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I may have just discovered the best Web Hosting Service ever!
SiteGround Best Web Hosting Service
Hands down the best web hosting for WordPress

My struggles with finding the best web hosting service are finally over!

SiteGround Web Hosting Service recommendation
best web hosting for WordPress

If you frequently visit this site, you are already aware of my issues with my current web hosting provider, including the terrible latency issues that lead to slow loading times. That’s what you experience, but it takes me a lot of time to write and put together a post when I have to connect to the admin area of my website and upload media. A post that would typically be finished in an hour can take up to 3–4 hours.

When I type in my URL into the browser and I watch the spinny thing slowly rotate waiting to initially connect my blood starts to boil. There are days it will take up to 30-60 seconds to get that initial connection before it even starts to paint the webpage. After the site finally gets connected the page will take an additional 20 or so seconds to fully load. By that time any user visiting the site will lose interest and simply move on to another website instead. That’s a lot of lost traffic!

This latency is really affecting my Ranking also. When search engines can’t get through to crawl the site because it took too long to connect, I lose big time. Revenue is lost, traffic is lost, and pages don’t get indexed.

I spent far too much time trying to fix the issue with their support, but they would always use a canned response about plugins running in the background or that I had a video embedded in a post (that excuse really got on my nerves). There was never a real solution offered, just an excuse. Since I wasted so much time, my 90-Day money-back guarantee elapsed. They dragged it out till it was too late to drop them and go elsewhere to find a better cheap web hosting service.

SiteGround Web Hosting Service Let Me Take A Test Drive

web hosting service speed
best web hosting for WordPress

I was contacted by someone from who must have read about my web hosting service problems and they asked if I’d be willing to check out their service. I wasn’t willing to just dive into another hosting situation where I would be struggling with the same issues all over again and jokingly asked if I could take it for a test drive, and to my surprise, they said yes!

They created a free month trial account and after playing around for an afternoon I was blown away by the speeds and fast response times. They were all off the charts! I was so upset that I didn’t find this web hosting service before I ended up blowing a wad of cash on the one I’m on right now.

Here’s a link to that temporary site they let me test out. You can check it out at *

* I’ve moved to SiteGround permanently, so that link is gone now. You are now experiencing the Host right now on this website.

If you’re reading this post a month after it was published, that temporary link will probably not be working. I will have to remember to edit the link in the future so I don’t have any dead links on this site. Hopefully to a new account with SiteGround.

You’ll notice right off the bat that the site connects immediately and loads in under 3 seconds. Just like it is supposed to. Unlike the host that I’m on now which can take up to 90+ seconds sometimes!

I tried to import my old Blogger site to this new WordPress account in order to test the limits of SiteGround’s web hosting service, but for some reason, it wouldn’t work using the Blogger import feature in WordPress.

I’m not sure if this was a Blogger or WordPress issue, but I wanted to test this as much as I could right away and didn’t want to waste my time on Blogger so I imported my Alternate WordPress site to SiteGround instead, and that process went smoothly. I’m sure there would have been an easy fix for the Blogger issue, and the support could have provided assistance, but I just needed some content in the Database so that I could start the testing.

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An extremely simple setup had me up and running in under 5 minutes.

SiteGround’s simplified 3-step installation process will install WordPress with a theme and the most common plugins in under 2 minutes, with almost no effort from your side. The custom-developed WordPress Starter plugin is available to all clients and is designed to help people take their first steps in the WordPress world like a pro. No wonder this is the best web hosting for WordPress.


First, you’ll need to install the application for building your website, in our case – WordPress. When you log in for the first time in your Client Area, you’ll see a welcome message and a button “SET UP WEBSITE” which will take you directly to the installation process.

In the next step, select Start New Website and WordPress as your application of choice.

STEP 1: EASY WORDPRESS INSTALLATION – best web hosting for WordPress

Finish up the installation process by deciding whether to add extra services like SG Site Scanner, which scans your website daily and notifies you right away if it has been hacked or infected with malicious code.

Site Scanner
Optional Site-Scanner- best web hosting for WordPress

In the end, click on Finish and wait while WordPress is being installed. This will take up to only 2 minutes. Impressive already.


You will be directed to the WordPress Starter wizard once the WordPress installation is complete. Just select Start Now. There is a sizable collection of modern, expertly-designed, and free themes that have been hand-picked by SiteGround.

Choose a WordPress theme
Choose a WordPress Theme – best web hosting for WordPress

Note that the theme will come with pre-filled sample content, enabled by the intuitive drag-and-drop page editor that SiteGround provides by default. This will help you easily visualize how the actual content would look before you substitute it with your own website copy.


Once you get the right design for your site, on the next step you can add some useful plugins such as:

  • Contact Form – so your website visitors have an easy way to contact you;
  • WooCommerce – transform your site into an online store;
  • Google Analytics plugin – to help you monitor your website traffic;
  • Grow Subscribers list – a plugin that will help you to capture your visitor’s emails;
Select Suggested WordPress Plugins
Select Suggested WordPress Plugins – best web hosting for WordPress

When you’ve made your choice, click Complete. In minutes, your new website will be ready with the content and functionalities you have added. Just log in to your site from and start adding content using the custom WordPress dashboard.

What’s under the hood?
Site tools
Site Tools – best web hosting for WordPress

The site tools within the account are your typical selection of useful tools that you would expect from any web hosting service.

  • The dashboard displays your basic site information like Pinned tools for managing your site quickly.
  • Site Information displays disk usage, IP addresses, and Name Servers, and the options to view more server usage information.
  • Stats will show you monthly visitors and page views.

The Site tab

  • File manager – Gives you access to all of your website files where you can add or edit them.
  • FTP Accounts – here you can create FTP accounts for easy things like file sharing. FTP is a file transfer protocol used for transferring files between servers – your website and your computer, for example. For better management, you can create different FTP accounts for different users and roles within your organization.
  • MySQL – here you can view all of your SQL Databases. MySQL is a database management system based on SQL (Structured Query Language). SQL is the most popular language for adding, accessing, and managing content in a database. It’s known for its quick processing, proven reliability, flexibility, and ease of use. MySQL is an essential part of almost every open-source PHP application (e.g. WordPress).
  • PostgreSQL – PostgreSQL is an open-source object-relational database system that uses and extends the SQL language combined with many features that safely store and scale the most complicated data workloads. It allows custom functions developed using different programming languages like C/C++, Java, and more. PostgreSQL is known for its stable architecture, reliability, data integrity, and scalability.

The dashboard also allows you to set up security, manage WordPress installs, and so much more, it’s simply the best web hosting for WordPress.

SiteGround’s web hosting service is even better because of its SEO features

While writing your post there is a tool featured within the editor that helps you achieve the best SEO ranking by helping you add keyword phrases, proper use of image alt attributes, linking both internally and externally, Title layout, and more. I am actually using a similar service that I am currently paying for but SiteGround offers this same feature for free.

I tested it out on a post over there and it works the same as the one I’m using now, but it’s more graphically pleasing and easier to navigate which has me sold even more as it is the best web hosting for WordPress in my opinion so far.

SiteGround has award-winning security

SiteGround’s main goal is to focus its efforts and resources on providing a premium quality hosting solution for its clients and help them build a successful online presence. They know they are on the right track because, for the 5th year in a row, they achieved over 96% client happiness rating.

Moreover, SiteGround develops its tools in-house to make sure they are tailored to its client’s specific needs; they can keep enhancing them over time; and in case of issues, they are resolved fast, as they don’t need to rely on 3rd party providers. Here are some examples:

  • They built our own CDN tool, which turned out to be the most praised feature they added in 2022.
  • They built their own all-inclusive Security plugin, which just recently won an award for the best Security plugin of 2022.
  • Besides the Security plugin, they have a special focus on Security as a whole. A 24/7 dedicated Security team is always on the watch and it is also backed up by an in-house built AI tool that monitors their servers every 0,5 s for malicious attacks. Besides that, they have recently introduced a new service to send monthly security reports to their clients, so that they know how secure their site is and what SiteGround has done to protect it.
  • Their web hosting service plans come with a special backup system, which none of their direct competitors have: it is not only that their clients get their websites backed up daily, but about one year ago we developed an automated system that distributes backups in different geographical locations. Hence, adding one more insurance layer that even if a data center, where the actual website is hosted, gets burnt to the ground or anything else happens, the client will still have access to his/her backup copy. This is a very advanced setup, usually available only for custom-built infrastructures and at a serious cost. But with SiteGround it’s something that all clients have access to, at no extra cost.
  • SiteGround Web Hosting Service has built its own user dashboard to make it as user-friendly as possible along with a quick and stress-free website launch.
  • SiteGround Web Hosting Service has a free Website Migrator plugin and recently launched an Email Migrator tool, all free and included with each plan.
  • SiteGround has white-label hosting, a site ownership transfer tool, collaboration tools for web designers, private DNS, the latest PHP versions, etc.

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SiteGround Hosting Plans

SiteGround has three plans and everyone can sign up for any of them with a great discount through the links provided within this post. Website hosting cost doesn’t have to be extremely high like most hosts, SiteGround proves that. Choose the most appropriate plan for your needs:

WordPress Hosting Plans <–Recommended! Best web hosting for WordPress

  • The StartUp plan is the best web hosting for WordPress and is perfect for people with one website that is starting now.
  • The GrowBig plan is a great value-for-money offer, including the option for multiple websites and the Ultrafast PHP that greatly improves website speed.
  • The GoGeek plan is perfect for people with e-commerce and larger sites, or more geeky development needs like more server resources and GIT integration.

Website Hosting Plans

Up to 80% Off Superb Hosting
Elevate your online presence with a hosting partner that has your back – superb security, ultrafast speed, and 24/7 friendly support.

WooCommerce Hosting

Our WooCommerce plans are specifically designed to help you easily start and manage a successful website with an online store.

Two thumbs up for SiteGround

two thumbs up
best web hosting for WordPress

If I had more thumbs on my hands I would give more than two. I can definitely say with certainty that I will be a SiteGround customer as soon as my deal with my current host has expired in the next few months. I think 4 months to go, or maybe three. Wow, time flies!

I don’t even know if I want to wait till then to be completely honest, I may just take the loss and move everything over a lot sooner because I just can’t take this slow host that I’m on now. It’s so frustrating now knowing that SiteGround was there all along and I didn’t know until just recently.

SiteGround has the speed that I want

When it comes to typing in a URL and seeing the page load immediately that is a huge decision maker and SiteGround passed that test with flying colors.

SiteGround takes care of your website

When a host offers free backups and security checks AND sends you reports to keep you in the loop, SiteGround steps up to the plate and has your back. Unlike, you know who…

Best web hosting for beginners

SiteGround is perfect for beginners out there looking to start up a WordPress site. When I first logged in to the admin panel to set everything up and discovered how easily they made it, the nerd in me kinda got jealous because everything was pretty much automated by just a simple click of a button.

I hope this post gets to the people that need to see it

When you google web hosting, SiteGRound should be on top of the results so people don’t get trapped into a deal like I am. It’s the best web hosting for WordPress as far as I’m concerned.

I always hate finding deals after I’ve already made a purchase. It’s like buying a TV and then seeing the same TV on sale in a different store for way less than you got it. That’s why I hope that this post gets to everyone looking for web hosting for their websites.

Don’t be fooled by shared hosting companies who make false claims

When I first set up this site with my current hosting service, I was drawn in by the 99.99% uptime and fastest SSD storage available. After I was set up, my site went down several times, and the site was painfully slow. In the case of SiteGround, they offered me a test drive and that’s something that I’ve never heard of before, but I’m glad they did. It’s that sort of trust that I can respect. It’s also how they got me as a future customer.

Why I don’t use free WordPress hosting

I don’t use the Free WordPress or Blogger platforms because I don’t want to be working for them. What I mean by that is that people on those platforms are creating content for them for free while they profit from their content through the ads they place on their sites. Blogger claims to allow AdSense, but I had a Blogger account for years and the revenue I got from them is nothing compared to what I get with self-hosting my WordPress site. That’s why I looked for a hosting service like SiteGround which provides the best web hosting for WordPress.

Check out the current deals happening at SiteGround

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best web hosting for WordPress – Web Hosting from SiteGround – Crafted for easy site management.

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