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Advanced Ads WordPress plugin helps you monetize your website with advanced tools that offer great flexibility and high performance. #Adsense #Plugin #WordPress
Advanced Ads
Advanced Ads WordPress plugin

A must-have WordPress plugin for monetizing your blog

Google Adsense

For a while, there was a period of time when I was having issues monetizing this blog with Google Adsense ads displaying in the wrong spots on this site. Ads would appear within the widgets like the ones on the right sidebar causing them to break. Some of the ads would even appear within a post that broke the flow of the whole layout.

I’ve spent a lot of time, too much time to be honest, trying to find a solution. I Google searched for solutions but only found that I was just one user among hundreds, maybe even thousands that were having the same issues and the useless solution provided by Google Adsense help was to use the Ads Manager within the Adsense settings. The thing is that the ads that were causing us problems never showed in the display where you would be able to disable them.

Google Adsense

The only other option would have been to disable Auto Ads and place the code manually within the code of the site. Well, that would be way too much work and a headache we didn’t want to deal with, so we went on a search hoping that there would be a WordPress plugin or something that would help resolve this problem with ads displaying where they shouldn’t since there were so many bloggers having the same problem, maybe one of them developed a plugin to fix it.

We need some kind of advanced-ads system to fix this problem

advanced ads wordpress plugin
Advanced Ads GmbH

We ended up trying out several different WordPress plugins that claimed to be advanced-ads managers and we found that a lot of them didn’t do anything at all except just ad the Adsense code within the header for the user. Something any amateur can just do on their own without installing these so-called advanced-ads plugins. Others claimed to be customizable and weren’t. Others just plain broke the site completely.

We’re not going to mention these useless plugins because we don’t want to give any traffic to them or backlinks from here to boost their SEO. These plugins need to stay in the dark and hopefully will die off. There are way too many terrible advanced-ads plugins on the WordPress plugin site as is.

We finally found out about Advanced Ads and did a deep dive into the Advanced Ads reviews before we installed it because the plugin we last used broke our site. The wp advanced ads plugin reviews were very promising and we decided to give it a go. We’ve been playing with the free version of it for about 5 weeks now and it is exactly what we needed as it has the right solutions. It’s doing everything that it is supposed to do and even more.

What is the WordPress advanced ads plugin?

advanced ads all access
advanced ads all access

With this plugin, you can manage and optimize all ad types. Advanced Ads supports Google AdSense Auto ads, Amazon, image banners, HTML, page builder, ad widgets, ad rotations, and ads.txt. You can use Advanced Ads to insert ads into your WordPress site without any coding.

Here are some of the top reasons to use this ad management plugin

  • Approved in publishing and ad optimization since 2009
  • Works with all ad types and networks, including Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager (formerly Google DoubleClick for Publishers, DFP), Amazon ads, or ads
  • The most features to test and optimize ads
  • Unlimited ad units
  • ads.txt support
  • Dedicated ad block for the block editor
  • Google AdSense Partner, who implements all technical changes early and in 100% compliance with the Google AdSense policies
  • The only advertising solution with Ad Health integration and Google AdSense violation checks
  • Best-rated free support

Here are just some of the amazing Features

Ad management

  • create and display unlimited ad units
  • ad rotation
  • schedule ads and set start time and expiration date
  • target ads by content and user groups
  • inject ads into posts and pages automatically without coding

Ad Types

Choose between different ad types that enable you to:

  • insert ads and banners from all ad and affiliate networks (e.g., Google AdSense, Amazon Affiliate Program, BuySellAds, Google Ad Manager (formerly Google DoubleClick for Publishers, DFP), Ezoic,,, Tradedoubler, Awin, GetYourGuide, The Moneytizer, Infolinks…)
  • dedicated support for all types of Google AdSense ads, including text and display ads, native ads (In-article, In-feed, Multiplex ads), Auto ads, and Auto ads for AMP
  • display images and image banners
  • create content-rich ads with the WordPress TinyMCE editor
  • insert contextual Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  • inject HTML, CSS, Javascript, or PHP code
  • use shortcodes within ads (to also deliver advertisements from another ad plugin like Ad Inserter, AdRotate, Quick AdSense, WP Bannerize, or the Google AdSense Plugin WP QUADS)

Display ads for WordPress

  • auto-inject ads via placements
  • use functions to display ads in template files
  • use shortcodes to place ads manually in post content
  • show ads in the sidebar and in widgets
  • disable all ads on specific pages – this one is important when writing paid reviews as some brands don’t want any other ads in their reviews.
  • display multiple ads (ad grids)
  • display a customizable ad label, e.g., “Advertisements” above each banner ad

Display conditions

Show ads based on content.

  • individual posts, pages, and other post types
  • posts by category, tags, taxonomies, author, and age
  • archive pages by category, tags, taxonomies
  • special page types like 404, attachment, and the front page
  • post and pages by contained keywords (keyword targeting) or URL parameters, included in Pro
  • hide ads on secondary queries (e.g., posts in sidebars)
  • display or hide banners within the post feed
  • hide all ads from specific page types, e.g., 404 pages, feed
  • hide ads from bots and web crawlers

Visitor conditions

Serve ads by conditions based on the visitor.

  • display or hide a banner by device: mobile and tablet or desktop
  • display or hide a banner by role and for logged-in visitors
  • advanced visitor conditions: geolocation, previously visited URL (referrer), user capability, browser language, browser and device included in Advanced Ads Pro
  • display ads by browser width with the Responsive add-on

Ad injection | placements

Placements to insert ads in pre-defined positions in your theme and content.

  • ads after any given paragraph, headline, image, or another HTML element
  • ads at the top or bottom of the post content
  • ads before closing </head> tag
  • ads in the footer
  • Page peel banners
  • create split tests and A/B testing
  • many more ad positions with add-ons
  • automatic insertion of any kind of footer and header code, not only advertising
  • use the ad server placement to display ads on other sites

More on the Full Features List page here

Let’s take a peek behind the curtain

At the moment we’re still using the free version of the WordPress plugin to monetize the site with Google Adsense and we’re also using it to run a few banner ads of our own which is an awesome feature included in the Free version.

The admin functions of the plugin may seem a bit daunting at first but when you take your time and review all of them you’ll get a lot more comfortable with the different settings. It took us a little bit of time to get used to them after we made a few mistakes. We’ve learned from our mistakes, lol. Overall the admin settings are not that difficult to get used to after playing around with them a few times.

The dashboard

The dashboard

On the free version, the dashboard displays your up-to-date Adsense earnings along with options to manage your ads and has links to the manual along with the FAQ and Support. The dashboard also has a section for you to upgrade or get new a new add-on. There is an Add-on that we may be getting called the “Selling Ads” Add-on that allows you to sell ad space directly without going through a third party like Adsense. There is just so much to this plugin to even cover.

The Ads Manager

Ads Manager
The Ads Manager

In the Ads Manager, you are able to create new ads and manage existing ads. It’s here where you can add your Adsense Ads and your own personal ones too. We’ve added three personal ones you might have seen that are for Flex Offers where you can sign up for an Affiliate service to earn money on your blog. We’ll be adding more here in the coming days. Adding them is so simple, they’ve made the process of creating new ads extremely easy for dumb dumbs like us.

Ad Groups

Ad Groups
Ad Groups

The Ad Groups are where the magic begins. Here you can assign ads to specific groups and each group has its own rules for the ads within them. For example, we have group 1 set to display ads within the content in specific placements. And all the ads within the group can be managed to have different weights to them, meaning you can set them to be displayed equally or have some get displayed more than others depending on the weight you set for them. As seen in the image below.

Ad Groups settings
Ad Group Settings

We’ll be creating more groups later as we get the time. We want to add a group for the sidebars, headers, and footers to balance things out. This is exactly what we needed for this blog site, something that allows us to manage our own Ad Network.

Placement settings

Ad Placement

The placement setting was actually an important setting for us because it allowed us to force the ads to only show after the 4th paragraph in a post. Previously we had issues with the ads displaying between our featured image and the first paragraph or between the header and the featured image which made the layout unappealing. With these settings, we can choose where and what appears within the content of a post. Placements are physical places in your theme and posts. You can use them if you plan to change ads and ad groups in the same place without changing your templates.

Main plugin settings

Main plugin settings
Main plugin settings

Here you’ll find the main plugin settings which are basically the advanced settings. We only adjusted a few of these settings according to our preferences, if you plan on tinkering with any of these we recommend using the manual first to learn how and what they do.

Plugin Support and How To Knowlege Base

Remember the Best-rated free support reason in the list of reasons to use this plugin? Well, the support is there and it’s the best free support that comes with the plugin. You’ll find the help and support that you need without having to go down a rabbit hole of links to find your way.

Besides our written documentation, we offer an extensive library of tutorial videos to help our users better navigate Advanced Ads. Please find our latest videos on this page or view all of them on our YouTube channel.

The knowledge base is filled with very helpful video tutorials that touch on every aspect of this plugin. If you’re like us, having something shown to you rather than having to read through a textbook of information in order to figure something out is a lot easier.

A powerful, simple, and lightweight solution to manage ads in WordPress.

The free version is pretty impressive on its own and we don’t even think we’ve used it to its full potential yet. There are a lot of premium features that we will be wanting down the road which will require upgrading and thankfully their Pricing is very reasonable compared to other plugins that offer way less for a lot more. They offer 4 different tiers suited to your site’s particular needs. We’ll most likely start off with the Pro package and upgrade from there as the site grows.


The Premium options all come with a 30-day guarantee so if you don’t like it for any reason (Can’t see that happening because it’s really that good) you can get your money back with their 100 % Satisfaction, 30 Days Full Refund Guarantee!

Not ready for the premium version yet? Well, you can still get the Free version and benefit from all the great features within it without having to use any credit card info because it’s 100% free and has no trial cutoff time. Just enter the website URL that you want to use in the form below.

You’re using WordPress and would like to get Advanced Ads for free?

Seriously though, if you’re using WordPress for your site and you want to monetize it we highly recommend this WordPress Plugin. Not only will it help you manage your Adsense ads, but you can manage several other ads either through Amazon, or your very own. This is a very powerful plugin with all the features that you could ever need and more!



I feel like we’re leaving out so much in this post-review. There are a lot of things that we didn’t cover and wish we could go over every single detail of the plugin but that’s what their website is there for, we covered a lot of the features that we found most important for our needs and then some. Please don’t waste your time with those other plugins, you’ll be wasting your time as we did. You’ll thanks us when you do and keep your sanity.

If you are wondering about the pricing being in Euros, their payment service will automatically convert to the currency that you use. They’ve thought of everything! And don’t forget to at least try out the free version by using the form above if you aren’t ready to pay for a premium version yet.

We’re so glad that we found this WordPress plugin to manage our Ads here on this website and hope that we saved you a ton of time trying to find something like this for your site. It’s embarrassing to think about how many crappy plugins we went through before we found this awesome one for our WordPress blog. We’re already seeing an increase in revenue with Google Adsense since we started using it, so it’s doing what it says it will do.

If you… err.. no … WHEN you get yours installed, let us know how it goes for you. We’d like to hear how it is working for other users. Surely we can’t be the only ones seeing a huge difference in our monetization. Let us know what you think and what features you enjoy most. It would be nice to get some feedback from people who found our little blog post review and ended up getting either the free version or the premium versions of the WordPress Plugin.

If you have any questions about the plugin or want to know more about how we use it for our website post a comment below and we’ll be happy to get back to you with an answer to any questions you may have.

Again, we hope you found this review helpful, but if not, thanks for reading down to this point, lol!

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