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In response to financial constraints, we're exploring revenue generation through Sponsored Posts, targeting platforms that connect bloggers with brands. This monetization strategy not only offers financial benefits but also opportunities to review new products, enhancing our site's content quality. We're committed to transparency and honest reviews in all collaborations.

We’re trying new ways to Monetize with Sponsored posts

So, in a bold move to shake up our finances while one of us is temporarily out of the job game, we’re diving headfirst into the world of Sponsored post platforms. These aren’t your average Joe setups—no, we’re targeting those power-hungry platforms that link thirsty bloggers to big-brand behemoths craving some spotlight on their products. And guess what? They’re willing to pay good money for it. Let’s see how this plays out!

We’ve already leaped into action, scoured the scene, and picked our contenders — all signed and sealed as of yesterday. So no, no juicy deals yet—we’ve barely dipped our toes in! But make no mistake, our setup’s locked and loaded; now, it’s just a matter of time. Let the games begin!

I’ve played the Pay Per Post game before. Over a decade ago on my former blog, I wasn’t just dabbling—I was cashing in. Those sponsored posts weren’t just chump change; they covered the hosting and other bills, slashed my debts, and yes, they even kept my fridge stocked with a steady supply of beer every single week. I’m no rookie to this game; I’ve seen all its tricks.

In this exposé, I’ll unveil the so-called Sponsored Post platforms we’ve tangled with and spotlight a couple more we haven’t yet sunk our teeth into. Don’t let their fancy terminologies fool you—whether they dress it up as “marketing to Brands” or some other slick euphemism, let’s cut through the gloss: they’re sponsored posts. And I’m not afraid to call them out for what they really are.

Aren’t sponsored posts bad because of bad reputations created by shady brand tactics?

At “Mac’s Opinion,” we believe in the power of transparency and honest dialogue. While it’s true that challenges and less-than-ideal situations can arise, we’re committed to fostering a space where integrity leads the way. We welcome partnerships that support our mission to provide balanced, honest reviews. If a brand is confident in both the strengths and areas for improvement of their products, they are a perfect match for our platform.

More than just the money – free stuff also!

Previously, I’ve shared how engaging in sponsored posts and reviews proved quite beneficial; it not only augmented my earnings but also allowed me the pleasure of trying out new products at no cost. Therefore, monetizing our site is promising not only in terms of financial gain but also in the exciting opportunities to test and explore products that brands generously send our way.

Platforms worth checking out for getting Sponsored Posts

Webfluential.com Where Your Influence Pays Off

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Webfluential is the red carpet of sponsored post platforms, inviting influencers and bloggers to monetize their sway over their followers. Think of it as a matchmaking service between social media stars and brands looking for a spotlight. With an easy sign-up and a user-friendly dashboard, Webfluential aligns stars and brands, turning posts into profits and hashtags into handshakes. Whether you’re a social butterfly spreading your wings across multiple networks or a niche blogger, Webfluential makes your influence lucrative and your partnerships exciting. Jump on board and let your influence start paying your bills!

Signing up for Webfluential was wonderfully straightforward. I entered some basic personal details—like Name and Address (for those delightful freebies) and my preferred payment method (Paypal or direct bank transfer). Then I joyfully connected all my social networks. You have the option to link your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X (formerly known as Twitter), LinkedIn, TikTok, and even your blog. There’s also an option for Snapchat, though I don’t have an account with them.

Navigating the user interface is a breeze—so straightforward that you won’t find yourself falling down any rabbit holes looking for what you need. It’s all written in plain English, making it comprehensible even to those of us who might not be the sharpest tools in the shed. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience!

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After I fed my precious data into the voracious maw of the platform, it burped up a list of brands almost instantly, lining them up like suitors at a debutante ball! I’ve sent out my digital “How do you dos?” but alas, no eager replies just yet. Patience, they say, is a virtue, so let’s holster the pitchforks and torches for another blog post or two before we storm the castle, shall we?

Popular Pays

Popular Pays
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At Popular Pays, it’s all about turning your social media prowess into profitable projects. This platform serves as a creative hub where influencers and content creators can connect with brands that need their magnetic touch. With Popular Pays, your content isn’t just seen—it’s sought after. Brands come to you, ready to collaborate on campaigns that not only boost their visibility but also pad your wallet. Whether you’re a photogenic foodie or a savvy style icon, Popular Pays is the go-to place to showcase your creativity and get rewarded for your influence. Think of it as your personal talent agency for the digital age!

If you’re a creator eager to explore new opportunities, you can sign up HERE to try out Popular Pays. If you’re a brand looking to connect with influencers, feel free to check out my profile HERE.

The setup was pretty straightforward. Again, I added my personal info, payment preferences like PayPal and other payment preferences, and mailing address to receive free products to test, and I also had the ability to upload images of past reviews that I created to help toot my own horn. Once I finished all of the technical stuff I was given a LOT of GIGS (collaboration opportunities) to choose from. Unfortunately, a lot of them were for American users.

Popular Pays features

The user interface is really basic. Not much to it to be honest. Just your account info, Gigs and that’s it. All you do is enter the Suggested Gigs area and browse through all the Gigs you think a Brand might choose you for.

Popular Pays UI

We’ve already pitched to a dozen Gigs, and although we haven’t received any responses yet, it’s important to remember that our account has been active for less than a day. There’s still plenty of time for opportunities to start rolling in. It’s true that many brands prefer to collaborate with Instagram accounts that boast large followings. Those with 10,000 followers or more can indeed earn significantly, often with payments that feature at least three zeroes. But we’re just getting started, and there’s great potential for growth ahead!


Blog Meets Brand
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Fancy a dance between your blog and some big-name brands? BlogMeetsBrand is the digital ballroom where influential bloggers twirl around with brands looking to jazz up their image. It’s less about the casual one-post-stand and more about forming meaningful, long-term relationships that resonate with your audience and enhance brand visibility.

To get started, strut into this party with your savvy content ideas and a willingness to collaborate. Perfect for bloggers who know their niche and want to enchant brands with their thoughtful insights and engaging content. If you’re ready to turn your blog into a brand magnet, this platform is your stepping stone to sway to the rhythm of collaborative success.

Signing up seemed considerably more cumbersome compared to the last two platforms I tried. There was an excessive amount of manual data entry required just to start exploring the posts. Frankly, the platform had an outdated appearance and lacked modern user interface elements. While linking social media accounts on other platforms was a quick, one-click process, here it involved a tedious, time-consuming manual input which felt unnecessarily long-winded.

Even though I had completed all the necessary input, there weren’t any campaigns available at that moment. Considering I had just signed up less than a day ago, this is likely just the beginning. More opportunities should be right around the corner.

Social Fabric

Social Fabric
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If you’re weaving dreams of connecting deeply with brands and turning your everyday social media scrolls into scrolls of profit, then Social Fabric might just be your next favourite bookmark!

At its core, Social Fabric is a community for creators who are passionate about crafting authentically engaging content and developing genuine relationships with brands. The platform is all about intricacy and connection, much like the threads of a well-woven fabric. Here, influencers and content creators get to participate in campaigns that are as much about storytelling as they are about advertising.

Joining Social Fabric means stepping into a mosaic of opportunities where each campaign you undertake adds a vibrant patch to your quilt of creative work. Whether you’re a blogger who delves into the details of daily life or a YouTuber creating waves with captivating visuals, Social Fabric stitches your unique perspective with brands that value depth, authenticity, and a pinch of pizzazz.

Navigating the site is a breeze, with straightforward campaign selections and easy-to-understand metrics. It’s the kind of place where both the experienced influencer and the novice blogger can find threads to pull and patterns to pursue culminating in crafty content that’s both personal and powerful.

The setup process was refreshingly straightforward and efficient. Essentially, all I needed to do was link my social media accounts, enter my payment details, and provide some basic personal information. The user interface is notably user-friendly, with intuitive navigation and well-organized features, making everything easily accessible.

Unfortunately, when it came to opportunities, there were none to be found—again. It’s probably too early to expect anything significant, but I’m not exactly holding my breath. Rumour has it that this platform favours users with at least 10,000 followers, and we’re nowhere close to that milestone.

IZEA and PayPerPost

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion
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IZEA is where content meets commerce, transforming tweets, posts, and blogs into bona fide banknotes. Imagine a digital marketplace where influencers, bloggers, and content creators get to flirt with fortune by partnering with brands that are eager to jazz up their online presence. It’s not just about stuffing your posts with product plugs; it’s about merging creative storytelling with marketing savvy. If you’re looking to turn your online musings into moolah, IZEA is the stage where you direct the spotlight towards your content while brands throw roses—and checks—at your performance. Ready to monetize your charisma? Then IZEA might just be your ticket to the big leagues of influencer earnings!

Oh, the good old days! IZEA was the cool kid on the block when it came to Sponsored Posts—back then known as PayPerPost. I was basically a money-making machine, cranking out 5-6 sponsored posts daily like a seasoned chef flipping pancakes on a Sunday morning. Now? Diving back into the IZEA platform feels like landing in a digital maze without a map. Maybe one of these days I’ll brave the wilderness and update that dusty old account. Just so I have it, like an ace up my sleeve for that rainy day blogging spree.


Conclusion - Sponsored Posts

And there you have it—a whirlwind tour through the bustling marketplaces of Sponsored Posts. It seems our journey has turned every rock and peeped behind every digital curtain to showcase the glitzy (and sometimes gritty) world of monetizing content. From the buzz of securing a brand deal to the thrill of refreshing your dashboard to see if the fruit of your labours has paid off, the path of Sponsored Posts is never a dull one.

Whether you’re just starting out with your first Sponsored Post or you’re a weathered captain navigating the high seas of content collaboration, each platform offers a treasure trove of opportunities—or perhaps a mirage in the vast desert of the internet. Who knows? What’s clear is this: the world of Sponsored Posts is as diverse as it is dynamic.

So, dear reader, the stage is now yours. What do you about the realm of Sponsored Posts? Do you cheer for its lucrative calls or jeer at its commercial clamour? Have you dipped your pen into this pot of potential profit? Share your victories, your defeats, or even a platform you swear by down below in the comments. Go on, don’t be shy—your insights could be the guiding light for a fellow voyager on this capricious quest for content monetization!

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3 thoughts on “Monetize Your Blog: Profit from Sponsored Posts Effectively

  1. I used to do a lot of sponsored posts, usually via PR companies way back when I started (probably after a year or so), but now so much is on Instagram/videos, and there’s so many more bloggers to choose from, I don’t bother anymore. I also refuse to do follow links, and the UK platforms or brands all seem to want those. If you’re willing to do them, you can make so much money. Social Fabric was one I used to belong to years ago when they first expanded to the UK. We did some quite nice brand campaigns, but they just never really grew enough, so it all fizzled out. A shame, because they followed all the advertising rules properly which was nice.

    1. You’re right, I also noticed that a lot of the brands prefer Instagram and videos. I also find those to be so phoney. It’s almost like those commercials that have this guy go, “Hi, I’m a doctor and I recommend this thing.” When he’s nothing more than a paid actor.

      The market is flooded with so many bloggers out there now making it difficult to land a gig. But I’m still going to try anyway.

      I will do only one follow within a post since SEO now recommends it. But every other link will be a no-follow.

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