from whom you ought to obtain hosting. All of these opinions are based on our personal interactions with various blogging platforms and hosting companies. We think our opinions are fairly accurate and that we have over 20 years of personal experience in this matter.

I hope this post has helped you in making any decisions you may have had about blogging with WordPress and hosting. If you have any other questions, let us know in the comments below. If you have any stories about blogging please mention those in the comments as well, we would love to read them.

I hope to see you’re blog posts in the near future and I hope you get some inspiration from our content to help you out in your new adventures. I know I get a lot of inspiration from other bloggers still even after 20 years.


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