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Did you know that you can earn money blogging? Well, you can and I'll mention a few ways that will help you get started.
earn money blogging feature
Earn Money Blogging And Get Paid For Your Content Without Insipid Tactics 1

I have a few recommendations on how to earn money blogging

earn money blogging

So you started or want to start a blog and thought, “can blogging make money” and the idea of earning money blogging but you don’t know where to start I’m going to assume. To get paid for your content isn’t really all that hard when you are just starting out, it’s actually quite simple if you can believe it.

I’ll start this review off with some basics and the best blog sites to make money in my opinion. Things you will need to have in order to even start to earn money blogging. The fastest way to make money blogging is to put in the work. So get your blog earning calculator ready, you’re going to need it when you’re up and running.

earn money blogging

The Content Management System (CMS)

If you’re going to start a blog you’re literally going to need a CMS. There are many CMS offered out here on the internet like blogger, LiveJournal, and so on, but I will highly recommend WordPress. The reason why is it’s the most popular and easiest to use and customize. WordPress is always being supported and updated with newer and better features and security. The community is also very helpful too.

Get hosted with a domain

There are CMS services that are free, but I’ll be honest. A lot of them won’t allow monetization and your only real way to try to earn money blogging there is to rely on paid reviews, and even most merchants and brands will have nothing to do with free sites like LiveJournal, so your chances of even making it worthwhile are pretty slim. Plus their services are full of ads and you don’t get anything from them, you’re basically creating content for them to profit from.

So get yourself a host and domain to park your blog at and I am confident you’ll start to see a bit of money coming in very quickly.

Web Hosting

A little thing called SEO

Rank Math Logo earn money blogging
Rank Math Plugin

To earn money blogging your content is going to have to have some good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to even get noticed by those searching on Google or Bing. You’re going to want and have your posts listed in the top 10 results if you want to see any traffic coming from search results.

To get good SEO results, you don’t even need to learn a whole lot about it these days because of a great plugin for WordPress called Rank Math. I use it in every single post that I write. You’ll probably notice that green circle at the end of each of my blog posts. That’s what I have been using to earn money blogging and keep the site funded and the moderators paid.

I wrote a review on Rank Math back in September and everyone I referred is glad that I posted the review, they are getting the traffic they deserve which is crucial for them to make money blogging today.

Check out that post to learn more about Rank Math SEO plugin.

Monetize Your Blog.

earn money blogging

The easiest way to earn money blogging starting off is to get yourself a Google AdSense account. This is one of many ways that I earn money blogging and these ads that are generated through AdSense are automatically generated and placed on my posts and sidebar through the plugin that I use from Google called SIte Kit. You can also choose to place them manually if you like.

In the first month of using it, I actually reached the $100 threshold last month and had it deposited into my bank account within three days of them issuing the payment. I got some much-deserved cold beer with my earnings that day. That’s one way that I earn money blogging so far, but wait, there’s more.

Get yourself some sponsors.

earn money blogging
Earn money blogging

I use Intellifluence to get sponsors and earn money blogging a lot. You can get paid for writing reviews on brands and products. Some brands will actually send you free stuff for you to test out and review. Some even have high payouts for blog reviews on their products, so not only do you get free stuff, but you also get paid money just for trying out their stuff!

I highly recommend Intellifluence because the more popular your blog gets, the more brands want you to promote their products. Plus it gives you more content to post to keep your audience interested. Check out the post I did back in August about Intellifluence.

Become an Affiliate

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Another great way to earn money blogging is to place affiliate links within your posts. You can get paid simply by linking to a brand’s website. Now when I use affiliate links though I just don’t add them randomly. They have to have something to do with the content you post, otherwise, you’re wasting your time. That’s why I recommend Shareasale.com.

When you create an account at Shareasale.com you will have access to thousands of brands that are looking for blogs just like yours to share their links to their websites in return for some kickback from sales generated through your links. So if you’re writing a post about TVs you might want to search through the available merchants that sell TVs and add their links within the content of your post. So when somebody searches Google about TVs and they land on your post and they are actually looking to buy a TV and they click on your link, you just got paid!


Conclusion make money blogging

Those are just a few ways that I earn money blogging. And if you noticed, I keep saying “Earn” money blogging and not “Make” money blogging. The reason why I say, “earn” is because you actually have to put in the work. You have to keep posting content at least once a day. You have to stay relevant and not be all over the place in your posts. Stick with a topic.

Share your posts on all of your social media networks to get traffic. Engage in other people’s blogs by posting comments on their posts. Don’t just spam comments either, that is frowned upon and will burn you in the end. Make actual comments that are relevant to their post, and if you are lucky they’ll approve it, and most blogs, they give you the ability to add your URL to your comments which will give you backlinks that will help you earn money blogging.

I hope this post helped you a little to learn how to earn money blogging.

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