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Titan Gaming PC
Titan Gaming PC

Way back in September, I put out the question, “What’s the best desktop computer for Gaming” and came up with pretty much nothing for an answer. That post was mainly about the fact that there are so many things to know about if you’re trying to just buy off the shelf. Things like video graphic cards, processing power, kittens, memory RAM, cooling, and so on. We got discouraged so much that we stopped looking. We gave up.

I was trying to play the Game Iron Harvest on my PS5 and I’ll be honest, I love my PS5 console, but when it comes to playing these types of strategy games with a PS5 Controler it really sucks, games like Iron Harvest are meant to be played on a Gaming PC. The ease of moving your mouse quicker to move the maps around or to select the groups of characters quickly and easily can only be done using a Gaming PC, unlike the gaming controller of a console.

So here we are again, wanting to get a gaming PC for playing the games that are really meant to be played on a Gaming PC and not a Gaming Console. And yes, here we are again stuck at the point where we don’t understand all the technical jargon techies use when it comes to the specs of a desktop computer or laptop computer.

We are yet again getting discouraged from buying a gaming computer because we don’t want to end up spending a wad of cash on something that’ll just be some crap a salesperson needed to get off their store inventory in order for them to get their commission for the week’s paycheck. I already got duped into buying this crappy laptop I’m on now under the wise recommendations of the sales rep that sold it to me. I hope he enjoyed his $40 sales commission on this $800 piece of garbage he conned me into getting.

But surely there has to be a better way, right?

Yes, yes there is and we found it. We found a company that builds custom Gaming PCs called Gigatech Gaming. Their website has an easy user interface that will guide you through the simple process of creating the ultimate Gaming PC suited for your own personal needs.

We stumbled upon their holiday deals advertisement on Twitter a while back and in that advertisement, they claimed that they could build a custom build in just a few easy steps with a few clicks of the mouse. Taking all the guesswork and nerdy technobabble out of the process. Boy, were they right!


The process was so simple. The first step was to tell them what kind of games do you enjoy playing. I chose a few games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto V, and so on. Games that would require a high frame rate. Then we were asked to choose between a desktop or a laptop gaming PC. We are looking for a desktop PC so that’s what we selected. Then the next question asks what our budget would be for our new Gaming PC. We went for the $1,000 – $1,600 range. We could have gone lower, but we want something really good.

And that was it. It gave us their recommended Gaming PC that was in our budget range and that was designed to our preferences. The Rapid Builder recommended their Titan 5 desktop gaming PC. Just look how pretty it is! And under the hood, it has a CORE i5-10400 processor, 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 memory, 512GB NVMe SSD because apparently, these drives are super fast, an NVIDIA RTX 3060 Graphics card, and Windows 11. We also have the option to add more stuff, but we can get that later if we choose to.

All that was done without having to feed a greedy salesperson’s entire family by buying some piece of garbage they recommend just to get a sale out of you. It was quick and easy. They also have a play now, pay later option for those who would be interested in that option along with payment options that you can apply for if that’s the road you want to go also.

Their build fee was only $99 which is your typical fee from what we’ve learned about the business during our endeavors in this whole process. I’d rather pay that and have something built by a professional and get it done the right way than pay some salesperson with no tech knowledge a commission and get an expensive paperweight.


So if you’re in the market for a custom build gaming PC we highly recommend Gigatech Gaming because of the process of building it from scratch using the Rapid Builder feature on their website was seamless.

We’re not computer nerds, so when it comes to the technical ins and outs of computer components and what all the specs of each working part mean we have no clue. We know what things are needed, but the sheer amount of saturation in this market makes it so hard to understand what this and that mean, or what is better than the other.

It was recommended by a friend that we get a custom-built gaming PC instead of buying from a big box store. We were told that they can sometimes have obsolete computers but still sell them as new. Unlike with a custom build computer, you’re getting the current and up-to-date hardware on the market. That friend is an IT person and I trust what he says because he’s been at it for several years. I offered to pay him to build something, but he’s too busy with his full-time job to be able to. I can respect that because if I were a cook, I wouldn’t want to be cooking for people outside of my work hours either.

We might have to visit the site to get another custom-built computer because there are two gamers in one house and I don’t like to share Gaming systems all the time.

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