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Anyone who wants to make money can do so simply by Doing Influencer Reviews. You just only need one thing and you can find out what it is in this post.
Doing Influencer Reviews

Get paid by doing influencer reviews?

Answer: Yes you can create influencer reviews, and all you need is just one simple thing to do so, and that is to have followers on any of your social media profiles or blogging platforms, even 1 follower if that’s all you have to start with. More will come as you keep your content flowing. If you believe you have what it takes to start earning money by doing influencer reviews, then you might want to keep on reading.

How Can You Start Making Money Writing Influencer Reviews?

Making Money writing reviews

The simple answer is to get yourself a social media account started, realistically as many as you can get up and running, also a Blog platform hosted with your own domain. After you’ve managed to do that you need to head on over to Intellifluence and create an account there.

write reviews

Once you have your social media accounts all set up, and your blog if you made that commitment also, and if you successfully signed up to the Intellifluencer signup forms, then you just have to start accepting offers in your marketplace section on your Intellifluence account. When Brands start submitting pitches for you to accept, you simply accept and start writing influencer reviews. And if they like what you’ve done, then they’ll complete the transaction and the payment will be sent to your Paypal account soon afterward.

Brands Pay You

How Do Brands Hire Influencers?

It couldn’t be any easier. I’m inviting you to join Intellifluence so you can collaborate with Influencers and promote your product or service! Sign up and get 50% off your first month with the best #influencermarketing platform around! There you will be able to review all the available Influencers to choose from, and hopefully, you’ll choose me by selecting my profile and sending your pitch my way. You can view my offers for this Blog, My YouTube Channel, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I’ll be adding more soon.

Need Proof That This Is Real?

Proof yo can Make Money writing reviews

Well, I’m proof that this is real. I have been writing influencer reviews for over 15 years, I have also been creating video reviews on my YouTube Channel. I have been enjoying doing influencer product reviews this whole time all while making money and receiving free products. Influenster product testing is actually the best part.

Not enough proof? Check out this article I posted a while ago. There I talk about how I started out writing influencer reviews and how long I have been at it but also mention another influencer, Amy West, who has done very well being an Influencer and making her own influencer reviews. There is also a link in that post letting Brands know what to look for in an Influencer and in those influencer reviews. A lot of great content that you should really check out when you have a moment.

What I Enjoy The Most About Influencer Reviews.

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Obviously, number one on that list is Money. Who doesn’t love money right? But what I enjoy most is the opportunity to have perfect content for writing posts on my Blog. To have a topic to write about every day makes it easier to keep the site fresh and the SEO gods are all happy. Getting the content that will drive the traffic to this site. The more traffic the better! Not so much if you’re in a car though.

Well, I hope this gave you a lot to think about and that you are seriously considering becoming a great reviewer and making influencer reviews. And if you are a company looking to market your brand and get the word out on it, then I believe this will help you out a lot.

Post a comment below if you have any review stories you’d like to share.

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